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Chapter 14

Bella POV

Two months later

For past two months Edward haven't left my side even though he had to work but he just told me that he doesn't care about that because twins and I were so much more impotent then his film.

Now I was laying on the bed of my much bigger privet room and he got me best midwife and doctor in the country. Also Edward was ready to pay just so I could have whole floor for myself but I told him not to do that because having best midwife and doctor was way too much.

"Edward?" I asked sitting up.

"Hmm, love?" he answer looking up from the screen of his Macbook.

"We need to talk," I couldn't run away from the topic of him sleeping with someone else. Plus I wanted to know what I am standing on and what will we do when the twins will be born.

"About?" Edward asked closing down him Macbook and got up to seat by me.

"Edward," ugh how do you suppose to start those things. "Where does this leave us?"

"What leave us where?" he asked me confused.

I sighed, God damn it how do ask your ex husband and love of your life if they actually cheated on you?

"Edward, I know that you believed that Jessica was pregnant with your child but I need to know why did you believe her. Did you or did you not have sex with her?"

I was scared of the his answer, if he did have slept with her when we were together it will kill me. It would be like I didn't satisfy his needs sexually.

"Bella, you need to keep in mind that I love you and I always will and always have."

"Edward just answer the damn question."

"No, I did not have sex with Jessica…"

I breath a sigh of relief. I couldn't be any more happier that moment to know that he didn't cheat on me.

"…when we were together, I had a night stand with her before I met you. Just keep in mind that her baby isn't mine…"

"Just tell me!"

"Come down Bella it isn't good for babies and you," he said worried grapping my hand.

"Shut up and tell me why you though that her fucking baby was yours!" I yelled. I could feel my passions running short.

"We might or might not end up in same bed after we got drunk after the movie event that she was there."


"You've heard me Bella, she told me that nothing happened but when I saw her those 5 months ago and she told me that she was pregnant. So what did you expect me to do?"

"I don't know! Maybe bloody came to me and told me that you just happen to end up in the bed with that slut!"

I felt the pain in my lower stomach and then a wetness between my legs like I've wet myself.

"Edward," I said in the panic.


"Call the doctor? I think my water braked… ah" I cried in the pain.

Edward got up and ran out of the room just to come back a minute later with my doctor and midwife behind him.

"Bella, I've called Emmett and the rest of family," Edward told me.

I nodded my head and screamed.

"Bella you are only 5cm," the doctor said. "It might take some time before you can actually push. I'll be back in half and hour to check the progress."

With that the doctor walked out of the room. How rude!

About hour later Emmett, Rose and the Cullen's were in my hospital room.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !" I screamed, "I want an epidural!"

"Bella, lov-"

I grabbed Edward by his collar pulling his face to mine,

"I want an epidural," I said in dangers voice, he isn't having a baby so he doesn't know the pain. He nodded and called the nurse who was going to bring the pain drug.

When the nurse came and gave me my epidural, thanks good it worked imminently.

Two house later, Emma Rosalie and Mathew Jason Cullen were born. They were beautiful. Emma had Edward's hair color and even though the babies always have blue eyes but I could see dark brown in them and Mathew, or Matt, had my chestnut hair and you could tell that he will have Edward's emerald eyes. Both babies were perfect mix of Edward and I.

At that moment I couldn't feel any happier I wish I knew what was coming.