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Scarlett was humming to herself as she looked through the mail in her boss's mailbox. She was always the first one in and the last one out.

"Working hard or hardly working?" asked Dean Winchester, her boss, as he walked in.

Scarlett turned and gave him a smile. He gave her a wink as he ventured into his office. He smiled, like always there was a paper and a hot steaming cup of coffee on his desk. The office was spotless as if nothing had happened last Friday.

Dean smirked as he walked around his desk and sat in his chair before turning the monitor on and his computer. Last Friday played through his head, everything he had done to Scarlett and everything she had done to him. Dean had finally broken down and had sex with his hell cat of a secretary. She has been tempting him since day one a few months back when he hired her. He was surprised he held out for so long.

Dean leaned up grabbing his coffee when he noticed something on the styrofoam cup. He turned it a little and smirked. He glanced out the door towards Scarlett's desk but unable to see her he looked back down at the cup. Scarlett had kissed his cup leaving pink lips on it.

Dean took a sip of the coffee and smiled, just how he liked it. She knew everything he liked.

"Mr. Winchester," said Scarlett walking in and stopping at the threshold. He glanced up with a smile, she knew what that Mr. Winchester stuff did to him, especially when it was coming out of her mouth. He looked at her dress of choice for the day and bit his bottom lip, that little pink dress and matching pumps. Oh how he would wake up with sweats from that dress.

"Yes, Scarlett, sweetheart."

She gave him a smile, "I'm taking the lunch order early today since I have so much running around to do this morning." Dean frowned, that meant she wouldn't be in the office too much today. God, how he hated Mondays. "So what would you like?"

Dean looked at her with and grinned, "Why don't you surprise me?"

She gave him a smile, "Ok Mr. Winchester." When she turned Dean's eyes moved to her ass. He let out a small grunt. It's almost been three days since he touched that perfect ass. He felt like he was going through withdrawal and Scarlett was his drug. It didn't help either that she would be gone most of the day.

Later on that morning Dean was bent over a car helping one of the new guys. As he was bent over talking to him about the filter he heard the clicking of heels.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.

Both men turned to see Scarlett walking up to them, "Mr. Winchester sometimes I think without me you would crash and burn," she gave him a smirk, "You left both your radio and portable phone up in your office." She clipped the radio on his belt and then placed the portable phone in his back pocket and gave his ass a nice pinch. "Remember your brother will be calling today. It's Monday, he always calls on a Monday to check up on you and dirty talk in my ear." She smiled at him, "Your brother is just too darn cute for words."

"That's my baby brother Scarlett you behave." Dean smirked crossing his arms across his chest.

"Yes, sir. Well, I'm on my way to run those errands, I'll be back around lunch time with every one's food. I have my cell, don't burn the place down."

Scarlett walked around the call and Dean watched every workers head pop up from the car they were working on to watch her leave. Dean had to give her that, Scarlett would be able to stop Nuclear War if she walked into the room.

"Damn, who was that?" asked Tim, the new guy he was working with. Dean looked at him and did not like the way he was looking at Scarlett, "Is that the Christmas bonus?"

Dean arched an eyebrow and then gave Tim a look, "Listen Tim, you do not touch Scarlett. You can look all you want but don't touch. She's off limits."

"She your girl?"

"No, my secretary."

Tim went to say something when he saw the look in Dean's eye, "No problem man."

Dean nodded as he gave him one last look before bending back over the car. He was going to make sure no one touched his secretary. They all new but maybe the new guys needed to learn as well.


Dean was on the phone up in his office. He had to do something to get the day rolling. Without Scarlett during the day it felt like it went by much slower.

"Lunch time boys!"

Dean perked up as he walked towards the window in his office and looked down into the garage. There she was handing out sandwiches to the guys.

"Yeah...uh huh...yeah I'll get back to you on that...bye." Dean quickly hung up the phone and walked back over to his desk. He sat down and heard those heels.

Click. Click. Click. Click.

Dean groaned how he loved the sound of those heels. It was like heaven beating down on his door when he heard them.

Dean looked up when he heard a small knock on his door, "Mr. Winchester?" Scarlett poked her head in and there she was, his drug of choice. He could smell her perfume and even that was driving him wild. He needed another dose.

She's been giving him the innocent look whenever he saw her, as if nothing has happened between them.

"Come in and close the door," he said and she did as she was told.

Scarlett walked over with a sandwich in her hand. "Here you go sir. Hope you enjoy." She placed the sandwich on his desk but Dean's eyes were not on the sandwich but her thighs. Oh how he wanted to be between those wondrous holds of glory. It's as if they held the lock of the prize he wanted to the most at this moment of time.

Dean licked his lips at the juicy sight before him and before he knew it he turned in his chair and gripped her hips bringing her onto his lap.

With a short gasp and her hands balancing herself on his broad shoulders she looked into his eyes and said, "Mr Winchester this isn't work appropriate."

Dean just gave her his charming smile, his hands traveling down the beautiful sculpture of her body, "I'm the boss and what I say goes."

"Mmmm," she hummed to herself, "Well I only aim to please the boss in anyway possible."

Dean bit his bottom lip before grabbing the back of her head and kissing her as if his life depended on it. Oh how he dreamed of those lips all weekend. The taste of her, the feel of her, to hear her moan. The kiss was heated as their tongues twisted and rolled in each others mouths. Dean gripped her dress pulling it up revealing her pink thong as he gripped her ass causing a moan to escape her.

Dean left her mouth and started a trail of hot sloppy kisses on her neck to her shoulders and chest. "Thought about you all weekend Scarlett baby," he pulled her against the bulge in his jeans, "He hasn't been satisfied all weekend no matter what I did."

Scarlett smiled as he pulled the straps down from her dress revealing her gorgeous mounds sitting perfectly in her pink bra. "You should have called me in for some overtime."

Dean chuckled against her breast, "Next time I'll take your advice." He slipped his tongue into her bra and teased her left nipple. Scarlett quietly moaned knowing the workers were still in the garage and one of them could easily walk up and hear her.

Dean still had a grip on her ass as he took his time with her voluptuous milky white breast. Something he didn't take his time to enjoy on Friday. He wanted to take his time this time. He wanted to explore this goddess sitting on top of him. He wanted to see what made her shiver, made her tremble, made her quake and crumble into pieces at the shear agony of pleasure.

Scarlett seemed to be enjoying what he was doing, pulling her and pushing her against his straining hard on in his jeans and sucking and licking at God's many gifts he had given her.

"Mr. Winchester...ahhh...but," she bit her bottom lips closing her eyes at the mere pleasure of his talented experienced mouth, "I, uh...should be aiming to"

Dean glanced up at her as he bit down on her left nipple that he had taken out of her bra. He soothed the aching sore bud with his tongue and flicked it teasingly. He watched and felt her shutter with pleasure.

"You are by letting me," he lifted his hips just as he pushed her against him, both of them moan, "play with you."

"Oh Mr. Winchester," she moaned as she leaned down to kiss him but there was a knock on the door. She gave him a teasing smile.

Dean turned his head angry towards the door, "WHAT?" he growled.

"Don't what me," said the person on the other door.

Dean's eyes widened, "Sam."

Scarlett quietly laughed as she got up from Dean's lap and fixed her dress. She ran a hand through her hair as Dean fixed his own clothes, "Just a minute Sam...Scarlett can you open the door?"

Scarlett winked at Dean, "Sure thing Mr. Winchester."

She walked over to the door and looked back to see if Dean was good and she smirked seeing her lipstick on his lips. She made a motion towards her face and he quickly wiped his mouth with his hands. She winked at him before opening the door.

Scarlett grinned, "Sam!"

"Scar!" he said before picking her up and giving her a hug.

Dean shook his head with a smile, whenever Sam gave surprise visits these two were like two peas in a pod.

Dean got up from his desk just as Sam put Scarlett down. "Hey Sammy."

"Dean, how are things? She keeping this place running?"

Dean glared playfully at his brother, "Oh ha ha, very funny. Where's Nancy?"

"Right here," said Nancy walking in.

"Oh so this is Nancy?" asked Scarlett, "I like her she's hot."

Dean couldn't help but chuckle, oh, only his Scarlett.

"Uh, thank you I guess," said Nancy.

"Well, I'm going to get back to work while you three have fun."

"Nonsense, " said Sam, "Hang out with us."

"No, no, no, can't mix business with pleasure now can we?"

Sam smirked, "Well I don't know why don't we ask the big man."

Scarlett laughed, "You know Mr. Winchester, all work and no play. You guys have fun." She walked into her office and Dean felt a little bad for leaving her out but he wasn't sure what they were right now and it was better not to jump to things.

Dean closed the door and Sam turned with a smirk, "You still haven't asked her out."

"Dude she's my secretary. I'm a professional and that would just make things weird around here."

"Uh huh."

"He's in denial," said Nancy with a smile, "He likes her."

Dean glared at the two of them before walking back behind his desk. "Now I can finally say this wasn't a good surprise," said Dean.

The two laughed as they took a seat and Dean couldn't help but smile, he so had a thing for his secretary who was he to hide it. Like he said before she was his drug and hell did he need her.