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Contract Between Boy and Demon

Demons; creatures of darkness. Many believe that they are evil creatures but yet are unsure of the fact. Truth is that they have never encountered beings like them. There had been some occurrences when humans would meet and succumb to a demon, but they would never live to tell the tale. However, there is one boy; a boy with one of the most purest souls on Earth, that had not only encountered a demon, but fell in love with him as well.

The boy's name was Shuichi Shindo, a very beautiful young boy. He had a heart shaped head with soft short pink hair, big violet doe like eyes with long perfectly curved eyelashes framing them, and a very petite body with soft tender skin. His appearance would rival any woman's. But it was more than just his appearance that makes him as pure as he is. He is also known for his kind heart and dainty voice. Many find it hard to believe that he's human let alone a boy.

He lived in the city with his mother and father. The two had taken very good care of him and would try to get him anything a young boy could ever desire. However, they kept something very important from him. Though they lived in the city, they were very poor. They had spent so much for their son they wouldn't buy anything for themselves. Not even food. But they were happy to give their son so much in the sacrifice of their own lives.

One day, Shuichi's parents ended up very sick. It was then as they were falling into an eternal sleep that they agreed to tell Shuichi, who was now 12 years old, the truth. Shuichi could not contain his sadness and depression as he heard the truth and saw his parents die before him. After his parents' death, things were no longer the same for the boy. With his parents gone, he only had one living relative.

It was his uncle Ryoma Shindo, a cold heartless man who had a decent job to get by but was not a millionaire. Upon hearing the news of his brother and sister-in-law's death and the fact that he was now responsible for taking care of Shuichi, he broke into a terrifying rage and screamed. For you see, Ryoma hated Shuichi. Actually, hate is an understatment. He detested the boy. He loathed the child. He didn't want anything to do with him. But by law, he was now the legal guardian of the boy.

Since then, Ryoma would not let Shuichi go to school. He wouldn't even let the boy go outside. He kept the boy in the house to work as a slave. Of course Shuichi didn't know how to do housework as his parents would do all the work in worry of the child getting hurt. But Shuichi would not let his uncle keep him trapped in the house like a prison forever. Whenever his uncle went out, Shuichi would sneak out of the house and do whatever. Luckily he wasn't alone.

Shuichi had a few friends that were there for him before he lived with his uncle. They were always there to listen what Shuichi was upset about and would give him their comfort. He was happy to have them with him.

First there was Hiroshi Nakano, but everyone prefered to call him Hiro. He was a boy slightly taller than Shuichi with long auburn coloured hair and soft caring grey eyes. He was known best by his intellegent mind and his wicked guitar skills. He would always be there for Shuichi no matter what would happen.

And then there was Suguru Fujisaki. Although he is younger than Shuichi and Hiro by three years, he was a lot more mature than the two of them combined. He was a very short boy with short green hair and moderate sized brown eyes. Not only was the most mature of the three, he also had the fastest fingers that would rock any keyboard near his grasp. Shuichi can't help but respect him at times.

With the three together, they created Bad Luck, a rock band that Shuichi hoped would not only give him a recording contract but also become his escape from his uncle. Everytime he escaped the house, he would practice with the band and try to get any gigs. Then after they were done Shuichi would try to sneak back into the house before his uncle came home. He had managed to succeed in this without his uncle knowing for years.

Shuichi was 18 when his chance came. There was a band that couldn't make it to the Christmas Concert and the owners of the clubhouse asked if Bad Luck could fill in. In return, they would be paid handsomely. Of course they couldn't say no. Espeically not Shuichi. So that night when his uncle went to bed, Shuichi snuck out of the house and went to perform.

The band was spectacular. Everyone loved them. Shuichi felt like he was at home with all the love he was getting. When the evening was done, Shuichi took his share of the money and snuck back into the house only to have the light turned on him and to see his uncle standing there in rage.

"Ha! I caught you in the act you damn brat!" he yelled as he grabbed onto Shuichi's arm as tightly as he could. Shuichi yelped with pain as his uncle held his arm. "You thought you were so clever were you? Well I was onto you the entire time. I just waited for you to sneak out once more before I could catch you."

He looked over at the envelope in Shuichi's hand. "What's this?" he continued as he snatched the envelope from Shuichi's hand. Shuichi tried to get it back.

"Give it back! It's mine!" Shuichi cried. But the cruel uncle wouldn't listen to his only nephew's cries. He opened the envelope and saw the money. He couldn't believe his eyes. With this amount of money he could live the life of a millionaire; just like he wanted. Shuichi glared at him.

"Give that money back!" he began to scream, "This money is going to help me survive on my own. I'm 18 now. I'm legally an adult. You can't keep me here any longer."

Ryoma smirked. "You're right. I can't. But I know of a perfect place where you'll be comfortable. I hear that you like to dress like a slut. Why don't we make you one?"

Shuichi knew what this meant for him. He struggled to break free but he didn't have the strength. He was dragged to his uncle's car and was locked in. Ryoma then got in himself and begin to drive Shuichi somewhere which felt far away. He took the boy to a dark looking place hidden within a cold snowy forest. The latter did not like where this was going and kept trying to escape but the cruel man picked him up and forced him to the door.

He sold Shuichi to an auction.

It was not just any ordinary auction. This auction sold many human bodies to be used mostly as sex slaves. They stripped the boy of all his clothes and tied him up so he couldn't escape. They dragged him to the stage and revealed his whole body to the audience. He looked at them. The audience was filled with old men with completely grey hair and wrinkled faces. Shuichi knew if he didn't do something he would be trapped forever. He attacked the men that held him and ran as fast as he could out of the building and into the forest.

The breeze of the cold winter air and the snow that covered the ground were as sharp as daggers against the boy's bare skin, but that didn't stop him from running. Even though he was running, he began to wonder. Where was he to go if he escaped this place? His parents were dead, there was no way in hell he would go back to the man who brought him there in the first place, and he was sure his friends had no idea what happened to him. He didn't even know how to return home from where he was. He was alone and he could hear dogs howling. He knew that he would be found soon but he wouldn't stop running.

He could feel frostbite on his feet. The air was too cold for him to continue as it caused him to shiver. He found a spot in a hollow tree where he could rest but he knew it wouldn't be long until he would die. He didn't care. He would rather die than give his body to a preverted old man.

"You are a poor little thing that's just begging for his life to end, aren't you?"

"Who said that?" Shuichi questioned the mysterious voice. But he saw no one.

"You once had a loving family that would always keep you safe in their arms. But then they died and left you alone with a man who treated you lower than the ground he walks on. He then brought you here to suffer. If you die or let those men get you, you're giving him a favour."

Funny thing was that everything the voice said was true. Shuichi felt a little creeped out. "Tell me! Who are you? How do you know so much about me?"

The voice gave a cold chuckle. "I have been watching you since the day you were born. I am the one who can give you anything you want. Whatever you desire I shall obtain no matter the difficulty. Even your most darkest desires I shall fufill at ease."

"You still didn't tell me who you are. Are you some kind of dark genie?"

"No. I am a creature that roams in the shadows for its prey. I am a being that is close to being a god. I am a demon."

Shuichi gasped. "A demon? But my mother had told me in so many stories that demons are supposed to be evil."

"Many humans believe that, but that is not the case. Demons are neither good or evil. They are merely creatures of hell that do what they want on a whim."

"On a whim? You still make it sound like you're evil."

"That is only in the opinion of the human. However, if you don't want to die or become someone's slave I suggest you listen to me."

"I'm listening."

"Demons can only serve humans by a contract. With this contract I will do all your bidding no matter what. It does not matter what you want. If it's something I can do I will do it."

"But wait! If this is a contract, that means I have to give you something in return am I right?"

"You are right. You are smarter than you appear to be. This makes it interesting. Usually when a demon tries to make a contract with a human, they must give up their soul in return. Though they usually go for the purest of souls."

"Let me guess. You want me to give you my soul right?"

"That's usually the case. However, one tends to be bored of feasting on pure souls after doing it for so long."

"So then what you want?"

"Well, you are not only a pure soul but you also have the body of a divine being. A body that many crave."

Shuichi couldn't believe it. "Are you trying to tell me that you want me to be your sex slave in return?" he yelled, "That wouldn't be any different than giving my body to an old man."

"I am not asking you to become a sex slave. I am asking for you to use your body as a power source in return so I can keep doing your bidding. If it is your virginity you're worried about, you shouldn't. You'll be losing it whether you agree to the contract or not."

Shuichi knew that the demon was right. If he is caught, he would become someone's 'pet' and his uncle would be victorious. If he died, he would become a corpse and his uncle would still win. If he agreed to the demon's contract, he could get his uncle to suffer the way he did and at the price of his virginity. A small price for a grand pleasure. Suddenly, Shuichi heard voices. The men were close. He had to make his decision. It was now or never.

"Alright," he decided, "I'll form a contract with you."

If he could see the demon, he knew the demon would be smirking at him. "Very well. Just give me a name and an order and the contract is sealed."

"There you are!" the men called out as they began to pull Shuichi out of the tree. But the moment they saw Shuichi's face, a change began to form on him. His right eye changed from violet to gold and a pentagram appeared.

"Save me!" Shuichi yelled, "Save me Yuki!"

And in a flash, the men were slaughtered like pigs. A dark figure stood where the corpses lied. Gold cat like eyes scan the area and saw where his new master was. He walked over at the boy, who ended up unconscious, picked him up, and carried him away to a place he knew he would be safer at. This boy, whose beauty surpasses that of an angel and whose heart surpasses that of a saint, is unaware of the consequences that come from his actions.

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