"Um, well, Dad, do you remember what you told me on that day, five years ago, when I was first going to Hogwarts?"

Ron, still looking at his newspaper, responded.

"Well, Rosie, I don't have quite the same memory as your mother, but I do recall telling you that if you wern't in Gryffindor, we would disinherit you."

Rose smiled at the memory, and sat down next to her father on the couch. "No, but Dad, I'm talking about the other thing."

"What other thing?"

"Erm, well, the thing about Scorpius."

Ron finally looked up from his paper., beaming.

" What, do you think you're going to beat him on all of your O.W.L.S.?

"No, not that," she responded, blushing deeply. Ron smiled a little.

"You know, you look so much like your mother when you do that," he said, probably lost in memory since he had a dazed look in his eyes.

"DAD! I'm trying to tell you something here, so will you stop drooling over mum for one second and pay a little attention to me!"

Ron looked at his daughter, a bit annoyed. "Okay, so what are you trying to tell me?"

"Dad, you always told me to stay away from him, because grandad Weasley wouldn't allow me to marry a Pureblood." She got up and started walking the the direction opposite of the couch, so that she now faced the fireplace instead of the father.

"What are you trying to say, Rose?"

"Dad, I'm currrently dating Scorpius." She finally turned around to face her father, who's face was between a mixture of surprise, shock, and anger.

"Rose, please tell me you're kidding. Please please tell me that you have your uncle's sense of humor," Ron said quietly.

"No, Dad, I don't have Uncle George's humor, beacause I'm telling the truth. I haven't told mum, beacause I knew that you would take it the worst. Dad, I know that you hated his father for nearly all your life, but that doesn't mean that his son is like him. In fact, he's not. He isn't ever showing off, nor is he ever doing evil things just for the fun of it. He's different." She said the last part softly.

Ron, on the other hand, looked bewildered. He got up, and yelled "Hermione!"

You could hear Rose's mother say "In here, Ronald!" from the kitchen. Her father grabbed Rose by the hand, gently, but firmly, and dragged her to the kitchen.

"You know she's dating Malfoy's son, Hermione?" he asked, immediately after walking into the kitchen, where Hermione was making the knives chop up the vegtables they were having for dinner with her wand.

Hermione's reaction was calmer than Ron's, but she was still very shocked.

"Malfoy's son? Scorpius? Well, I'm surprised you didn't tell me this earlier Rose. I've been waiting for something like this for quite a while." Ron and Rose's faces were in identical formes of surprise. Hermione beamed at them.

"I'm so glad you turned out looking like your father, Rose. I cannot imagine the bullying you would have gone through if you had my looks." Ron looked a little angry when she said this.

"You didn't see all of the girls chasing after me, did you?" he scoffed. "Remember Krum?" He made a face. "And Cormac?" Another face. " Do not go around saying that my looks were better than yours. Remember the Yule Ball? Nobody could take their eyes off of you."

Rose, who had been completely ignored, stood in between her parents and stared at her mother.

"Viktor Krum? The Quidditch player who has broken all sorts of Seeker records? Mum, why didn't you ever tell me he fancied you?'

"It never came up, darling," she simply replied.

"But mum, he's suck a great Seeker, I don't know how you ending up with a guy like dad when you could have been with-"

"Rose!" Hermione said sharply, but the damage was done. Her father had a sad look on his face.

"Rosie, don't go out with a loser," Ron said sadly. You don't want your kids thinking that your husband didn't deserve you, do you? I know you're as smart as your mother, but even she made one stupid decision, and look where it's gotten her? With a guy like me."

Dad, I didn't mean- I mean, I was only-" Rosie tried to say, but her father had walked out of the room.

Rosie, how could you say such a thing to your father?" And with tears in her eyes, Hermione walked out out of the room.

Rose stood there, dumbfounded. How did a conversation about her and Scorpius turn out as a conversation about her father?