Disclaimer: All characters belong to Melissa Marr.

Time: Darkest Mercy

P.O.V: Aislinn

Genre: Romance and Angst

Date Finished: April 24, 2011

Rating: PG

He looks at me with all of his heart. He looks at me as if I am an angel instead of nothing. He look at me as if my colours are light and not dark. He looks at me with prueity and love.

But there are shadows that surround us.

We are not true to one another. There are others to whom we own our hearts to. Others who have harmed others. Those who have harmed us also love us.

Love hurts.

Love sucks.

He whispers that he wants me, even needs me.

I don't feel the same.

I love my shadow-lover. He is the one to whom my heart belongs to.

I can't risk losing him.

I back away from him and into the arms of the shadow.

My shadow, Seth.