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Chapter 1

Bella POV


I hear the front door close loudly as I get into a bath. No one has a key to the house, because me and my lovely Spouse don't want anyone to interrupt our small life.

"Bella?" I hear Edward walking up the stairs. I automatically relax.

"In the bathroom!"

Edward opens the door to the bathroom and steps in. When he turns toward me, his eyes wander up and down my naked body parts that are visible.

"Hi, love," he greets me looking into my eyes again.

"Hey, what are you doing at home?" He looks at me with a raised eyebrow. "I mean, didn't you mean to be shooting your new movie? You should have called for the sake of your wife…"

He laughs. "Did I scare you?"

I nod.

"Hmm, I need to apologize then."

He walks closer to the bathtub. He rolls up the sleeves of his shirt and I feel his fingers on my leg.

"How are you going to apologize?" I ask breathlessly.

He laughs. "Silly Bella. Should I tell you how I'm going to apologize to you?"

"Yes, Edward."

"Fine, you wanted to hear it. First I'm going to feel your legs, then I'll go up your thigh up to your sweet little pussy. I'm going to put two fingers in it…"

He raps his hand next to the spot where I need him the most.

I moan.

"Do you like it my sweet?"

"Uh…Edward…don't stop."

"Tell me; how does it feel?"

I try to say something, but I can only moan.

He stops. I look at him confused.

"I'll start again when you say how it feels," he demands. His voice full of lust.

I try to make him move his fingers by kissing him but that doesn't help.

"Answer the question and I'll continue to give you the pleasure."

I whimper.

"Tell me how it feels!"

"Uh…it feels so good!"

He starts to move his hand a little. But it's slow…too slow.

"Uh…Edward so good."

His fingers move a little bit faster.

"Better than when you do it on your own?"

I moan and his hand starts to slow down.

I open my eyes and look at him.

"It's better when you do it!"


That man will be the death of me! I mean I'm close to my orgasm and he asks me why it feels better when he's doing it?

"Your touch is like mine but times one hundred!"

I think that this answer makes him happy because his fingers start to move quicker. I can't take it anymore. My back arches, passing his moving fingers harder on my clit, my eyes shut on their own and my mouth opens in a loud moan.

It takes me a few minutes to come back from my high and get my breathing even. Edward's handsare still on my body.

I look at him, his eyes are on me like he didn't take his eyes away from my face.

"I love to watch you having an orgasm, but I prefer when your eyes are open."

"I'm sorry, all of this was a little overwhelming."

He nods.

"So are my apologies accepted?"

"You know you don't have to ask. I can't be mad at you for long especially when you say sorry like that."

He smiles his famous crooked smile.

"Edward, you know there is space for one more person," I said looking down at his trousers.

I could tell that this man is excited.

Edward takes off his clothes, and I move a little to give him some space. When he gets in, I can feel his hard erection pressing into my back.

Edward pulls me back into his chest and starts to kiss my neck and my jaw line.

Suddenly he bites my neck a little. I moan.

"Do you like it when I bite you?"

I moan again. I can feel him smiling against my neck.

"Bella I…"

"Tell me Edward, what you need me to do?"

"Sit on my cock."

I do what he asked for.

"Oh God Bella! I have waited for that all day! I couldn't get you out of my mind and I just couldn't be few more hours on the set." This does not make sense…

"Really? What were you thinking on the set?"

The water sloshes noisily over the side of the tub. I don't care, who would when you have man like Edward talking about his fantasies?

He moves his hands up to my breasts which are covered in bubble bath. He pinches my already hard nipples which makes me moan loudly from pleasure.

"Me and you on the table in your office. The one which we didn't christen yet."

"Tell me; how did we christen it?"

"You bent over…Me fucking you from behind."

I bounce faster, he thrusts up to meet me.

"Oh Bella… I'm going to come!"

"Come Edward!"

"Uhh Bellahh!" he moans my name loudly.

I love it when he does that!

When he gets down from his high, he starts to play with my nipples.

The water is getting cold, so I pull his hands away from my breasts and get out.

"I officially love this bathroom and this bathtub!"

"I love it too," I say kissing him on the lips.