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Chapter 13

My Shocked Lover


It was a beautiful morning at the Sakuma mansion. Everyone was fully relaxed after a long night of danger that if done incorrectly would cost them their lives. Ryuichi and Tatsuha, although careful not to get caught and found out, did not find anything that would explain Ryoma's reasons for everything he did. When they found out that Shuichi found the info they were looking for, they had a nice warm breakfast of bacon and eggs and then sat in the drawing room once they were done; prepared to hear everything. When Shuichi began explaining, everyone was frozen in complete and utter shock. Anything that Shuichi couldn't say, Yuki would fill in.

The secret document that Shuichi found in the photo album was an adoption form. The pictures also in the photo album were of the orphanage that Ryoma lived in before he was adopted. Apparently the orphanage no longer exists to this day as the building was too old to keep stable and was too small for all the orphans. All the remaining orphans that lived there were moved to another orphanage far away and the building was destroyed; replaced with another building. The reasoning for Ryoma's adoption was because at the time, the Shindos had believed that they could never have a child of their own. To keep the Shindo line going, they adopted Ryoma. Ryoma was originally going to have everything; the Shindo fortune which was the fortune given to them by the devil, and the privilege to marry the eldest daughter of the Sakuma family, Sara, who was not born yet at the time.

It wasn't until two years after that the Shindos were blessed with what they believed was a miracle.

Shunsuke was born. Naturally since he was the second son under Ryoma, everything should've still been given to the latter. But despite age, since Ryoma was only adopted and not under Shindo blood, the privilege was taken from him and given to Shunsuke, who was the true heir to the Shindo line. He was given the fortune and the privilege to marry Sara, who he deeply loved as did she in return.

This was deeply heartbreaking for Ryoma, as during the years he was excited to have the fortune given to him and he was deeply attracted to Sara. So many times he had asked her to elope with him she denied him. But during the time, he believed that she was only playing hard to get.

He watched in the shadows as Shunsuke was receiving the happiness he should've had; the exquisite lifestyle, the love of a beautiful woman. It even disgusted him with how happy they were when Shuichi was born. He was to the point of insanity. He wanted it all to be his. He wanted everything like it was supposed to but couldn't have because he 'wasn't born in the blood line'. Surely there had to be a way to fix it.

Ryoma read a lot books in the Shindo library about black magic, wanting to change everything so his life would become Shunsuke's and vice versa. It was there he came across the story of the Devil and the beautiful woman he loved. He gave her a pendant to symbolize their love. But the pendant was also the key to the Devil's greatest treasure.

The pendant became an heirloom to the young woman's family. Her bloodline went through generations. However, the day had to come when the bloodline would end. The Devil did not wish to see anything that belonged to his beloved disappear like it never existed, so, pretending it was wine, he gave the blood to another family and continued the line. This pattern continued on to this day, and the name of the family said to have the blood today was the Shindo family.

Ryoma craved for the treasure. He wanted so desperately to have the treasure and prove himself in high worth. However, because he was not properly in the Shindo bloodline, if he were to retrieve the pendant and seek the treasure, he would be trapped in nothingness. It didn't stop him from another plan he had.

To get rid of Shunsuke for good and have the fortune and Sara for himself.

Like a ratty criminal, he stole the entire fortune from their bank and used it all for himself. With no money to support them, Shunsuke would be hated by his family and Sara would run to him.

Pretending he knew nothing about the robbery, he faked a gasp when Sara told him what happened. He took this as his opportunity to have Sara live with him and become his wife. However, Sara refused the offer.

"I cannot live with you Ryoma," she told him, "Shunsuke has done a lot for me and makes me happier than I've ever been my entire life. My love for him is not so shallow that I would hate him for being poor. I love him Ryoma, and he needs me. I will do my best to help him through this."

Ryoma felt like his heart had been torn in two. It was even worse when he heard that Shunsuke and Sara had died from lack of food. He had learned that after everything, they wanted to keep their heir alive; their beautiful young son, Shuichi. His fury grew. It was as if the child was the Devil himself. Ryoma wanted to get rid of him.

And yet he found that something good came out of this for him. Shuichi was the only Shindo left alive. He would also be the only one to carry the Devil's pendant. Ryoma decided to take Shuichi in, only to search for the pendant, and after finding it, kill the boy.

The rest was self-explanatory for them. Ryoma's search for the pendant led to the cruelty he did on Shuichi. It was painful to the point where Shuichi ended up summoning Yuki. With Ryoma still alive and after Shuichi, he will still be determined to kill him. But would he still take that chance even after finding out about the demon?

The room was silent once everything was explained. Never did Ryuichi think that Ryoma's reasons would be this demented. He could feel pity for the man that gained everything and lost it just as quick. However, to think that he would actually let his own greed consume him instead of feel happiness for the people he loved easily lost that small respect.

"Well that explains everything," Ryuichi sighed as he stood up and began to pace, "Ryoma couldn't be satisfied without the Shindo fortune. He had to result with pushing away the only family he could ever have and almost kill his only nephew. Such is the evil that comes from greed," He stood behind Shuichi and placed his hands on his nephew's shoulders. "It was kind of you to let him live, but it was also a naïve thing to do. It doesn't help in this situation. If Ryoma doesn't find your demon as a threat, he will still come after you. What are you going to do now?"

Shuichi had his head lowered as he listened to his uncle's words. He was right. Being kind to Ryoma would only result with himself getting killed and with Ryoma winning. "We're not entirely sure if he will continue to come after me after learning about Yuki. I feel that the best approach would be to wait until he makes the first move to know what he's planning. Until then," He stood up and looked at Ryuichi. "I'm going to have to refuse the offer you suggested when I first came here. I'm sorry Uncle Ryu. Yuki and I will be heading back to Tokyo before the two weeks are over."

It was Ryuichi's turn to lower his head. "I had thought that since you too wanted to be free from Ryoma and to avenge Shunsuke and Sara like I did, that you would like to join with me to be rid of him."

"I never said that I wanted to avenge my parents," Shuichi replied, placing his hands on his uncle's shoulders, "Even if I did, they can never come back, no matter how much I wish for it. It is mainly my freedom that I wish for. But if Ryoma doesn't come for me, I may already be free."

Ryuichi looked at his nephew but not for long as he closed his eyes and gave a melancholy smile. "You've grown so much. Your parents would be proud to see their son be so mature." When he opened his eyes, the serious eyes he had returned to the big and bubbly eyes he had when Shuichi first met him. "But you're not leaving for a whole two weeks yet so there's still a lot of time to spend with me!" Taking Shuichi's hand, he took him out so they could spend time together before the two weeks pass.

And as quick as it began, the two weeks came to an end. Ryuichi and Tatsuha led Yuki and Shuichi to the airport where they gave their goodbyes. The goodbyes were hard, mainly for Ryuichi and Shuichi. An uncle and a nephew who hadn't seen each other for so long had to separate after a short time together. After the tears and hugs, they were able to part. After all, this wasn't goodbye forever.

At least, Shuichi didn't think it was.

After the entire trip from New York back to Tokyo, Yuki and Shuichi went walking back to their apartment under the night sky. But as they walked through the park which served as a shortcut, the pink haired human kept wondering something since that conversation with Ryuichi. He knew the only one with the answers to these questions would be Yuki. But he wasn't sure how or if he should bring it up. He couldn't help but wonder.

"You know that keeping things bottled up in that empty head of yours isn't going to solve anything," said Yuki.

Shuichi glared at him. "How the hell do you know if there's anything going on in my head?"

The demon smirked. "We may have only been together for a year, but I can tell when your thoughts contain happy or sad thoughts. What's on your mind?"

A sigh escaped pink lips. "I was just wondering. If my uncle isn't going to try to kill me, does that mean that the contract is fulfilled? Would you have to eat my soul anyway?"

"The contract was for Ryoma Shindo to die so you could have your freedom," Yuki pointed out, "Though the second part of the contract is fulfilled, Ryoma Shindo is far from dead. As long as Ryoma is still alive, you and I are able to walk together like this."

"And so after he dies that's it for us?" Shuichi lowered his head, "It's possible that Uncle Ryu will search him out and kill him."

Yuki brought his arm around his lover's shoulders. "Then I guess we should enjoy this while we can. Now stop worrying. Your face is more radiant when you're smiling."

Shuichi giggled before he pushed Yuki away and ran laughing. "In that case, I'll race you back to the apartment. And no cheating!"

A smirk ran across Yuki's face. "Alright! If it's a fair race you want, it's a fair race you'll get."

Yuki and Shuichi raced through the park and back to the apartment as quickly as possible. They were luckily it was late at night so they didn't have to worry about cars or other pedestrians. But in the end, it was Yuki who won the race. Shuichi tried to catch his breath while Yuki stood there like he didn't even break a sweat.

"You… pant… pant… cheated… pant… didn't you…pant…?" Shuichi growled.

"I did not cheat. Can't blame me for being faster than you." He pulled Shuichi close to him. "I still have a lot more energy if you want to use it for something else."

Shuichi smirked. "I'd like to see that."

And so they pulled each other close for a passionate kiss as they began heading into their apartment. They would've done a lot more than just kissing and caressing if not for one thing.

"I thought you both would never get home."

Mika appeared there, sitting on a wooden box that was half Yuki's height. The golden haired demon moved away from Shuichi and stormed over to the archdemoness. "Why the hell are you here Mika?" he growled, "And what is with the box?"

"Is that any way to talk to the person who raised you?" she snapped back, "I heard what happened. You showed actual love to your human."

Yuki was speechless for a moment. "How did you find out about that? We were all the way in New York."

She got off the box. "News goes around to demons when their own kind falls in love."

"So then what are you gonna do about it? It's demon law that a demon must stay with one human until the contract is fulfilled."

Mika crossed her arms. "What am I gonna do? Nothing. In fact, I'm here to congratulate you with your love."

The lovers were shocked. They were accepted? "There has to be a catch," said Yuki, "It's considered a sin for demons to fall in love and I'm being accepted? What's going on?"

"Well you are in love with someone with blood blessed by the Devil. He always wondered when that time would come. He is proud that a demon would fall in love with one as such. However, the fact that it is still the love between a demon and human doesn't mean it doesn't have consequence," She gestured to the box. "This box here is for the both of you from the Devil because of your love. It is his gift, but you could say that it is also your curse; something that your love made two weeks ago." She walked to the door. "As much as I would love to see your faces when you open it, I have to get going. I have some business I need to take care of. All I can say is that you will have a hell of an expression." And that said, she left the apartment in laughter.

The room was silent as the lovers stared at the box. What was it? It was a gift yet a curse? Their love made this two weeks ago? Yuki walked over to the box and was able to pull the top off without the use of a crowbar. He looked in the box. A scream left his pale lips as he fell back and crawled backwards. Shuichi ran over to him and knelt beside him.

"Yuki, what's wrong?" he asked in concern. Never had he seen his demon lover like this. He looked at the box and noticed it breaking apart. The wooden box evaporated, but what was in the box just stood there. An item coloured in black with a dark energy that sent a chill through Shuichi's entire being. The pink haired boy hid behind his lover in fear. "Wh-What is that?"

Yuki was having problem speaking. He had heard of demons having some and their stories with having one, but never had he thought that he would be in possession in one himself. The thought paralysed his entire body in fear. But he had to let Shuichi know. After all, this was to be his as well. He took a deep breath before answering his lover's question to what was in front of them.

"Shuichi," he spoke up, "We are in the possession to what is to be the worst nightmare for even a demon. That there… is a demon egg."

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