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Chapter 14

Bella POV

I looked at him and I couldn't help but to feel really nervous. I took deep breath.

"You see, Edward," I said and I run my hand through my wig and he raised his eyebrow as I said his name.

"How do…?"

"How I know your name?" I cut him off and he nodded. Damn I still don't know how to tell him so I just moved my hand to the wig and started pulling it off my head with the net that I have to protect my natural hair.

"I am Bella," I said as I finished taking off my wig and Edward sat down on the sofa behind him and run his hand through his hair. I noticed that he did when he was stressed or upset.

Damn it I've upset him and for sure he will break up with me. I kept waiting for him to say something but he just sat there looking down at the floor. I blinked away the tears that were building up in my eyes and walked to vanity and took the net of my head and run a brash through my natural hair.

"Why didn't you tell me?" his asked his voice full of emotions.

"I was going to but I didn't know how," I explained as I looked at him through the mirror.

He just gave me a sad look and sat down on the sofa and run his hand through his unruly hair.

"Edward, say something," I begged after long and awkward silence. I couldn't stand him being so quite and not knowing about are future.

He looked up at me and there was mix emotions in his eyes.

"What you want me to say, Bella? That I am surprised that you are international super star and I hope that you told me from the start."

"I didn't know how you were going to react," I said honestly.

"Right, you didn't know how I would react," he said sarcastically rolling his eyes.

"I'm sure if I wasn't waiting for you here, you wouldn't have ever told me. Would you?"

We both knew the answer, I wouldn't have told him if not that situation or even if I was going to tell him it wouldn't have been like this. Sometimes I really hate double life one as a quiet and quite normal life as Bella Swan and then this a life as Marie Dwayer which is everything but normal.

I looked at Edward who was staring into thin air and from the look on his face I could tell that he was calculating his next move. Suddenly he got up and walked towards me and kissed me on the head and told me that he will see me tomorrow and walked out of the dressing room like nothing happened.

What the hell happened? I thought to myself I sat still looking at the doors that my boyfriend just walked out through.

Was that his way of breaking up with me or something? Or he just though that it would be better if he just walked out so we didn't argue?

But then it hit me; I have kissed Edwards cousin in front of people. I cheated on him! I'm terrible, no wonder he walked out of here without saying anything to me.

Damn it! When I get out of here I will go and see Edward. But then there was a knock on the door.

"Bell? Are you ready to go to the dinner?" I've heard my brother's voice.

I looked at the door in horror and then at myself. I was still dressed in my concert clothes and my make-up was too heavy to out for dinner.

"No, can you guys wait few more minutes?"

"Is everything ok, sis?"

"Yeah, I just didn't have time to change so give me a minute," I said as I took off my make up just so I could reaply it but a bit less heavy. I quickly put my foundation back on and added just bit of mascara.

I quickly took off my concert clothes and changed into my white and grey stripe slash neckline jumper and black leggings. I quickly put on my grey uggs and a grey scarves. I checked myself out in the mirror to make sure that there want any evidence of me crying, picked my iphone and walked out of the door just to be meet with, Nessie standing there.

"Hi, big sis," she said to me with a huge smile. I returned the smile and the greeting.

"Guys are already at the diner, apparently they're so hungry," she told me with an eye roll. I had to laugh at that. We quickly walked to my Ford and got in to drive to the diner to meet guys for the dinner.

The dinner was nice and we talk about everything and nothing. After that we drove back to Charlie's house and Nessie insisted on having a sleep over and catch up. Even though she is my younger half sister we are also really good friends and she knows a lot of things about me.

"So, Bell what happened on the concert?"

"What you mean, Ness?" I played dumb. I knew exactly what she meant, the damn kiss. The kiss I never will get over and the one that I've cheated on my boyfriend who I'm in love it.

She looked up at me from the fashion magazine, that she found somewhere on the desk, with raised eyebrow.

"Oh c'mon! Don't play dumb! You kissed Anthony Mason! Aren't you exited?"

"God no! You know Edward?"

"Your boyfriend?"

I nodded.

"Of course I know him! He seems cool!"

"Well…I kind of kissed his cousin."


"Tony is Edward cousin!" I cried out and hide my face in my pillow.

"What?! You kidding right Bella?" I shook my head still hiding my head.

"Did you talk to Edward?"

I nodded.


"And nothing, he came into my dressing room, and that's just weird because he was supposed to be at home with his stomach flu…" then it hit me. Edward lied to me because what other way could you explain that he actually was on concert came to talk to me in the dressing room. And can someone please explain to me why he lied to me and how the hell he got to the back stage. Its only possible if one of my brother or group members let him in or he was… not that silly I really don't think Edward could be Tony.. Could he?

"Bell?" Nessie's voice pulled me away from my thoughts.

I looked at her and gave her a small smile.


"I've been calling your name for a good five minutes. What were you thinking 'bout?"

"That we should go to bed," I said yawning.

"You're right, night big sis," she told me kissing my cheek just to lie down on the bed and soon after fell deep sleep.

I laughed at her small snoring.

I toke my Iphone from under my pillow, and yes I know its bad to have it there but it was easier that way, and made my way to kitchen. I quickly took my favorite hot coco mug and everything I need to make the drink.

Ten minutes later, I was seating on the sofa with my hot coco and I was debating on whatever to text Edward or just leave the topic until we see each other next. I know me I wouldn't be able to fall asleep not knowing the truth.

So before I could chicken out I texted Edward saying:

E, we need 2 talk now! - B x

Not long after I got text back saying.

K, be there in 5 - E

I threw my phone down on the coffee table and looked at the old, yellow painted, empty wall by the window and drink my cocoa and got lost in my own little perfect world. No surprise I jumped 2 feet into the air after I've heard knocking on the door.

I run to the door so that the notice doesn't wake anyone that was asleep, which was possible everyone except me.

Nice one Bella! I thought sarcastically as I opened the door to see the guy that I love.

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