Naruto: The true vessel

Summary: The vessel of Ten Tailed Scorpion has been awakened and he is not happy. The Elemental countries shall be caught in the Maelstrom of insanity as the monster begins his quest to absorb the other Bijuu and restore balance to the troubled world.

Chapter 1: Scorpion unleashed

He felt the air shift and ripple around him as his chakra absorbed the atoms and fed his strength. He remained unchanged for two thousand years, quietly gaining strength for the battles to come. The beast within was sleeping also gathering her own chakra to assist her vessel in any means necessary. They had grown a mutual respect for the other and came to a agreement.

Balance brought peace.

The Ten Tailed Scorpion, named Himiko was pleased to have a prison that understood this concept. For thousands of years she had watched her brothers and sisters wreak havoc on the world. Shamed by this she went into hibernation until she was captured and sealed into a ten year old child. Ironic that she the greatest and most powerful was captured so easily. Yes she put up one hell of a fight and killed many of her attackers before that hag of a sage destroyed her physical form so easily and sealed her into her current prison. To be honest Himiko was glad. Lee was a peaceful creature and treated her with respect, hell he even apologised for his ancestors actions. He grew strong and only asked for assistance if he faced a threat that risked his life and her own. He talked to her and even made her laugh on one occasion.

Such a odd human.

Himiko remembers when she explained the ways of the Bijuu ( Tailed beasts )


There are ten great beasts and each has its own laws and rules that they follow. Himiko explained to a twelve year old Lee. I am the Ten Tails and I am the greatest of the Ten but my sister the Kyuubi, has assumed that mantle after my sealing. She explained spitting out her sisters name with venom.

" Why would she? Your still alive?" he asked innocently his large brown eyes pulled into a frown.

They believe I am dead since I have no physical form to call my own. the boy felt anger swell in his breast at this.

" How could they? You're the freakin Ten Tails Himiko! Bringer of Insanity and Despair!" Himiko chuckled at his pet-title for her. Yes he was worthy of her assistance. " Is there a way to get your body back?" Lee asked and was surprised to hear the demon snort in amusement.

Why would I look for one. This cell is damn comfy and warm. the Ten Tails said dropping her menacing personae slightly. Lee chuckled and smiled at her statement. Himiko continued where she left off.

All I want is revenge my child, to devour my brothers and sisters and end this cycle of chaos that grips this world. She said softly reaching a large pincer through the bars of her cage and stroked his raven locks gently, like a mother would to her child. The boy made his decision then, he would help the monster that could destroy worlds with a flick of its wrist to seek vengeance on the ones who would seek to destroy this one.

" We will hunt them down Himiko." The beast chuckled darkly and smiled

Yes we will my child. Yes we will.

*end flashback*

Lee now began to stir after his long years of meditation. His brown eyes slowly opening as if he had never opened them before. His chakra began to retreat into his body and he felt his limbs warm with blood that long lay dormant in sleeping veins. The seals he placed upon his own flesh, withered and vanished as he awoke. He stood now, straight and tall on the mountain peak. He still looked like he was two thousand years ago. Sixteen years old and just mastered the ninja arts.

" Himiko." his words sounded like thunder in the prison of his soul and the great being stirred and opened a lazy eye. " It is time to walk." the beast growled in approval and Honda Lee smiled fully. He would find them the treacherous brethren and the chaos would end.

The Juchunriki vanished in a gust of wind.

Hey guys just to say this will be the last OC I am ever doing so if you want to submit a Ninja or Juchunriki follow the form below. ( gonna use my OC as a example )

IMPORTANT NOTE: Honda will be only going after the original nine Demons. ( so its logical that's there only more than nine or this case ten Bijuu)

Name: Honda Lee

Age: 2016 ( still looks in his teens )

Race: ( either Juchunriki or Ninja ) Juchunriki

Demon name and number of tails: Himiko the Ten Tailed Scorpion ( in this fic there are 19 demons so I can only accept 9 Juchunriki. 11 tails is the same strength as the Kyuubi and 19 tales is the weakest. I will explain more later. )

Personality: Honda is a Juchunriki from a forgotten past where Demons and humans fought constantly, so he can be cold to others though is just a defence mechanism. He only trusts Himiko and other Juchunriki and can be a bit harsh to those who do not trust the demon that is within them. He refuses to use the Ninja Arts since anyone can exploit the opening the caster gives. He is soft natured and generally peaceful to anyone except the original Nine Bijuu.

Appearance: He is 6'4". slim build with black shoulder length hair and brown eyes. He wears extremely baggy trousers and a overlarge grey sweat-shirt with the sleeve hanging past his knees. Has a constant lazy look but turns feral when he uses Himiko's chakra.

Special abilities: He is immune to the Sharigan. ( please keep the abilities within reason. Nothing to make your character godlike plz. )

Tails explanation: 10 is the strongest as it is the middle number between 1 and 19 so 1 and 19 are the weakest tales if you don't understand I will explain it better later on.

Will I will upload when I can and please be as creative as possible as I do hate seeing bland OC's Gandalf42 out for now!