Both Haruka and Michiru jumped when the green haired woman came running in, and Michiru jerked her hand back – much to Harukas dismay. "I'm ba-ack!" Setsuna cried out, while Michiru frowned at her. "I see that, 'Suna. Is there anything you want to tell me?" the aqua haired woman asked sweetly. Setsuna gave her friend a questioning look while Haruka desperately tried to hide a grin. "Well…maybe something about Yakura?" Michiru continued, causing Setsuna to blush. "Umm…you see…" she stuttered, but Haruka interrupted her: "Thank you." "Huh?" Setsuna blinked and stared at the blonde. Haruka gave her a dashing smile and repeated: "Thank you. For having him beaten up." "Oh!" Setsuna yelped. "No problem!" Michiru giggled at her friends weird behavior and shook her head. "Are you sure you are okay, Setsuna?" she then asked. Setsuna nodded and slowly backed off, towards the door. "I'll leave again, I don't want to disturb the two of you anymore. ^_^" Before Haruka or Michiru could reply anything, Setsuna had left the room, closing the door behind her.

"Now that was weird." Haruka stated after a few moments of silence. Michiru nodded, dumbfounded. "I wonder what got into her…aww, I bet she has a date!" Haruka chuckled. "Jealous?" she then asked, causing Michiru to blush. "No, not really. I…" she stopped in mid-sentence, and Haruka eyed her curious. "Yes?" she asked, smiling. "Idon'tdatemen." Michiru blurted out. Haruka blinked and pieced together what Michiru just had said. "You don't date men." She finally spoke, and Michiru nodded. Harukas smile broadened. "Well, I don't do, either." Michiru beamed.

Later that day, Haruka managed to convince Michiru to let her out of bed. "Listen, Michiru, I can't stay in bed all day long. I'm not hurt that bad, you know." The blondes argument convinced Michiru rather fast, and so she finally gave in. "Okay, get up if you want." The aqua haired woman smiled. "But if you feel any pain, you have to lay down again." "Alright." Haruka agreed. "Promise?" Michiru asked, and the blonde nodded. "Promise." They stood in the bedroom for a while, looking at each other, until Haruka finally spoke up. "So…if you don't date men…would you go on a date with me?" Michirus eyes lit up with joy. "I'd love to!" she called out, throwing her arms around the stunned Harukas neck. "Now that's what I call an appealing reaction." The blonde chuckled, putting her arms around Michirus waist. "You didn't answer my question before." Michiru now said, causing the blonde to look at her questioningly. "What question?" she asked, obviously completely clueless. Michirus right arm left Harukas neck, and her hand caressed the blonde's cheek. "I asked if you believe in love at first sight." Michiru whispered. Haruka looked down on her, their eyes meeting. "I never did", the boxer replied, her voice hoarse with emotion, "until I woke up and saw your face." Michiru smiled, pulled Harukas head down to her, and their lips met in a soft, gentle kiss.

"Think we can skip the date now?" Michiru whispered into Harukas ear while she trailed her index finger over the blonde's well muscled stomach. The couple laid in Michirus bed; Haruka had her arms around the younger woman, and the aqua haired woman's head rested on the boxer's shoulder. "If you want to." Haruka replied, her fingers gently stroking the aqua colored locks. "Although I'd like to take you out for dinner." She then added. Michiru smiled and craned her neck a little to kiss the blonde. "Tomorrow, love." She then whispered before kissing her again. "Tomorrow." Haruka smiled and cuddled her lover. "Tomorrow and forever, we will be together." She then rhymed. Michiru just smiled and nodded.