Authors Note: Sorry I've taken a long time to publish this next chapter! I'm a writing perfectionist, and I don't submit anything until I'm 100% happy with it. Enjoy reading this chapter! Also, I've written a few things in French, the translations are at the bottom of the story. Please don't be mad at me if they're wrong, please blame Google Translate! :-D

Authors Note 2: In the previous chapter, I forgot to mention that Enid Blyton inspired one of my characters. Guess which one? :-D

FTI Agent Elle Cinders looked at the man who had just walked through the doors of the Surveillance Department. He casually strolled over to where Cinders and her father Bert were standing.

He hasn't changed a damn bit, Cinders mused to herself. Her ex-boyfriend, a fellow FTI Agent by the name of Princeton Charm, was deliciously sexy. He was 6ft3 tall, with a chiselled jaw line and 6-pack, broad shoulders, tapered waist and slim hips, short glossy black hair, lidded chocolate brown eyes and a slight ever-present smirk gracing his lips. All in all, Princeton Charm was sex on legs…and he knew it.

"Like what you see, sweetheart?" he grinned at Elle. She crossed her arms and looked at him.

"Princeton," she greeted him coolly, "How did you get put on this case? The Chief knows I won't willingly work with you."

Princeton smiled. "I have my ways, babe." He clapped my father on the shoulder. "Bert! Long time no see! How are you?"

FTI Controller Bert Cinders grinned at the younger man. He liked Princeton, and thought he was the perfect bloke for his little girl. They'd make bonny bairns, Bert thought to himself. He shook Princeton's hand.

"Princeton me lad! Good ta see ye son! You'll take good care of me lassie, won't ye?" Bert asked warningly in a joking tone. Princeton clapped a hand over his heart mockingly. "You wound me, Master Sweep!" He gave Elle a flirty wink. "I'll give a very close and thorough watch on your daughter."

Elle rolled her eyes. "Right, well, I'm off to Disguises to get sorted out." She glared at Princeton. "You coming, Agent Charm?"

Princeton saluted. "Ma'am, yes Ma'am!"

"Bye Dad," Elle said as she hugged her father. He hugged her back.

"Bye lovey," Bert replied, "Be safe."

"I will Dad," she returned, as she walked towards the doors. "C'mon Charm, lets go."

The two partners walked into the Disguise department, mockingly called 'The Salon'. The head of the department was an outrageous woman who stylises herself as 'La Punzelle'. She had long thick copper hair that went down to her toes, and a bosom that was pushing the boundaries of her t-shirt.

La Punzelle enveloped Elle in an extravagant embrace. "Ah, Elle! How wonderful to see you! Je suis heureux d'être de créer votre déguisement, il sera un chef-d'œuvre! (*)" She release Elle and clapped her hands, beaming in excitement.

Elle smiled at La Punzelle weakly. "Err, oui?" Punzelle just smiled and patted her hand.

She then spied Princeton behind Elle. She clasped his hands and kissed him swiftly on both cheeks.

"Princeton, you rogue! It has been too long since you graced my little salon!" She gave him a saucy wink. Elle gave him a dirty look. Punzelle noticed, and looked at Princeton enquiringly.

"Avez-vous encore de pin pour elle mon ami?(**)" Punzelle asked.

He nodded. "J'étais un imbécile de la perdre. Mon cœur bat encore pour elle. (***)" Punzelle nodded sagely.

Elle looked at them both in bewilderment. She didn't speak a word of French, and had no idea of what the conversation around her entailed.

"Ermmm…Kinda need a disguise here?" Elle ventured tentatively. Punzelle beamed at her.

"Of course! I will turn le ramoneur demoiselle into a fashionista! Come, come," she beckoned, "We have work to do!"

Punzelle swept Elle into the hairdressing chair and shooed Princeton to the waiting area. He sat down, picked up a backdated issue of 'PlayFairy', and settled down for the wait.

3 hours later, Princeton had read most of the magazines, and had delved into 'Our Life with Gingerbread', written by the famed witch-hunter twins, Hansel and Gretel. La Punzelle beamingly swept her way into the waiting room, her hands clapping with excitement.

"Princeton, my dear! Come and see mon beau papillon!" She said as she gestured at him to follow. Princeton rose from his chair languorously and walked into the main salon. Greeting him was a vision of unparalleled loveliness.

Elle glanced into the nearest mirror, and was stunned by what she saw. She's never been a glamorous woman, preferring jeans to mini-skirts and a no-nonsense ponytail over elaborate curls and flips. Her blonde hair was tamed and highlighted, falling to just below her shoulders. Her make-up was flawless, her eyebrows and legs waxed, her breasts pushed up and perky, and her fingernails buffed to perfection. Her 5inch nude stilettos made her legs looked toned (which they already were, chasing criminals is good cardio!), and the tight chocolate brown bandage dress Punzelle had stuffed her into was doing great things for her figure.

Not bad, Elle mused, I reckon I'm a bit foxy looking now! She giggled to herself. She caught sight of Princeton gaping at her in shock and awe. She walked up to him and gave a little twirl.

"Like what you see, sweetheart?" She asked him coyly. He nodded, his eyes roaming all over her body.

"You look absolutely amazing," Princeton replied. Elle beamed, pleased with the comment. He continued. "Why didn't you ever dress like this when we were together?"

"Argh!" Elle screamed, and whacked him over the head a few times. "You complete moron!" She threw at him before storming wobblingly out the door.

"Ow! That hurt!" Princeton complained. He looked at La Punzelle. "What did she do that for?"

Punzelle said nothing, just shook her head and smothered the giggles that threatened to escape.


(*) I am excited to be creating your disguise, it will be a masterpiece!

(**) Do you still pine for her my friend?

(***)I was a fool to lose her. My heart still beats for her