Two days later, Tracy, Penny and myself; dressed in a yellow, short kimono dress, with orange trim and bow. Were standing outside a T.V. Shop watching the Corny Collins Show because our mother kicked us out so she finish a large load undisturbed. Since it was Saturday there wasn't any school, and the studio was still being repainted, after some lowlife spray painted 'House of the Negros' on the front of the building.

"Show Link." Tracy said looking at one of the screens, where Link was singing behind Amber. "This is nuts she can't even dance!"

"Plastic little spastic." Penny agreed.

"Thank god she's not in my class." I added, cringing at the thought.

"Oh Link, I can dance so much better than her." Trace said daydreaming again. "Why don't you notice me at school?"

Corny: Hey, that was our very own Link Larkin singing It Takes Two.

Maybelle: And I'm Motormouth Maybelle reminding you all that the last Tuesday of this month's your rhythm and blues day.

That's right! Negro Day will be coming your way so don't-uh... uh... over here."

Stupid camera moved from Maybelle over to the blonde klutz before going back over to Motormouth Maybelle.

Maybelle: Thank you. So, catch all the crooning when y'all set and tune in.

Corny: Thank you, Motormouth. And now it's time to got to our very own fun loving Brenda. Come on up here, Brenda.

Brenda will be taking a leave of absence from the show. How long are you gonna be gone, Brenda?

Brenda: Just nine months.


Corny: Seems like we'll have an opening here on the show for a girl just as fun-loving but maybe not quite as freewheeling.

Link: Wanna be one of the nicest kids in town? Cut school tomorrow and come down to station WYZT to audition.

"Oh my god, Penny, Mina! Oh my god!" Tracy started jumping up and down.

"Whoa Trace, settle down girl. You gotta win first before you let yourself have an explosion of happiness. Besides you need ma's permission." I told her.

"Ow, Mina, help me talk her into it – please!"

"I'll try Tracy." And with that we said our goodbyes to Penny, and went back to the apartment, hopefully ma was almost done.


"No." Ma said.

"But, mom." Tracy whined.

"Don't test me Tracy Turnblad. My diet pills are wearing off."

"But come on mom, at least let her try." I tried to reason.

"Mina you are the only one in this household who is allowed to audition for anything." Edna stated.

"Why?" Tracy asked insulted that I can but she can't.

"Because dancing is not your future, one day you're gonna own Edna's Occidental Laundry."

"I don't wanna be a laundress, I wanna be famous!"

"Look, if you wanna be famous, learn how to take blood outta car upholstery. That's a skill you can take right to the bank." Mom said... why would blood be on a car upholstery? Ah I don't understand some of the things she says.

"Hey, hey. What's all this ruckus in here?" Dad asked.

"Not a word."

"Daddy, tomorrow I'm auditioning to dance on a T.V. show." Tracy told pa.

"No, she is not."

"Yes, she is." I corrected.

"You are?" Dad asked Trace, confused at the different answers he was getting.

"First the hair, now this?" Edna said, oh my god... she'll never let that go.

"But all the kids are batting up their hair now, hon."

"You're no help."

"It's ratting daddy." Tracy corrected him. "And our first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, does it."

"I don't believe that." Ma said.

"What do you mean, you don't believe that?"

"I don't."

"How else would it look that way?"

"I believe that it's naturally stiff."

"Okay, Okay! What the heck is going on?" I asked exasperated. "We went from the audition, to Tracy's hair, to the first lady's hair!"

"She's right, we all need to calm down. And think this over. Tracy, me, Mina and your mother will discuss this. You go get ready for dinner." Dad said finalization the conversation.

Tracy went into the bathroom to wash her hands while me, mom and dad thought this through.

"Wilbur those T.V. people, they don't pick girls like Tracy, Mina maybe but not Tracy." Mom said. "They'll gonna hurt her."

"Mom, I think we can all agree the world, both on television and in real life, it needs change and who better to start it off than Tracy? And if they don't accept her, then while she'll have an open spot ready for her when ever Tokyo Underground goes on air." I told her, I wanted to start my own dance show, maybe that'll help dissolve segregation, but it'll be a while before I could afford something that big, especially when the building is constantly being vandalized.

"Mina's right, if Tracy doesn't make it now, she'll make it along her sister." Dad agreed. And that was the end of that.


After dinner, we told Tracy our decision; which she was happy about. And I excused myself from the house. My studio may have been off limits tonight but that's not going to stop me, some of the regulars found a nice abandoned area outdoors, where we could dance under the stars.

I parked my car a across the street, but I made a point to hide it behind some bushes just in case any haters came by. And walked over to where Natasha, an African American woman who works at Tokyo Underground, was busy selecting a song.

"Good evening, Natasha." I greeted her.

"Evening Mina, are you going to start?" She asked me.

"Sure, why? Girls lets try the Tokyo Dance Party!" I exclaimed, the women around me started cheering loudly, the dance was one we hardly did but it was a well loved one.

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