Blaine stared at the door of the motel, the number 103 staring back at him. He shivered slightly as a cold breeze blow around him. It was the day after he had got the call from his mother and he was standing there in his Dalton uniform trying to work up the courage to knock on the door. Kurt was behind him and it was getting dark. They had gone home after school to drop Amber off before coming here. Blaine hadn't told his little sister about where they were going because, frankly, he was scared that his mother might just run off again.

"Are you ok?" Kurt asked, placing a warm hand on his back. Kurt had come with him because Blaine had been silently freaking out about this reunion all day yesterday and Kurt had wanted to be here to support him, something Blaine was very grateful for. If Kurt wasn't here then Blaine was sure that he would be staring at this door forever, or he wouldn't have come at all. Blaine nodded, taking a deep breath, and then knocked on the door.

A couple of seconds passed and Blaine could hear movement inside the room. The door opened and Blaine forgot to breathe for a moment.

The first thing he thought was that his mother looked younger, as she looked at him with wide eyes that were already beginning to fill with tears as she saw her son for the first time in years. Her dull eyes that he remembered were now bright and her skin didn't look as tight and worn. She had a glow about her. She looked well kept with tidy clothes and make up on. Blaine couldn't ever remember her with make up on, unless it was to cover her bruises on her face. Her hair was just as beautiful as ever, cut shorter but was shiny and smooth, like he remembered when he was a child.

"Blaine! You've grown so much!" She gasped, putting her hands to her mouth. She seemed unsure of what to do as she took a step forwards. Blaine tensed as he thought she might hug him but she seemed to think better of it and moved aside to let the boys in.

"How have you been?" She asked, as the two teenagers stepped into the small motel room. There was a double bed and a small kitchen area. It looked clean but basic.

"I can't believe you go to Dalton now." She said, a wide smile on her face as she looked at Blaine's uniform, "I'm so proud of you, when I left you were really struggling in school and now you go to the best private school in Ohio."

Blaine nodded, feeling uncomfortable. He noticed that his mother seemed to be rambling a bit, obviously nervous as well.

"Is this your friend?" She asked, looking to Kurt who was standing next to Blaine, their arms just touching as he looked round the room. Kurt smiled politely and held out his hand to shake as Blaine said,

"This is Kurt Hummel." He said, "My... my boyfriend."

Blaine was expecting his mother to react negatively and maybe kick them out. He had been nervous about telling her but he didn't want to hide who he was. Instead she just smiled, taking Kurt's hand and shaking it.

"I'm Donna." She told him. A wave of relief filled Blaine at her response and he felt slightly more comfortable in her presence. It didn't make him any less angry though.

"Do you want a drink?" Donna asked, going to the mini fridge that was in the kitchen area.

"No thank you." Both the boys said in unison as the woman got out some sparkling water. She leant back up and smiled at Blaine, tears still in her eyes. Blaine however was biting back questions and accusations. The mere sight of her was making his skin crawl and he felt like his stomach was bubbling with boiling rage. Kurt reminded him to stay calm though with a soft touch on his back. He had to get through this meeting for Amber.

They all sat round the small table that accomplished the room and there was a silence for a moment while the mother and son got their heads and questions together.

"How did you get my number?" Was the first one that Blaine asked.

"My friend got hold of me, she told me that you went round the house and wanted to see me." Donna started, "I tried calling the house but I got the answering machine; I left a massage but I was scared that your Father would just delete it so I called Dalton and they gave me your call phone number."

"You left a massage on the house phone?" Blaine asked, realising now why his dad had been so angry the other night. It was her fault Amber got hurt. His firsts clutched in his lap as he stared at her.

"Yeah." She said, her voice now small as she looked at Blaine's angry features. He clutched his teeth together, struggling not to scream at her. Kurt seemed to notice and put his hand on Blaine's fists, trying to loosen them.

"Why did you leave?" He asked, needing to get this question out of him. He needed an answer. Donna looked down at her lap, fiddling with the fabric of her skirt.

"I couldn't stand it anymore." She whispered, "I had sunk too low, I needed to get away from him."

"Where did you go?" Blaine asked, not taking his eyes off her.

"I went to the Philippines for year and stayed with my Father's brother and his family." She told him, looking back up at him. Blaine couldn't quite look her in the eye though, so looked at her hair. He had always loved her hair. So unlike his and Amber's.

"You would love it there, Blainey, it is so beautiful." She smiled, a dreamy look on her face, "I'm going to take you and Amber one day."

"What about afterwards?" Blaine asked, ignoring her.

"I came back to America and I got an internship in New York at a real estate office." She said. Her eyes had gone back to her lap as she fiddled with her skirt, "It was tough and I had to get an evening job as a waitress to support myself but it was worth it. I'm quite a successful real estate agent now."

"Did...Did you ever think of us?" Blaine asked, a bare whisper. He felt Kurt's tighten over his fists as he struggled to keep his voice level. Donna looked up into Blaine's eyes and he bit his lip as he realised that her eyes were identical to Amber's.

Despite their Asian heritage, Amber had got most of her looks from their Father. Her blond hair, her curly locks, her freckles that dotted her nose and cheeks and her lackey limbs all mirrored their father's, while Blaine, apart from his curls, looked a lot like their mother. But Blaine could see now that Amber had inherited one thing from their mother. Her eyes were the same shape and the same colour as the woman sitting in front of him. They even had the same eyelashes.

"Always." Donna said, a tear rolling down her smooth cheek, "I thought of you two everyday and I've always regretted leaving you."

"Then why didn't you come back?" Blaine asked, "You could have token us with you."

Donna shook her head, wiping her cheek as more tears fell.

"I was a terrible mother." She said, "I couldn't even concentrate on daily tasks by the time I left, I was too dependent on alcohol, I couldn't even look after myself"

"But you thought Dad could!" Blaine nearly yelled.

"I... I thought you would be safe with him, he had never hit you." Donna confessed. Blaine shook his head in disbelief and pulled up the sleeve of his blazer to reveal the mostly hidden cast.

"He did this by shoving me down the stairs." Blaine told her, his voice laced with rage, "Right from the top, he just pushed me, the doctor thought I might have had a broken neck. I also broke 2 ribs and my face was all bruised from where he had punched me."

Donna winced, shaking her head, not wanting to believe it.

"Last year he smacked my head against the coffee table and then left me unconscious and bleeding in the middle of the room. Amber had to call the ambulance. She was only 11 at the time and she had to deal with her older brother bleeding from the head and the paramedics trying urgently to keep me alive."

Kurt felt sick as he listened to this. Blaine had never been so blunt about the way his father had treated him. He could see that Donna had paled as well, as heavy tears fell down her face. She reached over the table where Blaine's hand was placed. He pulled it away like lightening, glaring at the woman as a sob escaped her mouth in shock.

"He hit me, punched me, kicked me, spat on me because I'm a fucking fag!" Blaine snarled and Kurt flinched as he said that word. It sounded like poison on his tongue.

"I could cope with it all because he never touched Amber." Blaine continued, "But then he kicked me out and Amber was left on her own-I had no idea what he would do to her and that scared me more than anything, even more than sleeping in a dark, empty car park every night."

Donna was visible shaking as she listened to Blaine's words.

"And then Dad heard your voice on the answering machine and got angry again." Blaine told her, his voice just below a yell, "He hit her! He hit her because you left a damn message on the answering machine!"

He stood up, his fists clutched and his eyes dark. He looked down at his mother, glaring at her as she cried.

"So why you were off discovering how beautiful the Philippines are and trying to feel good about yourself, we were here with Dad, who you knew was violent. I had to do your job by raising Amber and looking after your Mum." Blaine was yelling now. Kurt had never seen him this angry before. It was scary to watch and he couldn't imagine how Donna was feeling as she coward underneath his glance.

"You weren't even at the funeral." Blaine said, his voice now breaking, "Your own Mother and you didn't even come to say goodbye."

"I'm...s... sorry." Donna cried, "I was...trying to be a better mum."

Blaine shook his head, before pushing his chair back and storming out of the room. Kurt stood up as the door flew open and gave Donna a pitiful look. He couldn't say she didn't deserve this outburst from Blaine but Kurt could tell that she meant what she said about trying to be a better mum. She was just gone about it the wrong way.

"I'll go calm him down." Kurt told her, "He is just angry."

He didn't wait for a reply but followed Blaine out of the room. He found him by the car; his head leaning against the window as he breathed deeply to calm himself.

"I hate her." Kurt heard him say as he approached.

"She wants to make things right." Kurt told him, placing a hand carefully on his back. He was scared that Blaine might blow up again. Blaine looked up, his eyes focusing on Kurt. They were full of angry tears.

"It's not that simple! She left us! Amber was only 8, she didn't understand what was happening." Blaine told him, biting his lip. He sighed, turning around and leaning against the car.

"I understand why she left." Blaine said quietly, "I understand why she had to get away from my father, I'm just pissed off that she didn't take us with her."

Blaine looked slightly defeated as he looked at his feet.

"I hate that I have to ask her for help when I've doing it on my own for pretty much my whole life."

"Why do you have to? You could live with us." Kurt said. Blaine looked up at him, his eyes gentle and a small, sad smile playing at his lip.

"I am very gratefully for everything your family is doing for me and Amber, but the chances of them being able to adopt Amber is very slim, they have to prove they can afford to look after her and with three teenagers already in the house and their mortgage and your Dad's health bills it is highly unlikely." Blaine said, truthfully.

Kurt bit his lip and Blaine could see that he was upset by this bluntness. Also the mention of his father's health always upsets him. Blaine reached out his arms and Kurt moved into them, allowing Blaine to wrap his arms around him.

"And us living together can't be that healthy for our relationship." Blaine told him, "I'm scared that you seeing me all the time will make you bored of me."

"That wouldn't happen." Kurt told him. Blaine laughed gently.

"You say that now by we've only been going out a couple of months, we are still getting to know each other."

Blaine sighed into Kurt's hair, rubbing his back gently as he looked at the motel room that housed his mother at the moment.

"If we move back in with Mum, then I can go to college because I'll know Amber is looked after." Blaine said quietly. He still hated having to depend on his mother, but it probably is the only way to have any kind of normal life.

Kurt moved back and smiled at him softly, cupping his cheek and kissing him, reassuring him that everything was going to be ok.

Once Blaine had paced the length of the car a few times, he had calmed down enough to go back into the room. Kurt was leaning against the wall, while Donna sat on the bed and Blaine looked down at her from where he stood.

"I don't know if I can do it." Donna mumbled, holding a fistful of tissue to her mouth.

Blaine had just told her that the only way for them all to feel safe again is if she gave a statement to the Police about her husband.

"We need to get rid of him." Blaine told her, "We need to feel safe when we go out and when we're sleeping at night."

"But I don't know if I could face him again." She said, her eyes full of fear. Blaine sat down next to her and placed a hesitate hand on her shoulder.

"You need to do this." He told her, "You need to do it for Amber...and me."

Donna looked up at him and nodded slowly, straightening her shoulders to look stronger then she felt.

Everything over the next couple of weeks went really quickly that Blaine found it hard to keep up.

The first thing they did the next day was go to the Police station and report his father for every single thing that he did to them over the years. It was emotionally exhausting for both him and his mother, who spent the whole time crying as she relived the abuse that happened over her marriage with the man. Blaine really did feel sorry for her and seeing his mother's pain again just made him hate his father even more.

After they had finished at the Police station and had got a restraining order against the man, Amber was reunited with her mother. The young girl was a lot more forgiven of her then Blaine was and they behaved like they had spent no time apart.

Their father was arrested and put on bail to await his trail. Donna had hired a very good lawyer who managed to get the man banned from going to the house. As it was a joint deed to the house, Donna wasn't able to sell it yet as was her plan. Her job gave her a very good wage and as she was so well known in New York, she easily transferred to Lima. Even though he would never say this, Blaine was very impressed that she had built such a name for herself in real estate in just 4 years. Kurt told her for him though.

Donna brought a new house in Lima for the three of them to live in. It was just 5 blocks away from Kurt's house, something that caused a lot of happiness for the two boys. Being that close to each other seemed so wonderful and unreal. It was a beautiful house; simple but something the three of them needed desperately. A new start.

They couldn't go back to the old house. It was full of dreadful memories that all of them wanted to forget. Blaine still had to lay with Amber sometimes as she got nightmares of their father coming into the house and hurting them. Blaine still got these nightmares as well but he didn't tell anyone. He knew Kurt knew though. Ever since that drunken night where he told Kurt everything, the brunet had learnt to read him like a book. He seemed to know everything that Blaine was feeling and thinking all the time.

"Are you ok?" Kurt asked him as they laid on a mattress on the floor of the new house. They had spent the day painting the walls of his new bedroom, as well as Amber's, the hallway and the bathroom. They had been too tired to build the bed frame so had just collapsed on the mattress, exhausted from the day's work. The strong smell of paint drafted around them but they didn't care as they snuggled together.

"Yeah, just tired." Blaine mumbled, burying his head in Kurt's chest. The cast on his arm had been taken off the day before so he now had full use of his limbs. His arm seemed a bit weak at the moment and it hurt if he used his wrist too much, but other than that he was happy to have it back to normal.

Kurt kissed Blaine's forehead, smiling as he looked down at him. Blaine looked up, returning the smile. Everything was getting better now and he felt so much happier. His relationship with his mother was slowly growing and Amber seemed brighter. And now he was lying in bed with the boy he was desperately in love with. He still hadn't told Kurt but he was getting more confident now about saying it. He knew that Kurt wouldn't reject him now.

"I'm going to miss you." Blaine told him, rubbing their noses together. He was referring to Kurt going to New York next week for sectionals. Kurt pouted, kissing him before replying.

"I know, but I'll get you a present."

Blaine popped himself up on his elbows and lent down, capturing Kurt's lips with his. Kurt's hand found its way to Blaine's neck, pushing him down slightly so their kiss deepened. Blaine sighed softly on Kurt's lips; the feel of his lips sending pleasant shivers down his spine.

"You taste so good." Kurt breathed and Blaine moaned slightly as he was pulled even closer so he was lying completely on top of Kurt. Blaine felt so happy as Kurt kissed him, running his hand down his slim body and resting his hands on Kurt's hips. Shivers ran through Blaine's body as Kurt ran his hands through his hair, tagging slightly as they both got hot and excited.

"We need to slow down." Blaine whispered onto Kurt's lips. He knew that Kurt wanted their first time to be special and the knowledge that his little sister was right next door was going to make both of them uncomfortable. Kurt stopped his movements and opened his eyes and looked at Blaine with slightly amused eyes. Their lips were still touching and Blaine licked Kurt's slowly. Kurt kissed him again but this time it was slower and Blaine smiled into the kiss, his lips tingling from the feel of Kurt's soft lips pressed against his.

"I've got something special planned." Blaine told him, "We just need someone's parents to go away somewhere so we have an empty house."

Kurt smiled, kissing Blaine again. It was as if he couldn't get enough of his lips. Blaine felt the same way. Kurt's lips were just so sweet and smooth. They felt like heaven pressed against his skin. Blaine lent back down, curling up against Kurt and hugging his arms around Kurt's middle.

"I feel like a teddy bear." Kurt laughed, rubbing Blaine's back in smooth circles. Blaine closed his eyes and smiled, burying himself deeper into Kurt's neck.

"The best teddy bear in the world!" He told Kurt causing the other boy to laugh.

"Good to know." He said, kissing Blaine's hair. They both fell asleep pretty quickly, dreaming of New York, candles and soft mattress.

Blaine sat sniff as a board as he looked at his father who came through the doors of the court. He was lead to a table near the front and sat down. Blaine was left to stare at the back of his head as he felt his mother tense next to him.

It was the start of the summer holidays and his father's trial had begun. They were sitting near the front of the court; their lawyer just in front of them. Amber was sitting on the other side of their mother and Kurt was sitting next to Blaine, with Burt and Finn the other side of him.

Blaine could feel his mother shaking next to him and put a hand over her hand which was clutching the edge of the bench. At the touch, she moved her hand so now she was clutching his hand instead. Amber, who was surprisingly calm, took her other hand and smiled at her mother comfortingly.

"I call to the stand Donna Cheng." Said one of the lawyers, and her grip on her children's hands tightened. Blaine gave her a small smile and she looked at him for a moment, her eyes full of fear. She looked at Amber and a look of realisation came over her. She nodded before standing up and walking slowly to the witness stand.

Amber moved over to Blaine and he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and gave her a slight squeeze. He watched intently as his mother answered the questions fired at her. Tears ran down her cheeks as she explained the physical and emotional abuse she endured. She was caught off guard as his father's lawyer took over and straight away asked why she abounded her children. Blaine looked at her as she hesitated. She looked to them, where they were sitting. They were both dressed in smart clothes but they still looked so young, especially Amber who was looking nervously at the lawyer. Blaine held her close, trying to protect her from the atmosphere of the court room. It was quite scary and Blaine felt as if there were too many people and not enough air in there.

Donna took a deep breath and looked back to the lawyer.

"I left because at the time I thought I was just as much a danger to them as he was due to my dependence of alcohol, which was my coping mechanising-it made me forget what was happening and it numbed the pain." She told the court, "I left and went to rehab so I didn't need alcohol anymore and I got myself a job so I could support my children."

Donna looked back at Blaine then and he could see the sincerity in her eyes. He gave her a small nod. It was such a simple action but through it Blaine transferred his forgiveness and his gratefulness. Donna noticed and she gave him a smile, wiping her eyes as she did so. With his forgiveness Donna was able to answer the rest of the questions with confidence.

Amber was asked to the stand next. Blaine bit his lip as he watched her walk up to the box. She looked so small in-between the four walls and he could tell she was nervous as she placed her hand on the bible. Their lawyer had told them that seeing such a young girl on the stand would provoke the jury's emotions and they were more likely to find their father guilty. They didn't have a lot of physical evidence to go by; just a few medical reports from Blaine and Donna's trips to the hospitals and a few police reports. So the witnesses were all they had really. The lawyer had managed to get in some of their neighbours and Finn had also been called as a witness, as he had witnessed the attack on Kurt.

Blaine felt a hand on his fist that he hadn't realised he had clutched as he watched Amber answer the questions. He didn't look away from her but he knew that the hand belonged to Kurt. He unclenched his fist and laced their fingers together, glad Kurt was there to keep him calm.

By the time Amber was finished, her calm persona had broken down and she was shaking and crying. Blaine stood up as she came over to them and hugged her tightly.

"Court is adjoined for the day." The Judge called out. She was a women, something that their lawyer said was a good thing because she would sympathise with them more. Blaine smiled at her gratefully and led Amber out. They were closely followed by everyone else. Their lawyer started talking quickly with their mother and Finn, Burt and Kurt came over them.

"You were amazing Am." Finn said, putting a hand on her shoulder. Finn and Amber had grown quite close over the last couple of weeks and Finn was really happy about it because he said that he had always wanted a little sister. They all were like one big, strange family now.

Amber smiled up at Finn, her head resting against Blaine's arm.

"You don't have to do it again." Blaine promised her. Amber nodded, wiping the tears away and trying to hold her head high. She had gone very quiet but after a trip to Breadstix and a hot chocolate from Finn, she cheered up enough to talk freely and cheerfully to everyone. The two families had grown very close and it wasn't unusual to see members from both at each other's houses. Donna always popped into the Hummel-Hudson house for a chat and a cup of coffee with Carole and they met up often for lunch. Amber went round very often to their house after school to bake with Carole and get help with her homework from Kurt. Blaine went round every Sunday after work to watch the highlights of football games with Burt and Finn, as well as going over nearly every day to see Kurt. Finn came round to the Anderson-Cheng house to help decorate and do DIY tasks. Kurt came round just as often as Blaine to see them, and it wasn't unusual for the two families to have dinner with each other round the two houses or at a restaurant; mostly breadstixs. It was a very different atmosphere then when they were living with their father but it was a nice, happy atmosphere and they felt like one big happy family.

Despite her cheerful mood in the evening, that night Amber crept into Blaine's room and curled into bed with him. She was shaking as Blaine pulled her close and hugged her.

"It was horrible seeing him looking at me." Amber told him, "He had this weird smirk the whole way through and it was so creepy."

Blaine rubbed her back as she told him this, feeling angry at their father for making her feel so uncomfortable. The man wasn't going to change any time soon though, if ever.

"After this week we don't ever have to see him again." Blaine told her, a promise he was definitely going to keep. Amber nodded, hugging Blaine tightly.

"Good luck tomorrow." She told him, "You went through a lot more than I did."

Blaine looked slightly confused and she looked up at him.

"He hit me once." She told him, "I lost count how many times he hurt you-I'm really sorry, I always feel bad about it."

Blaine's eyes softened and he shook his head.

"I'm glad he didn't hurt you like he hurt me, it would have broken me even more if you had to go through that." Blaine told her. Amber sighed softly and closed her eyes, her arms hugging Blaine.

"You're the best brother in the world." She whispered before drafting off. Blaine laughed quietly, kissing her forehead before following her to the land of dreams.

Blaine tried to blank out his experience in the witness stand. It definitely was an experience he wanted to forget.

He felt claustrophobic within the four wooden walls. It felt like there was no way out. He felt his father's stare on him as Blaine answered the questions asked, first by his mother's lawyer and then by his father's. The first lawyer was kind and spoke to Blaine as if he was an adult but the second one was cruel and patronising. He tried to twist everything that Blaine was saying and it was very frustrating.

"So if your Father was hurting you why didn't you tell anyone?" The lawyer asked, pacing the space in front of the witness stand. He was looking from Blaine to the jury.

"I was scared that they would take Amber away and put her into care." Blaine said, "And the Police had been called over loads of times because of disruptions caused by my Dad and they still hadn't done anything so I just assumed no one care."

The lawyer turned to Blaine and Blaine felt himself shiver as he noticed how cold his eyes looked.

"But if things were so bad at home wouldn't it be better that Amber was placed in another home?" The lawyer asked. Blaine could hear the accusation in his tone and he knew the lawyer was doing to make Blaine look like the bad guy. He didn't protect his sister and the jury will see that.

"I wouldn't know where she was going." Blaine tried to explain, now turning to the jury, who nearly all had blank expressions, "She could have gone to a much worse place."

"So you admit that it wasn't that bad at home with your Father?" The lawyer asked.

"No! Of course it was!" Blaine said, turning back to him, "He shoved me down the stairs and nearly killed me at least twice."

"But he never touched your sister?"

"No." Blaine said, "Not until that night when I picked her up, she had a massive bruise on her face."

"But you didn't see your dad do it?"

"" Blaine said, getting angry, "But I know he did it, Amber wouldn't lie, she is the most honest person I know."

"Is it true that you're gay?" The lawyer suddenly asked. Blaine was caught off guard by the sudden and off topic question and his mouth fell open slightly.

"Object!" The other lawyer yelled, standing up, "What does Blaine's sexual orientation have to do with this case?"

"Withdrawn." His father's lawyer said but Blaine could see the smile on his face. The damage was already done.

Blaine had been warned that this may happen. The jury would look less favourable on Blaine if they knew he was gay. It was a harsh fact but it was true. Some people may think that it was his fault that his father beat him because he is a gay.

Blaine bit his lip as he looked at the jury. The majority of them where guys and Blaine knew that the court had tried to get people that weren't parents as that may bias their decision. Therefore there was a lack of motherly warmth on the jury and Blaine knew that this may not help them win their case. He just hoped that they believed them.

As Blaine stepped off the stand he couldn't help but look at his father who was staring back, a smirk on his lips. His eyes were dark and a chill went up Blaine's back as he looked at him. Just looking at him sent a wave of fear through Blaine and the man knew that. But Blaine wasn't going to let him scare him anymore.

So Blaine stared back, holding eye contact and keeping his head high and proud. He was going to show the man that he wasn't that scared little boy anymore.

Inside though, Blaine was feeling petrified. Court was adjoined for the day and they left for home again. Blaine shut off as Kurt led him out to the car. He wanted to forget his father's face and the cruel, cold stare. He wanted to forget the humiliation of being asked about his private life in front of such a large crowd and he wanted to forget all the questions and accusations that were thrown at him. He just wanted to forget it all.

He was quiet as they drove home, just staring out of the window blankly. Kurt's hand was entangled with his but he barely felt it as Kurt slowly rubbed his thumb against Blaine's skin. Blaine was tired and worn out and he just wanted this court case to end. Tomorrow was the last day and the jury had to come up with a decision by then. Blaine was really nervous about it and he just wanted it to be over.

He was also quiet during dinner, which Carole had made while they were at court, but no one seemed to notice. Amber and his mother also looked quiet tired and wary and Amber went to bed early to avoid having to stay up to think about tomorrow's verdict. Blaine helped tidy up before he felt himself being dragged gently away.

Kurt led him up to his room and sent the door before turning to look at him. Blaine looked down at his feet for a second before he felt tears form in his eyes and fall quickly down his cheeks. Before he even realised that he had started to cry, Kurt's arms were around him and Blaine was sobbing into his chest.

"I'm sorry." Blaine cried, ashamed to be crying in front of Kurt again.

"It's ok." Kurt told him softly, rubbing his back gently in smooth circles, "It's ok to cry, Blaine, it's been a very tough year for you."

Blaine nodded, his whole body heaving in heavy sobs. He hid his face from Kurt by burying into his shirt and clutching it with tight fists. Normally Kurt would tell him off for messing up his clothes but right now he let Blaine cry and held him close.

Eventually Blaine calmed down and his tears slowed. The cry had helped him sort his thoughts out. He didn't feel as empty now and he was glad that Kurt had allowed him to have the moment of weakness.

Sometime during the cry Kurt had led Blaine to the bed and had rocked him gently to calm him. Blaine was now curled up in Kurt's lap, his head resting on the boy's chest.

"It will all be over tomorrow." Kurt whispered to him. Blaine nodded, hiccupping slightly, before straightening up and losing in the tie that felt like it was strangling him. He threw it onto the floor and unbuttoned the first few buttons, looking at Kurt with red rimmed eyes. Kurt looked back with a look of sad admiration.

"I have something for you." Kurt said, stroking Blaine's arm in long slow strokes. Blaine raised his eyebrows in interest and wiped his eyes.

"What is it?" He asked, his voice slightly croaked. Kurt smiled and got up off the bed.

"I need to burrow your guitar." He told Blaine, who looked even more interested now. He sat crossed legged on the bed and watched Kurt pick up his guitar from the corner of the room and walk back over to the bed. He sat down on the edge of the bed next to Blaine and positioned the guitar on his lap, streaming slightly.

"Finn has been teaching me how to play." Kurt told him proudly, "I only know a few songs at the moment, but I've been practising this one song over and over again because I really want to play it to you." He lent his forehead against Blaine's and smiled as they breathed the same air.

"I can't believe how much you've been through and I think you're so amazing for handling it as you have, but I know you don't think that way." Kurt said. Blaine bit his lip as Kurt continued,

"It hurts when I hear you talk about yourself." Kurt told him, his own eyes moist with unshed tears, "I hate that you can't see how amazing and wonderful you are, you're a great brother, a great son and a great friend."

Blaine looked away at this, shaking his head slightly. He didn't feel like he was any of these things. Kurt cupped his chin and turned his head so they were looking at each other again.

"You are." Kurt told him, "And I knew you wouldn't believe me so I'm going to let one of your favourite artists tell you instead."

Kurt withdrew his hand and started strumming the guitar before he started to sing.

Made a wrong turn
Once or twice
Dug my way out
Blood and fire
Bad decisions
That's alright
Welcome to my silly life

Blaine felt his breath catch as Kurt began to sing. Blaine loved this song, and Kurt singing it was amazing. His unusual voice fit the tone really well.

Mistreated, misplaced, missunderstood
Miss, no way it's all good
It didn't slow me down
Always second guessing
Look, I'm still around…

Pretty, pretty please
Don't you ever, ever feel
Like you're less than
less than perfect
Pretty, pretty please
If you ever, ever feel
Like you're nothing
You are perfect to me

Kurt looked directed at Blaine as he sang. He meant every word that he was singing and Blaine could see that in his eyes. He had such a look of fierce determination.

You're so mean
When you talk
About yourself
You are wrong
Change the voices
In your head
Make them like you

When Kurt sang this line Blaine looked away, feeling the weight of the words. Kurt nudged his shoulder against his to make him look at him. Kurt smiled softly and continued. Blaine leant against him, listening to the words and the soft voice.

So complicated
Look how big you'll make it
Filled with so much hatred
Such a tired game
It's enough
I've done all i can think of
Chased down all my demons
see you do the same

Pretty, pretty please
Don't you ever, ever feel
Like you're less than
less than perfect
Pretty, pretty please
If you ever, ever feel
Like you're nothing
You are perfect to me

Kurt turned his head and leant their foreheads together as he sang the last verse. He sang it quieter, only strumming the guitar a few times. Blaine looked into his blue eyes, which were shining, and smiled as their tears mixed together on their cheeks.

You are perfect to me
You're perfect
You're perfect to me
Pretty, pretty please if you ever ever feel
like you're less than, less than perfect
Pretty, pretty please if you ever ever feel
like you're nothing
you are perfect to me

The last words were so soft that only Blaine could hear them. They rang softly in his ears as Kurt leant forward and kissed Blaine so softly he felt like crying all over again. He could feel the love being transferred from Kurt's heart into him. It felt like heaven.

"I love you." Kurt whispered on his lips and Blaine opened his eyes to look at him, shocked. This was the first time that Blaine had heard Kurt say these words and it made him feel so happy. He could see the love in Kurt's eyes as he looked back at him, a hand gently caressing Blaine's cheek.

"I love you too." Blaine told him, smiling through his tears.

No more words were needed as they lied back onto the bed. Those simply words were all that mattered as they held each other and fell asleep.

"We find the defendant guilty."

After these words were spoken Blaine didn't hear anything else. He felt his shoulders relax and his hands rise to his mouth in disbelief as his mother started to cry with relief and his sister hugged him tightly. He saw Burt glare at his father with a very satisfied look on his face and Kurt wrapped his arms round Blaine and Amber as their father was lead out of the court room to be put behind bars. Donna looked at Blaine and put her hands on his cheeks as tears rolled delicately down her face.

"It's over." She said, and tears started to form in Blaine's eyes as she brought him towards her and hugged him tightly. Blaine closed his eyes as he buried his face in her hair and breathed in her motherly scent.

It was over.

One year later

"Stop daydreaming and help me." Kurt laughed, breaking Blaine's thoughts. He turned around and smiled as he looked at his boyfriend. Kurt was dressed in grey overalls with the arms tied around his waist, a white t-shirt that was splinted with paint. He was holding a paint roller that was covered with light blue paint. His hair was sticking up and an arm was placed on his hip, a smile on his face as he looked back at Blaine.

"I'm sorry." Blaine told him, walking over and kissing him on the lips gently. Blaine had been staring out of the window, watching the boats below him on the bay. They had just moved to New York and were suppose to be decorating their apartment. His mother had brought them the small but comfortable apartment from the money that she had got from selling their old house.

Blaine liked to think of it as selling all of his bad memories so he can get new, happy ones in this apartment in this city with the person he loves.

"We should get some cushions for the window seat." Blaine told Kurt as they started painting the walls again.

"So you can daydream so more?" Kurt laughed, looking at him.

"I like watching water." Blaine told him, sticking out his tongue, "It's peaceful."

He felt Kurt smiling at him and turned to him, returning the smile. He then touched his paint brush to Kurt's nose, wetting his skin with blue paint.

"Hey!" Kurt gasped. He tried wiping the paint off but it just smudged some more. Blaine doubled over in laughter as he looked as the paint spread across Kurt's face.

"It's not funny!" Kurt told him, a look of mock angry on his face. He then launched forward and grabbed Blaine around the middle, before smearing paint across his face and neck.

"Stop!" Blaine laughed, fighting against Kurt's hold. He gave up and spun around to look at him. Kurt still had a slight glare in his eyes but it softened as he looked at Blaine. He wrapped his arms around Kurt and leant in to brush their noses together.

"I'm so glad I'm here with you." Blaine whispered, staring into Kurt's blue eyes. The paint matched them perfectly and was the reason Blaine had chosen the shade to go in their new living room. A blush formed along Kurt's cheeks, making Blaine chuckle quietly as he leaned in to kiss Kurt again.

"I love you." He told Kurt and they both smiled.

"I love you too Blaine Anderson."

They stood together, arms wrapped around each other and covered in drying paint. It didn't bother them though as today was the first day of the rest of their lives. A happy life filled with love, kisses, hugs and laughter.

And Blaine couldn't wait.

Oh my God! This is over!

I'm so sorry it took forever but I've been crazy busy the last month and I suck at endings so I didn't want to rush this. I got major writer's block and I didn't want to force an ending because I knew it would be rubbish. I mean, more rubbish than this because this was a pretty crappy last chapter. I just wanted to sum it all up and make sure that everyone had a happy ending so here it is.

Ok, so the senior year bit. I had two ideas about where Blaine went and I shall put them in this bit so you can decide as the reader what happened.

Wes and David offer to pay half of Blaine's tuition each so he can go back to Dalton. I imagine their parents are really rich so it would be ok. Blaine goes back to Dalton because in my heart that is where he belongs, and he becomes one of the Head Warblers.

He still gets the offer from Wes and David but he decides to go to McKinley and it plays out like season 3 is. I think also it is a better excuse to transfer then what the show has given us. He joins New Directions and he spends the year making out under the bleachers with Kurt. :D

The song used in this was You are prefect by Pink, the acoustic version. In my head this scene was beautiful and touching but I don't know how it transformed onto the page. In the last chapter I forgot to say, the song was Crystal Ball by Pink.

The last scene with the paint was inspired by this picture: .com/gallery/#/d4bfm1p by muchacha10 who is (I'm sure most of you know) the most amazing Klaine artiest I've seen. I was going to end with them in the apartment, I just didn't know how, and then I saw this and I thought it was perfect.

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