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Chapter One: Trouble In The Air

The Hokage team were celebrating their victory in the Black Martial Arts Tournament in a fancy restaurant where they were having a huge feast. Except for Gangko and Koganei since Kage Houshi brought them home for she thought it was too late for kids their age to be celebrating until the wee hours of the morning together with the rest.

"For our championship!" Recca announced for the hundredth time that night, raising his glass of wine for the hundredth time.

"For our championship..." Yanagi and Domon chorused drowsily, raising their cups.

As for Mikagami, he had enough of toasting wine and decided to ignore them.

While Fuuko, it didn't seem like she was feeling well and kept rubbing her temples wearily for the past hour.

Fuuko eventually stood up and grabbed her coat. "Listen guys, I don't feel that good anymore.. so I'm gonna have to call it a night. But, go on in celebrating, you can do without me." she explained wearily.

Before Recca could protest, Domon's head plummeted on his plate of unfinished pasta, which caused some drinks to spill, and then he started snoring loudly. Yanagi was bobbing her head up and down, trying to stay awake and didn't even realize the things going on around her. Mikagami crossed his arms and muttered something about Domon being a huge baka.

After a few minutes Fuuko left, Tokiya dropped his napkin on the table and got up. "I'm leaving now." he muttered and then left the table. He got into his white station wagon, expecting his usual ritual of coming home without anyone waiting for his arrival. Just simply living a life in solitude just as before.

While the Ensui master was driving through the empty streets of Tokyo on his way home, he suddenly noticed three drunk street rats surrounding a helpless girl. He immediately parked nearby and tried to get a closer look, but couldn't succeed on getting a better view.

"Yo, missy.. what's in the backpack?" one of them grinned.

"Who cares 'bout d backpack right now, Makoto? More treasure's gonna be under 'em clothes."

Though the Ensui master couldn't figure out any of them, Mikagami eventually got off his car and eyed a running faucet nearby. He walked towards them quietly, but his lone footsteps were still heard no matter what.

One of the men immediately noticed him, and pulled out a swiss knife from the pocket of his jeans. "Come nearer and you're finished, buddy!" he snarled.

Mikagami simply shook his head and punched the street punk squarely on the face, and sent him flying to a corner of garbage cans.

"Hey!! That damn feller knocked 'em Makoto out! Watcha standing 'round for, Chuck? Get 'im!!" the man with dyed green hair yelled.

A huge black man headed towards Tokiya's way, and immediately pumped his fist into the bishounen's smooth face. Because of the pressure of the punch, Tokiya was pushed back to the wall. Chuck (the huge black man) took a few steps backward, and started running to the swordsman with his fist pumped in the air, ready to give his victim another knock out.

But Mikagami quickly ran to the running faucet, and pulled out his sword. Within seconds, the Ensui was fully formed and the he was ready to attack once again. He immediately thrusted his sword into the ground, and started concentrating as mist enveloped around him.

"Chuck, ya dope! Quick! Get 'im now while that idiot is still preoccupied!" the man with dyed hair yelled again.

Chuck cracked his knuckles, eyeing the 'concentrating' Mikagami and ran towards him. "You're dead meat.. you pale rat!" Just as the black man threw his fist, supposedly to the Ensui wielder, he didn't hit anything instead..

"My illusion fooled you, now didn't it?" Mikagami told him, while he suddenly appeared from behind Chuck, striking his sword through the street rat.

The punk with green hair started to take off, seeing that the swordsman was someone not to battle with.

Tokiya shrugged and walked towards the girl who had been attacked earlier. He knelt beside her, and looked closely.. his eyes widened in shock at the unconscious woman.


'Unbelievable for someone like Fuuko to be unable to protect herself from guys like these' He ran a hand through his hair and took a deep breath. 'I guess I'll have to take her back to her place, since she's totally helpless at this point' he thought. Mikagami noticed Fuuko had a couple of bruises on her arms and small tear at the bottom of her shirt as he took off his white Armanni jacket and wrapped it around her. Then, he slowly lifted her and brought Fuuko into the car.

Just as they stopped in front of Fuuko's house, the Wind Goddess stirred and began to regain conciousness. She remembered about what had happened. 'So, that shadow that had appeared before I lost conciousness.. was Mikagami?' she thought quitely.

Mikagami once again lifted her into his arms, and walked into the front porch, still he didn't realize Fuuko was already awake. 'Mph, Fuuko does seem incredibly light even with the countless food she stuffs into her mouth'

Fuuko blushed furiously, since she had never been held by a man this close. She could smell his exhilerating perfume as she was against his warm chest. 'Calvin Klein no doubt.. but, feeling warmth against his cold facade..'

Mikagami paused in front of the white door, suddenly realizing he couldn't get in her house without knowing where her keys were.

Under the doormat, Mi-chan. Fuuko mumbled.

He reached down for the key, careful so that he wouldn't accidentally drop Fuuko. I am a gentleman after all, even with this monkey just for once'

He unlocked the door, and put down Fuuko on the nearby couch. Mikagami switched on the lamp, which the light bulb was quite dim so he didn't notice the Wind Child blushing.

Daijibou desu ka? he inquired blankly, trying to keep his cool composure of showing he wasn't worried at all. If I'd be worried about someone, it'll either be Yanagi or Mifiyu only' he reminded himself.

Fuuko nodded, Hai! Arigatou gozaimas. I'm alright, I'm not hurt or anything, just a little dazed.. that's all. she replied weakly. She noticed him glancing at her bruises. "Ignore them, Mi-chan. I've been through more than that, you know? All that happened was my thobbing headache just became worse, so that's just about it."

"Fine, then I'll be on my way now." Tokiya replied.

Just as Fuuko stood up to at least be able to lock the door for him, she suddenly felt a stinging pain on her left ankle. " Itai!! " she shrieked, falling once again into the arms of Mikagami. @_@

"Itai! It must be when I tried to run away from those gangsters.. but instead I tripped earlier.."

"Fuuko, isn't your mother a nurse anyway?"

Just then, they heard footsteps running down the staircase

"Nandato?! Fuuko, what happened?!" Mrs. Kirisawa gasped, not only because of the sight of Fuuko's wounds, but also because of her awkward position with Mikagami.

He put her down on the sofa again, and explained what had happened earlier to Mrs. Kirisawa politely.

The eyes of Fuuko's mom were wide by the time he finished talking. "Fuuko, honey.. are you alright? Are you sure? Let me see that badly sprained ankle.."

He ran a hand over his hair, and decided to let himself out quietly was Mrs. Kirisawa was tending to Fuuko, but the door squeaked loudly when he opened it.

"Ne, Mikagami-san. Arigatou Gozaimasu.. for doing this for my daughter. You're welcome here anytime, so don't hestitate to stop by." Fuuko's mom told him.

He nodded and left the Kirisawa residence.

'I should have realized this before.. Mikagami was just standing in front of me all the time.. He's the perfect gentleman, he's handome, very wealthy, even top of the class and is even popular.. Just perfect.' Mrs. Kirisawa thought.

~* ~*~ *~

Yanagi, Recca, and Domon were in front of Fuuko's house immediately the next day, after hearing she almost got harassed.

"Oh, Recca-kun! I hope she's alright!" Yanagi whimpered, pressing on the doorbell.

"Don't worry, Hime! Fuuko's pretty strong, I know she's able to handle things." Recca replied.

"I bet Fuuko just needs a kiss on the lips from the man she loves and she'll feel all better!" Domon swooned. Yanagi and Recca sweatdropped.

Fuuko's mother opened the door, and welcomed them inside. "Ne, come on in. Fuuko's in the living room."

"Oh, Fuuko! Do you want me to heal you?" Yanagi immediately offered.

But the Wind Child declined. "Iie, it's okay, Yanagi-chan. You don't need to.. this girl ought to learn her lesson to take care of herself." referring to herself.

Domon shoved a bouquet of dandelions to Fuuko.

Fuuko suddenly started sneezing uncontrollaby and pushed the bouquet to Recca. "I'm *achoo!* allergic to... *achoo! achoo!* dandelions!!" she shrieked in between sneezes.

But Recca's eyes twitched, when he saw a huge bee on the bouquet. "Aieeeeeeeee! GET IT OF ME! GET IT OF MEEEE!"

Domon grabbed a magazine on the table, rolled it up and started hitting Recca as the bee buzzed around the flame caster's head.

"Domon-kun!! Yamete! You're hurting Recca-kun!!"

"Domon you baka! Don't hit me! Hit the bee! Can't you distinguish a bee from a person?!!!"

" *Achoo!! Achoo!!* "

"What's going on here?!" Fuuko's mom called angrily.


Domon was the first to speak up. "Ahem.. Mrs. Kirisawa, it's just that I gave my darling Fuuko here, a beautiful bouquet of dandelions. We love each other very much. You know how she shows how much she likes me, she just shows the opposite!"

Fuuko's lips twitched and threw a pillow on Domon's face. "Bakaero..*achoo*!" she muttered.

Mrs. Kirisawa shook her head and went back to the kitchen to get her coat and purse to get ready to go to work. 'Fuuko can't help herself around while I'm gone with her badly sprained ankle.. And I can't let Recca and Domon stay here. My house will be destroyed by the time I come home from work!! And if I ask Yanagi, that means Recca will have to go stay too' she thought desperately.

She walked out of the room and noticed Domon and Recca fighting over Fuuko's leftover miso soup.

Yanagi's eyes widened at the familiar white jacket hanging by the coat rack.

"Doesn't that belong to Mikagami-sempai?"

Domon and Recca stopped arguing, and Recca suddenly had a wide grin pasted on his mouth.

"Fuuko-chan, why's Mikagami's designer jacket hanging by your coat rack?" Recca asked playfully.

Domon's eyes were suddenly welled up in tears. "You.. you mean.. he actually took off his jacket for you?!" he stuttered.

Yanagi stiffled a giggle.

Fuuko threw two more pillows at Domon and Recca. "BAKA!" She crossed her arms in fury. 'How perverted minded'

"He's the one who brought me home, okay?!" she snapped.

"I bet you he held you close to his chest.." Recca teased dreamily. "His warm, warm chest..."

Fuuko couldn't help but blush lightly even if she tried not to.

The name 'Mikagami' snapped into Mrs. Kirisawa's mind and decided to dial his number and call him for her help.

"Konnichiwa, Mikagami-san. I was just wondering, since you're the one I trust around here.. If you could spend the day here at our house with my daughter since her sprained ankle wouldn't get her anywhere around the house.."

-End of Chapter One-

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