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FTI: Fairy Tale Investigation

Case file: The Slipper

Assigned Officer: Elle Cinders, aka The Sweep

Supervising Officer: FTI Chief Director Fay Rhee, aka The Godmother

FTI Headquarters.

"Chief?" a voice called out. FTI Chief Director Fay Rhee, also know as The Godmother, turned to face the voice.

"Yes?" She asked, "What is it Mr Small?"

Small cleared his throat. "Kingdom PD is passing on a case to us. They sent this for you to look at." He handed the case file to Chief Rhee. She flicked through it, cursed, and then barked, "Get me The Sweep! Now!"

2 hours later, FTI Agent Elle Cinders made her way to Chief Rhee's office. She knocked lightly on the door, then walked in. " You wanted to see me Chief?"

Rhee waved her over. "Take a seat Cinders." She walked around the desk and took off her glasses, rubbing the bridge of her nose. She passed a thick manila folder to Cinders, who looked at her enquiringly.

"KPD chucked us a case that's right up your alley" Rhee gestured at the folder. Cinders opened it. "Suspect is Lucretia d' Brute-Sootman, widow of Thomas Sootman, who died 8 years ago, only 1 year after their wedding. She has 2 daughters from a previous marriage and a stepdaughter, Eila Sootman."

Cinders frowned. "I read about Sootman's death years ago. It was ruled out as a carriage accident. We're not digging it up again, are we?"

Rhee shook her head. "No, this time it's the daughter. She's been at boarding school for the duration of her father and Ms d'Brute's marriage, never wanted to go home. Eila claims that her stepmother is trying to kill her." Cinders raised an eyebrow. Rhee shook her head again. "I know what you're thinking. There have been a series of unexplainable accidents at the school: a fire in her Damsel in Distress class, poisoned apples in the cafeteria, dragon in her dormitory, the list goes on." She rubbed her eyes again. "We've looked into Miss Sootman's financials. It turns out her father was an extremely wealthy man, worth millions, and when he died she was his sole heir. Her bank and lawyer are holding the money until she turns 18, which happens to be in 2 weeks. If she dies before her birthday, her stepmother inherits all." Rhee marched back around the desk and sat down. "Here's what we're going to do. Miss Sootman is graduating tomorrow, and then she's being placed in protective custody from then on. As of 2 hours ago, she has a 2-agent escort at all times."

"What's my assignment Chief", Cinders enquired.

Rhee smiled. "You, my dear, are going undercover in the Sootman house as Eila." She raised a hand to silence Cinders. "No, you will. D'Brute hasn't seen her or seen a picture of her for 9 years, and you look very similar to Miss Sootman. We have other agents in the same neighbourhood, so you will have back up. You're to go to the Armoury after this briefing to get kitted out with weapons and surveillance equipment." Rhee gestured again at the file. "Read it, see the Armoury, then go home and get some rest. I expect you back here in my office at 9.00am tomorrow, okay Agent Cinders?"

Cinders stood. "Aye ma'am" She strode to the door. "See you tomorrow Chief" Cinders gave a quick wave and walked out of the office. She glanced down at the thick folder.

"Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's in disguise I go…." She muttered to herself.