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Chapter 1

Bella POV

It was 2 an half years since I had been in my home town Forks Washington. I'm on the plane looking out of the window and remembering why I had to leave.


I was walking down the school hall and I noticed that every one in the whole school were quiet when I went by them. I looked around to see the whole school whispering and giggling around me. I had enough of the people thinking that I'm poor little Bella Swan who can't take care of herself after what Rosaline Hale and Alice Cullen did to me.

So I ran to the front office where I found Charlie and Emmett in his arms crying.

That was last day when Forks saw Emmett and me.

And on that day I knew that the Cullens and the Hales were going to pay back for what they did to mine life and Emmetts.

~End of Flashback~

So that day me and Emmett went to live with our mother Renee and her new husband Phil in Phoenix, Arizona.

My big twin brother Emmett who is half and hour older then me, don't look anything alike.

If you go back two years I was 4'9 a 'little' over weight, with dull long brown hair and brown eyes. Also back then I wore braces. But now if you looked at the picture of me back then now you wouldn't believe that I'm the same person. Now I'm 5'3 with just above shoulder length chocolate brown hair and my brown eyes are striking when I wear make-up. I had my braces taken off. And I'm was petite with an athletic body but I have curves in the right place.

Look out Forks Swan Twins are back to town.

Charlie POV

I was waiting at the airport to pick up my Bella and Emmett.

I was looking everywhere when the plane with them on the board landed but I didn't saw either of them.

"Hi dad," A voice came from behind me.

"Bella is that you?" I asked

She laughed "Yeah it's me dad."

I looked at her again, no way it can't be my little Bella. "Look at you. You look beautiful. I don't mean like you weren't before but you look really different. And where is your brother?" I asked looking around for my baby boy.

"Dad, you really can't even recognise your own son?" Emmett said as he hugged me "Well son look at you…huge! And listen to you. You sound so grown up."

Then we went to the car and we drove to Forks.

After the an hour we saw the sign saying "Welcome to Forks"

"Welcome home kids" I told them, they smiled.

Emmett POV

Well here goes nothing!

Bella P.O.V.

Welcome to the hell! I thought when I saw "Welcome to Forks" sign.

After few minutes we pull into a drive of a 3-storey house with a garage for 4 cars. I smile. The house looks exactly how I remember it. When I walk in I stop in the doorway, I'm surprise by how up-dated the house is.

"I didn't know that you had this in you," I asked "Dad tell the truth; who helped you?" I just knew that Charlie wouldn't do something like that with out help. Last time he had changed anything it was me who helped him and before that was my mom.

He blushed "Well… Sue Clearwater helped me a little."

"Way to go Dad!" Emmett laughed.

"Well kids, go and see your bedrooms!" he shouted after me.

I know my way in this house and I know where my bedroom is. When I opened the door I saw my room painted a new colour with new bed, new lights and all of sorts of modem stuff. It was really huge now. I walk to a double door and open them and see a HUGE closet.

"Epp!" I scream, jumping up and down.

Then I heard Emmett and Charlie who run into my room.

"Bells… are you okay?" Emmett asked.

"I…love…my…room…and…my…closet!" I answered still jumping

"Thanks Dad! I love it!" I said hugging him.

"That's good. But you nearly gave me a heart attack just because you love your closet?" Then he walked out.

"So? Belly what are WE going to do now?"

I had to think about that, but then an idea came to me. "We're going to Port Angeles and we'll go shopping for our cars!" I shrieked and then I called to get a taxi.

First we went to look for a car for me, it took ages, and I really mean ages to find something I liked. After 2 hours I was sitting in my new blue Ford Fiesta and me and Emmett we were -well- speeding down the street when Emmett yelled 'Stop' I slammed on the brakes, bolting us both forward, looking around to see what was going on.

"Over there I see the car of my dreams" he yelled like a little boy.

"Grr. DO-NOT-DO-THAT-AGAIN EMMETT DALE SWAN DWYER!" I yelled. I drove back to the shop where he saw his 'car of his dreams'.

He had a huge grin on his face as he got out.

Then we went over to the sales person and Emmy told him what he wanted. After an hour we left the park car with his new black Volkswagen Tiguan.

Then we went eat and do some shopping.

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