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Chapter Three - Untitled

Fuuko felt the morning breeze on her hair as she jogged around the corner of the park. She decided to call Yanagi right after Mikagami left her house, since she decided it was a much better idea to have her ankle healed... rather than let her mom call the Ice Man every single day to come over because of her sprained foot.

'Oh man, I definetely need to chill out!' Fuuko thought, looking for a vendo after running around for a couple of hours. She ran up to a nearby vending machine and dug inside her front pockets for some change. "Oh, damn it! My front pockets have holes?! Of all the days!" she muttered, kicking the machine. "Kuso!"

"So.. it's you, sea monkey." she heard a familiar voice.

Fuuko turned around and smirked at her former team mate. "Ohayo, Mi-chan!" she greeted, ignoring his insult towards her.

He glanced at her ankle, "You definetely should've had your ankle healed ever since before!" he muttered, pertaining to their ridiculous time at her house the day before.

"Forget it, Mi-chan. At least you aren't coming over again!" she replied. 'Thank god!' she added quietly.

Just then, they noticed Recca, Yanagi and Domon walking towards them.

"You two again?! Been spending time alone these days, haven't you?" Recca laughed.

The Fuujin Wielder cracked her knuckles, and narrowed her eyes at the Flame Caster. "Ooh, you're really gonna get it this time!"

"How childish! Does this have to happen everyday?" Mikagami sighed.

"Well, this probably wouldn't have to happen! But it's your fault that you started wooing Fuuko, stealing her away from me!" Domon complained.

Fuuko, Yanagi *sweatdrop*
Recca *snicker*
Mikagami *no expression*

Yanagi smiled, "Boys will be boys. But anyway, we're here to give these invitations to both of you!" she handed both of them a red envelope each.

"Thanks.. so what's this?" the purple haired teenager asked, tearing the envelope and taking out a card.

"Since a week from now, on Sunday, I'm going to be celebrating my birthday." she started. "And my parents planned it to be a formal dinner."

"Formal, why does it have to formal? You mean like, as in.. all those dressies and boobles and stuff?!"

Yanagi nodded, "Hai! Besides, we can go shop together! And.. anou.. they told me they had a surprise for me.. about a certain, erm.. son-in-law they'd be having." she blushed furiously.

Recca's face as well, turned red.


Suddenly, they heard a loud thunder, immediately followed by heavy raindrops.

"What are we gonna do?" Domon whined, as they ran to the nearby oak tree.

"Man, it's really pouring out there! And I even have to pick up some groceries for my mom!" Fuuko complained.

"Argh! We can't stay out here! We will all end up wet, sooner or later if we stay under this tree.. besides, Hime might catch a cold." Recca took off his jacket and handed it to his beloved.

"Recca, in case you hadn't noticed.. it's not only Yanagi who could risk getting a cold!" Fuuko remarked sarcastically.

"Anou.. Mikagami-sempai. Isn't your house only a couple of blocks away from here?" Yanagi asked, showing out her brown puppy dog eyes.

Tokiya hestitated for a moment, 'No way am I letting a bunch of animals into my house! It'll be torn into shreds before I can say come in' Then he glanced at the healer's pleading look. "*Sigh.... fine!"


Just as the Ensui Master unlocked his door, Recca carried Yanagi in front of the fireplace and gently placed her on the rug. "Hold on a second, Hime! I'll just light this fireplace up with my flame in a jiffy."

But before Tokiya could stop him, Recca immediately raised his arm and casted his flame into the fireplace. "I've no more time to find any matches, this is a faster way!" he announced.


"Nani, Mikagami? I'm just fixing keeping my Hime warm, what's wrong with..." But before Recca could finish talking, smoke suddenly filled the room coming from the fireplace.

"Damn.. *cough* you forgot to open the hamper!" Mikagami replied bluntly. 'damn it.. and this is just the beginning'

" Cough-cough! Recca-kuun?!! Recca-kun? *cough* ..where are you? Recca-kun?" Yanagi cried through the thick smoke.

"K*so! I can't see through the dark smoke.. Hime!!"


"Himeee! Where are you?"

'Man, looks like I've got some work to be done in here' Fuuko thought, taking out her Fuujin from her back pocket. (A/N: since this fic's setting is right after the UBS, let's just say that Fuuko's Fuujin hasn't lost its power yet! ^.^)

"Fuujin!" she comanded, and she swept the black smoke around the room. "Hmm.. none of the windows are open.' "Back up to the fireplace my dear smoke!" she smirked.

But the smoke just came back afterwards. ( oi, oi! )

Suddenly, Tokiya walked up to her. "In case you haven't noticed.. The hamper still isn't open!!!" He sighed and rolled his eyes. "But Fuuko, you could actually help me right now. Get rid of the fire. I'll take care of the smoke!"

They both proceeded. He opened the windows while Fuuko got rid of the fire by using the pitcher of water she found on the coffee table. And in no time, the smoke cleared out.

The Ensui Wielder immediately approached the healer, "Yanagi-san? Are you alright?"

"H-Hai. I just inhaled a little too much, that's all." she replied, while Recca lead her to the couch. "Don't worry. I'll call okaa-chan to pick us up. You'll need some rest." the flame caster offered.

"By the way, where's Domon?" Fuuko suddeny noticed.

"Yeah, where is that pig nosed mongoloid?" the flame caster wondered as well.

"I last saw him in front of Mi-chan's house.. I think." The Wind Goddess recalled, then she walked toward the front door and opened it, to see a soaked Domon crying in chibi form.

"H-How could you slam the door in my face, Fuuko darling?" he whimpered.

"N-nani?! I thought I was the last to come in! I didn't think that someone else was behind me!"

"Well, I decided to walk behind you because I wanted to get a good view of your georgeous behind!" Domon grinned sheepishly with dreamy eyes.

"HENTAI! DOMON YOU PERVERT!" she screeched, kicking Domon in the face that sent him flying to the sidewalk. Fuuko slammed the door in frustration, leaving the man out in the rain. "No way am I letting him in this house!" she mumbled.

'One gorilla down, Recca and Fuuko.. you're up sooner or later.' Mikagami thought. He definitely needed to hit the books soon. He only had today and tomorrow to catch up on his schoolwork since the UBS caused the Hokage gang had missed two whole weeks of school. They needed to catch up pretty badly. Especially Mikagami who had a perfect record.

Mikagami looked around his living room, Yanagi was resting on the sofa, Recca was calling up Kagero, and Fuuko was opening the hamper to light up another fire. 'At least my house isn't messed up....yet.'


"Fuuko, what the heck are you waiting for anyway? Recca and Yanagi left 20 minitues ago!" Tokiya mumbled as he started taking out his books from his bookbag.

"I can't contact my mom since she's not home. Besides, I can't go home on my own right now since the keys are with her!" she replied. "And I can't go out right now in this stormy weather, if I get sick I can't miss another day of school, I'm way behind. I might not pass our upcoming exams!!"
'Argh! I wish I could've just gone with Recca and Kagero!'

Just then, the telephone rang. *ring ring*

Tokiya reached for the wireless phone in a swift movement. "Hai."

Fuuko slumped down in the sofa and turned on the silver flat screen TV in front of her. The channel that appeared was the News Network. 'Why the heck is that weatherman , Mr. Yuuki so flustered, when he's normally calm and oh-so boring?' Fuuko decided to pay attention to the weather forecast.

"Due to this sudden unexpected rainstorm, expert forecasters and meteorologists decided to research on the issue, and have found out that a HAIL will be arriving Tokyo sooner or later, in a span of hours possibly. So officials inform our citizens that this is a dangerous calamity occurance, for it's very sudden. We advice that you stay in your homes and refrain from going outdoors..."

"Mi-chan! Take a look at this!" she called.

"I've heard... and Fuuko, your mother's on the phone. She wants to talk to you." he replied, his face looking blank as ever.

Fuuko: Okaa-chan!! I've been trying to contact you since earlier
Mom: I've been looking for you too, and I called the Hanabishi household and found out you were here! Thank goodness!"
Fuuko: And mom, you've got to get home from the hospital and take us home this instant because of this sudden 'hail' approaching, I heard it from the news.. kinda dangerous ya know?
Mom: Yes, Fuuko, I know about the hail. But be reasonable, hon! I can't take you home right now, the hail might be coming in a couple of hours. People are probably going home right now, and I might get caught in some traffic jam and might not make it on time.
Fuuko: Kaa-chan, what exactly are you tellling me?
Mom: I'm staying for the night here in the hospital, and you dear, you're staying over at Mikagami-san's house!
Fuuko: N-n-n-nani?! But.. but...
Mom: No buts, dear. My decision is final. I've told him all about if, you've got practically nothing to worry about! You could simply count on him. I'll call you tomorrow morning, bye hon!
Fuuko: Hello? Mom? She hanged up on me!

Mikagami sighed as he looked at her toss the wireless on the couch.

'Everyone's homes seems to be too far from Mi-chan's house.. but I've got to get out of here. Raiha-kun's perhaps? But Kurei's mansion is still after the thick forest.. oh what now?!'


A/N: Is the hail thing totally weird?? I mean, it was the first thing that entered my mind. And that last line about Raiha, he's not gonna be in my fic. Just a thought of Fuuko's. I don't want my fic turning into a Raiha-Fuuko-Mikagami triangle!