Fair Lady, dear companion, please allow me now to tell

Thee what I want to say so desperately, words are failing me.

The Brotherhood, they own me, I just want to go and flee,

Without Thee all my life is naught but suffering and Hell.

Thy kiss, my love, is all I want, a magic beyond borders ,

If I would dare, adored, forgive me, coward that I am,

Shame on me, if we are failing I'm the one to blame,

Torn between my heart and following the mighty mages' orders.

Thy eyes, thine lips, my love, they put a spell on me,

A sorceress thou art, a curse, a thief who stole so much,

My heart, my soul, my magic will be thine for just one touch,

Forgive me, though, the shallow words I almost spoke to thee.

I'm thine forevermore, my love,

as words are failing me,

no more words ...