No one would argue that Robin is a climber. He scales up city buildings with Batman for a living for god's sake.

No one really questions that what must be going through Robin's head when he sees people who are much taller than him would be: "How very interesting— I wonder how long it would take to reach the top— Ooooh, what a nice view up here haha." Word from word. He's a quirky thirteen after all.

So, really, no one on the team is surprised either whenever Robin actually 'scales' up people taller than him. Especially winding down after missions.

On more than one occasion, Robin hoists himself up with his gloved hands (using the yellow padded shoulders in front of him as leverage) to straddle Kid Flash's waist from behind in a piggy-back arrangement. Without missing a beat, Kid Flash's hands reach behind him to support under Robin's legs locked around him.

"You puttin' on weight?" Kid Flash groans exaggerated, smirking and pretending to weaken at the knees when the other boy's elbow crashes purposely into his side.

"Shut up, Kid Pudge."


Superboy especially gets Robin's full, creepily-resembling-koala-behavior-sometimes treatment.

It just depends on the situation.

…And if Superboy is willing to go along with it.

Balancing on the balls of his armored-boot heels pressed lightly to Superboy's lower back, Robin swings his hips out, keeping arms straight in line as the younger boy drops his chin on Superboy's head.

"Whatcha got?"

"History test."

Robin registers the thinly-veiled confusion on Superboy's face and points out with one of his usual manic grins, jabbing a finger at the top of the flimsy paper, "You got an A. You kicked that test's butt, Supey." For the sake of his friend, he pretends to not notice the corner of Superboy's mouth lifting.


"Uhhh…" Red Arrow begins; slowly; warily; feeling those little bony knees digging into his soft spots as Robin expertly works himself over the back-strap carrier of arrows without bumping them. He's like a squirmy pet. An uncontainable, squirmy pet. "…kid?"

"What's up, RA?" The older boy pauses before shaking his head, somewhat difficult considering his crown is being weighed down heavily by Robin's folded arms.

"Where the hell do you get all this energy?"

Robin settles his thighs against Red Arrow's neck, giggling. "I run on aster."

"And probably sugar," Red Arrow mutters, setting down his bow on Mount Justice's kitchen island.

"Batman has strict dietary rules." Another maniac giggle. "But he doesn't know about the Twizzlers."


So I told myself to write something for myself on my birthday. So I listened to myself. But I got lazy and stole a prompt from the YJ Anon Meme to turn into a cute/random drabbly piece to share with your guys. And sharing is caring, right? Oh… god, I can't stop myself from writing. /facepalm ...just… hope you liked it, guys.


"A prompt for Robin, because he probably has this problem too-

The problem with being a short person surrounded by tall people is having to constantly resist the urge to use them as human jungle gyms ...Superboy really isn't helping matters.

Bonus for Roy

Double Bonus for him being sarcastic and disgruntled but still occasionally allowing Dick to indulge in his secret need act like a Koala

Any and all Robin pairing make me happy, but gen is fine too :)"