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P.P.S. On here i make a mention that Nyx and Artemis are soul twins. Let me explain that. I like both of those Goddesses. And they are pretty similar. Nyx is Goddess of the night, symbol is the moon. Artemis, in mythology, she rides the chariot that pulls the moon. Her twin Apollo pulls the sun, she pulls the moon. And her symbol is also the moon. And they both stand for womenism and stuff like that. And i dont know i just always pictured them as good friends. So well yes i know that their not really twins and that Apollo and Artemis are the twins. I just pictured them like Erin and Shaunee, not really twins but so alike its like there separated at birth. Dont like it tough, my fanfic. If u do...great keep reading.





Preface: Night's Dream

Nyx stood at the edge of a pool of clear water, in the heart of her sacred grove. But the pool was no ordinary pool. It was a mirror, connecting the Otherworld to the one on earth. It was how the Goddess kept watch over her children. And tonight she watched over a very special child. One that didn't even know he was blessed by she. That he was decreed to have a very special destiny; tied to the Night, sense the day of his conception.

"Show me him again," the Goddess commanded, and the pool shivered and rippled until it displayed the image of a magnificent Raven Mocker. He stood on top of a large hill, face turned up towards the night sky. His arms stretched out, palm up, wings fully outstretched to catch the soft breezy as it slide through his soft feathers.

Nyx smiled fondly; and with a sigh of content sank gracefully to her knees. She remembered the day he was born. The way her moonlight glinted off of his dark feathers and made his eyes shine. Not just that, but he shined. As if he was glowing from some kind of inner light. Though he was obviously surrounded by Darkness, there was no mistake about that. But there was something about him, almost as if he COULD be Light. And then there was that request his mother made.

Nyx shook her head and continued to watch the third eldest Raven Mocker. Thinking about the Raven Mockers made Nyx think of Rephaim. She thought about asking the pool to show her Rephaim, but immediately dismissed the thought. She didn't want to pull away from this particular son. Besides, Rephaim ws safe in the arms of his lover; and his little brother has not found that type of peace…yet.

Nyx chuckled, thinking of his destined lover made Nyx decide to check up on her. "Show me Malina" Nyx said than just before the image disappeared she whispered, "goodbye Avinash, remember that you have always and always will be loved."

Then the image of Malina appeared before the Goddess. She was a beautiful maiden of Native American and French descent. Oh there were a few more nationalities mixed in her blood. But that was the strongest two things.

She had long, pin straight raven black hair that fell at a wave at her shoulders. Her skin was a light tan. Not brown, but not white ether; the perfect shade in between. And her skin glowed, as if she to, shun of an inner light. She had soft, subtle lips that were thin up top and full on the bottom. Her hands were long and elegant. And she had sweet, delicious curves. Her eyes were a luminous, bright sapphire with shimmers and speckles of silver in them. And they sparkled of playful mischief and snapped of challenge.

Her marks were unusual for a fledgling; more unusual than Zoey Redbird's. Her mark was a filled in black crescent moon. That spilled across her cheek bones and down her neck and back. The design was a bunch of black feathers tousled up by the wind. And a lot of blades and vines with dark thorns protruding from them. Then the vines twisted and wrapped around her arms.

She lay in bed, staring at the ceiling humming under her breath. "Is it her, the woman that will supposedly love my son?" A voice from behind drew the Goddess's attention away from Malina. Nyx smiled when she saw who it was. "Of course Devi, and there is no 'supposedly' about it. Your son is destined to love her, just as she is destined to love him. They are meant for each other. She is truly the mate of his soul."

Devi nodded and shifted her mossy green eyes from Malina to Nyx. "And she will love him? Care for him, the way I could not? The way I never got a chance to?" Nyx nodded, "yes I swore to you long ago that I would give your son a chance at Light and what he so desires, and here it is. But be warned Devi, not everything is set in stone. I give all my children free will. I have set the course that will bring them together, and planted the seed that will someday grow into Light and love and his humanity. Now it is up to them whether it grows. It is up to him to let himself love her. And vice versa, yes they are soulmates, and destined to be. But if they cannot see or allow themselves to love; or let others pull them apart. Then they will both spiral down to despair and let it choke them and they will forever be alone. Are you willing to take the risk?"

Devi swallowed than looked the Goddess straight in the eye and nodded. Her face set in grim determination. "Yes I will risk anything for my son to be loved. And I have faith in both of them."

The Goddess nodded and said. "Very well, I have faith in them too. Maybe all Raven Mockers have a chance to be loved. Perhaps they just need someone to see the good in their hearts. After all no one is all Light or all Darkness, we all have a bit of both inside of us. It just depends on what path we chose to walk on, and which impulses we chose to act on; that of a beast or of a human."

Devi smiled and dipped her head in respect. "Those are wise words, Goddess. And I pray my son, and all of his brothers think about, and reflect on those words in the future. Though do you truly believe that all the Raven Mockers have a chance to be loved? I mean I don't wish to show favor, and discriminate the others, but how will they find such a women to love them?" The Goddess chuckled, her voice ringing across the grove; tickling the air with its music like a pair of wind chimes. "Oh you don't need to worry my dear it is right for you to show favor to your only son.

But fear not, there is hope. A son of Kalona has already found love. He is with his sweetheart as we speak. And I assure you he is very happy and full of peace." Devi sighed and murmured, "then there is hope that my son will find the same love and happiness than." Nyx nodded, "there is." "Who is it? Which Raven Mocker has found the marvelous gift of love?" Nyx gave a sly smile and said in a thoughtful voice, "Rephaim."

Devi choked on her own surprise and laughed. "Rephaim?" she scoffed. "Oh surely Goddess we are not thinking of the same Rephaim?" This time Nyx threw back her head and gave a bellowing, musical laugh. "Well of course my daughter, for there is only one of him. He is different from boy you knew. He has changed. He has allowed love and Light to fill his soul. And he is no longer a monster. Don't believe me? See for yourself."

She waved her hand and the pool rippled once more. It showed Rephaim lying in bed with his High Priestess. He sighed in content and twirled one of her soft curls around his finger and pulled her sleeping body closer.

Devi gasped and cried out. "But he is human! That cannot be Rephaim!" "Oh but it is. Some years ago Rephaim meet a girl, a girl that changed everything for him. She showed him kindness, and what life could be like if someone actually cared for you. And that changed his whole perspective of life and the fabric of his world. Changing the tapestry from something Dark and lonely to something Light and beautiful and loving; a place where you had friends and knew only joy. So as a gift I allowed him to be human at night. So he can love her like a human can. But he had to be punished for the mistakes he made and crimes he committed in the service of his father. So as a price for his human form I told him that he was to be only a raven when the sun was up; to show him how to balance out the beast with his humanity."

Devi chewed her lip thoughtfully and then finally said. "That was most wise and graces Goddess. I am sure Rephaim deserved it and is very grateful for the service you did him. I can only hope that my son will be worthy of that same gift someday." "That is all up to him." Nyx said, "but I to hope so, I have grown quiet found of him over the years. Out of all of my fallen warrior's children I think he is my favorite. I am glad that you made that request Devi, so many years ago. For if you had not done that than most of the present events would never have come to be."


Nyx stood in the heart of her grove with Devi, just as she did now. Devi looked at her and said calmly. "I am dead now. Aren't I Goddess?" Nyx nodded yes and said. "Yes my child you are in my Otherworld now. You have done will, I am proud of you. Now it is time for you to come and be in peace and eternal happiness. You will not have to worry about earthly worries again."

Nyx took a step forward and was about to welcome Devi into her realm with open arms when she held up her hand, stopping her. "Wait what about my son, my Avinash." Nyx frowned and said. "He will join you eventually; though not for a very long time."

Devi shook her head and said. "That's not what I meant. What will happen to him now? Please don't tell me he will end up like them, the others, Rephaim and Balik. Please Goddess; don't let him be like those horrible creatures." She begged, tears pooling behind her eyes.

Nyx wiped the tears from her eyes with the edge of her sleeve; "there, there now; shh, shh. Don't cry daughter, everything is going to be fine." Devi wailed "how could it? When I am here and he is there, back with those monsters, monsters who will surely turn him into a monster with them; and I cannot protect him.

Please Goddess, I love him, don't let that cursed fallen Angel twist him into something nightmarish and monstrous. He doesn't deserve that. He's just a baby. An innocent, the only crime against him is his birth. And truly Goddess that is not his crime, but his father's. Please spare him."

Nyx put her hand on Devi's shoulder and said. "That is not my chose to make. I do not control the events of that world. I give all the people in it free will. And you must consider my Devi, that all of Kalona's children were born that way. And they all turned out like beastly monsters. What makes you think this one will be different?"

Devi held back a sob and said. "I don't know. But I just know he's not like the others. I can feel it in my heart and my soul. He just needs a chance to be loved, that's all. Please just give him that much."

Nyx squeezed her shoulder reassuringly. "I to sensed something in him; very well, I will give him a chance at love. He will know eternal peace and happiness with this girl. But be warned daughter, I can give him a lover, who will show him kindness, but it is up to him what he does with it; whether he abandons the Darkness that surrounds his father, or not. But I will give him a chance. It won't be next week, or next month and probably not the next century. But someday a girl will come along who will awake the slumbering humanity within him. She will be his true love and the personification of his deepest desires; his most fantastic dreams. She will be his and he will be hers. And if he truly wants her, he will fight till his last breath to be with her. This is my oath to you. So it has been spoken so mote it be."

Devi paced back and forth and said. "It is the girl you promised for my son. But they have not met yet." She did not phrase it as a question but the Goddess answer anyway. "No they have not. But be patient my friend they will."

"When?" "Soon Devi, soon please have patience." Devi nodded and walked off after one more glance back at the pool and the image of Malina.

Nyx sighed and sat down on the ground and put her head between her knees. Nyx groaned and massaged the tightness in her forehead. She had not told Devi everything. She had told Devi that things would try and pull them apart, but she never explained how complex it was.

As Nyx already explained she gave al her children free will. And outside forces were also to blame. Malina had been born earlier than planned, much too early. So early where by the time Avinash got his body back she would have been old and decrepit. But that hadn't seemed to matter because something in poor Malina's life changed her life forever. She had sworn herself to the Goddess Artemis; giving her oath that she would forever reject men, and never love.

In return she was gifted with immortality and the freedom of the hunt. And she enjoyed and loved every minute of it. Malina had no plans to change her course of life.

Of course Nyx would know. She spend a lot of time with the "daughters of Artemis." Figuratively of course, Artemis did not mate. That was the only thing they disagreed on…men. For centuries Nyx tried convincing Artemis of mating; as she tried to convince Nyx to dump Eurbus and join her in eternal maidenhood, both to no avail.

Of course that didn't mean they weren't good friends. On the contraire, they were practically soul Twins. Their relationship was something like Erin and Shaunee's. Well Nyx supposed men wasn't the only argument they had. When Artemis learned that her favorite Huntress was destined to love a beast she was livid.

"What" she hissed, her voice seething of rage. "Nyx how could you? No, I will not hear of it. She has sworn herself to me. She revels in the freedom of Maidenhood. And I will not let that be taken away from her by some monster. No, you might as well give up now Nyx because that's not going to happen. I won't let it happen."

Nyx groaned and put her head between her knees; trying to dispel the memory. She just did not know what to do. How can she keep her promise to Devi when Artemis wouldn't hear of it? Nyx sighed and with one more glance at Malina she to left the sacred grove.

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