A/N: This idea just kind of came to me and I felt the need to fic it out... I hope you all enjoy it :3

It's the summer between middle school and high school and, really, Santana can think of no lamer way to spend it than at fucking church camp... but, unfortunately, she doesn't really get a say in the matter. If she wants to stay in her daddy's good graces and gear towards getting that car when she turns 16, she's gotta follow the rules. Rule number one? Be a good Catholic girl. The thought makes her cringe, but the potential reward makes it all almost seem worth it.

To be fair, being a 'good Catholic girl' by her dad's standards hasn't really been that hard. She doesn't have to go to church on a regular basis―only on major holidays―doesn't have to go to Sunday School, consistently gets away with skipping classes and breaking curfew. The only real hitch is this camp, which her parents deemed especially necessary after catching her necking with her best female friend just a month ago.

And so she's here, standing in line with a bunch of people she's never met before, listening to them prattle on about a religion she doesn't even know if she believes in, waiting to get on one of the numerous buses set to cart them off to what will surely be a hell hole (or at least her own personal hell hole) for the next 2 months. The thought alone is stifling. She'd much rather stay in Lima, hang around with Brittany, lounge in the pool every day and just get tan as fuck. But, no such luck. Apparently 'God' has something else in mind.

After an entirely too-long wait, they board the buses. Everyone is chattering away around her, though she could care less about being included in their asinine conversations. She pulls out her iPod, which she's not allowed to have―a fact she is promptly reminded of by the bible-thumping blonde boy sitting next to her who gets nothing but a scoff and roll of the eyes in return―and pops in her earbuds as she leans her head against the window, wondering how the fuck she's going to survive the entire summer.

It's almost a two hour ride before they finally reach the middle of nowhere―Santana never having realized there was anywhere more 'nowhere' than Lima―which is, of course, their destination. The air is thicker here, and Santana can feel it hit her as soon as she steps off of the bus, the increase in humidity being a bit more unforgiving on her slightly asthmatic lungs. She lowers her sunglasses from their temporary position as a headband to cover her eyes, the bright sun nearly blinding despite the slight coverage from the numerous trees surrounding them.

As she collects her duffle bag from the back of the bus, she feels a pinch at the back of her neck, reflexively reaching a hand back only to find her first mosquito bite of the trip. This really is hell, she sighs. Truth is, despite the fact Lima isn't much of a city, Santana is a city kid through and through. The idea of spending two months in a forested area with bugs and wildlife, spending two fucking months reeking of bug spray, is absolutely mortifying. As she scratches at the back of her neck she quite honestly starts to wonder if even a car is worth all of this.

The next hour passes by as a painfully slow crawl, a light snack happening before the sizeable group is subjected to some strange sort of introductory assembly type thing―totally the type of thing that Santana would skip if this were school. She doesn't really pay any mind to what's going on around her up until she hears a car door slam shut. She looks over in the distance to see a slight blonde girl pulling a suitcase out of a Benz. The girl exchanges hugs with an older woman and man―presumably her parents―before a counsellor rushes over to collect her.

Santana watches in interest, something about this new girl being different... well, something beyond the fact that she was the only one not on one of the buses. The counsellor leads her over to the opposite side of the group from Santana, and, even from a distance, she can see that the girl's expression reads frazzled. She looks like she's just been dropped off in a Tijuana back alley rather than 'God's Country'―which, creepily enough, is the actual name of the camp. As Santana watches the mouse-like girl she smiles and slightly shakes her head. Bingo. The new girl seems like the perfect candidate for a friend for the summer: doesn't seem to know anyone else and looks like she'd be easy to boss around―both important qualities to Santana.

When the homo-tastic little group hoorah breaks up, the group is split into four smaller groups, each distinguished by colour. Santana is designated to the blue team along with some girls she recognizes from Lima Middle (but could care less about acknowledging) as well as the blonde buzzkill boy from the bus. She groans, realizing that if these are the people she's going to be eating, sleeping, and spending her time with, these two months are going to be even longer than she anticipated. She watches and waits with bated breath to see what group her mystery blonde is going to be put into, only cracking a wry smile when the girl is carted over to her corner of the veritable square to join her team. Excellent.

Once the teams have been decided, they are led to their respective cabins―the boys on one side of the ravine that splits the large campsite and the girls on the other, separated further by colour group. Santana practically follows her mystery blonde once they're carted into their wooden home for the next two months, wanting to make sure to get the bunk either above, below, or next to the girl. Quite frankly, this is probably the most work she's put into making a friend, but something about this girl makes it seem worth the effort. She manages to snag the lower bunk right next to the blonde's lower bunk, and some unpacking happens before the group is given free time to associate with each other and explore the grounds.

Santana steps out of the cabin and looks around, a smile spreading across her face as she catches sight of the blonde head that she's looking for, just across the field, leaning against a tree. She stalks over determinedly, simply grabbing the girl's arm and pulling her along as she passes by.

The girl jerks her arm away. "Excuse me?" she questions petulantly. "Who do you think you are?"

Santana turns around with a smug grin, shooting a not-even-subtle once-over along the girl's body. "I'm Santana Lopez," she says simply as she lifts her eyes to lock with hazel ones. "And we're gonna be friends this summer."