The Baltimore breeze blew open my curtains which allowed the early morning sun to assault my eyes. Groaning slightly, I turned over to see that my alarm read 6:40, I didn't need to get up for another twenty minutes but still, I already knew my hair was a mess, and the only way I could fix it was to wash it first. So I pounced off my bed and went into my closet; which was chalk full of colorful clothes. I made a point to shop till I literally dropped while in Japan, now I had all these foreign and different outfits that I loved.

"Lets see, green? Yellow? Red? Red it is." I said to myself, taking out a short kimono dress, the fabric was red, but the trim and bow were white, I also took out a pair of white tight shorts, they may be considered 'unladylike' but so is a lot of stuff I do.

Heya! I'm Mina Turnblad, I'm twenty seven years old and I love Japanese culture! Three years ago I toke a trip there and I only just got back a few months ago.

Hanging up my desired clothes on the bathroom door, I slipped out of my white, silk nightgown and stepped into the shower; letting the warm water run down my cream colored body. I was thin- unlike my mother Edna, and little sister Tracy; but I wasn't a stick in a wig either. I knew how to eat healthy but I allowed myself into temptations... of the chocolate variety.

Lathering my chestnut brown hair with Lavender scented shampoo, I started humming, no particular tone or anything, just a hum. Seeing how my hair was fully rinsed, and there wasn't any suds on my body I turned off the water, and grabbed a puffy yellow towel, and wrapped a second one around my head.

Stepping out of the bathroom dressed in my kimono, I walked back into my bedroom where I slipped on a pair of buckled sandals, honestly I think my shoes are the only American clothing I own.

My alarm decided to go off right at the moment, so I hit the snooze button before taking a sit in front of my mirror, taking off the towel I started brushing the knots out of my hair until it was silky smooth and cascading over my shoulders.

Tracy: Oh, oh, oh.

Woke up to today.

Feeling the way I always do.

I could hear Tracy in the next room as I'm putting my hair in the usual pigtails, before spraying my hair with Ultra Clutch; and bounced downstairs into the kitchen for an ample, closely followed by Tracy in her school clothes.

Tracy: Hungry for something that I can't eat.

Then I hear that beat.

The rhythm of town.

Starts calling me down.

It's like a message from high above.

Mina: Oh, oh, oh.

Pulling me out.

To the smiles and the streets that I love.

Tracy & Mina: Good morning Baltimore!

Tracy: Every day's like an open door.

Mina: Every night is a fantasy.

Tracy: Every sound's like a symphony.

Me and Tracy jumped outside, I hopped into my midnight blue Cadillac convertible; which I bought shortly after coming home. Tracy on the other starting walking towards the bus stop, I don't see why she never asks for a ride, I mean we're both heading towards the school, her as a student, me as the dance teacher.

Tracy & Mina: Good morning Baltimore!

Tracy: And some day when I take to the floor.

The world's gonna wake up and see.

Baltimore and me.

Mina: Oh, oh, oh.

Look at my hair.

What 'do' can compare with mine today?

Oh, oh, oh.

I've got my hairspray and radio.

I'm ready to go.

Tracy: The rats on the street.

All dance around my feet.

They seem to say.

"Tracy, it's up to you."

So, oh, oh.

Don't hold me back.

'Cause today all my dreams will come true.

As usual traffic is terrible, and the fact that little kids are playing in the streets weren't helping much either, if this keeps up I'm going to be late!

Tracy & Mina: Good morning Baltimore!

Mina: There's the flasher who lives next door.

Tracy: There's the bum on his bar room stool.

They wish me luck on my way to school.

Tracy & Mina: Good morning Baltimore!

Tracy: And some day when I take to the floor.

The world's gonna wake up and see.

Baltimore and me.

I know every step.

I know every song.

I know there's a place where I belong.

I see all those party lights shining ahead.

So someone invite me.

Before I drop dead!

Mina: Before she drops dead!

Tracy: Give me a chance.

'Cause when I start to dance I'm a movie star.

Mina: Oh, oh, oh.

Something inside of me makes me move.

When I hear the groove.

Tracy: My ma tells me no.

But my feet tell me go!

It's like a drummer inside my heart.

Oh, oh, oh.

Don't make me wait.

One more moment for my life to start...

"Tracy! You just missed the bus!" I shouted at her, she turned around to see the ugly yellow school bus drive away.

"Oh no!" Tracy groaned.

"Don't 'oh no' me, come on!" I called her over, she got into the passenger seat.

Mina: Good morning, good morning.

Waiting for my life to start.

Tracy & Mina: I love you Baltimore.

Tracy: Every day's like an open door.

Mina: Every night is a fantasy.

Tracy: Every sound's like a symphony.

And I promise Baltimore.

That some day when.

I take to the floor.

The world's gonna wake up and see.

Gonna wake up and see.

Baltimore and me...

Mina: Yes, more or less we all agree.

Tracy: Baltimore and me...

Mina: Someday the world is gonna see.

Tracy: Baltimore and me!

The bells started ringing as soon as we got out of my car, Tracy rushed to make it towards her Geography class, while I scrambled to set up my dance class. Mats had to be secured on the floor; wouldn't want anyone slipping and hurting themselves... no then their parents yell a lot, at me; the mirrors had to be clean and streak free, the radio had to be working. They weren't paying me to dance if the class wasn't in top condition.