Chapter 1: A Vacation from Aliens

"Doctor, I want to go home," Amy said, after cleaning herself of slime.

"Why?" The Doctor questioned, slightly worried, mostly curious.

"Well now I have a mum and dad, so what do you think? It could be a sort of… Vacation from Aliens!" Amy said playfully.

"Yeah. A vacation from aliens sounds nice." Roary said.

"It sounds Boring!" The Doctor exclaimed. But, in the end, he still took them home. Amy's parents were delighted to see them all.

"We should have dinner at that new restaurant in town!" suggested Amy's mom excitedly, "I heard they have live entertainment. Americans, all teens, amazing singers!"

Amy and Roary agreed this was a good idea, so they went, dragging the Doctor with them. When they were shown to their table, the entertainers came off break. There were 5 teens, three girls wearing sleeveless dresses, and two boys wearing jeans and plain black t-shirts. One girl with brown and blue hair walked to the edge of the stage and said into her headset,

"Hello everyone. I hope we're all having a nice evening. My name is Sophia; the red-head is named Abigail," she pointed to the girl on her left, "Blondie 1 here is Sydney, one of my twins," she pointed to the girl on her right, "Blondie 2 is Drew, my other twin," one boy walked up to the edge, "And Blondie 3 is Raenef, Rae for short," the other boy also walked up to the edge, "Our professional name is Love Hurts!" Everyone clapped.

A waiter came to their table and asked, "May I take your orders?"

"What are French Fries?" Amy asked.

"Oh, they're like chips, just in smaller pieces. They are quite popular in America."

"I'll have some of that then."

The waiter looked at everyone at the table in turn, but they had not been paying much attention to anything but Love Hurts.

"I'll get some fries for you all to try while you decide on your orders," The waiter said knowingly.

They looked back at the stage. Sophia was still at the front of the stage, with Sydney and Abigail a little behind her on each side of her. Drew was a little behind and to the left of Abigail. Rae was a little behind and to the right of Sydney.

"This song is named E.T. by Katy Perry," They said simultaneously.