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It was a beautiful night; stars were sprinkled over the midnight blue sky as two boys walked along a dirt road, on their way home from a long day of baseball practice.

The smaller of the two kept glancing at the taller, as if waiting for him to look at him. Of course, Hanai was on a mission to get home; he was too tired.

"Hey Hanai..." Tajima said, putting his hands casually behind his head.

"What's up?" Hanai replied, yawning afterwards. However, the shorter one didn't reply right away. But when he did reply, it was given a little too quickly.

"Uh, nothing." Tajima decided, grinning at Hanai with his million-volt smile. Hanai quirked his brow; it wasn't like Tajima to beat around the bush.

"Hey! You brought it up! So now you have to continue!" Hanai argued, obviously intrigued by Tajima's unusual behavior.

"What is it?" Tajima asked innocently, while at the same time, grinning mischievously.

"I don't know what it is! You won't tell me!" Hanai was obviously quick to be irritated at the moment.

"Do you wanna know what then?"

"I think we've already established that..." Hanai sighed tiredly. Tajima simply continued to smile.

"Then which do you think is cuter: Azusa Tajima or Yuichiro Hanai?"

And Hanai fell.
Literally fell.
On his face.

As he spat out dirt, he managed to choke out, "What the hell?"

But Tajima held out a helping hand and genuinely smiled, "Now you know."

Hanai was glad it was dark; a pink tint was creeping up his face. A "tch" escaped his lips as he accepted Tajima' hand. He slapped the dust of his shirt and pants and continued to pursue the subject Tajima brought up.

"Why the hell would you even ask something like that?" Hanai said, slinging his bag back over his shoulder as the two continued their walk.

"Well, Azusa," Tajima shrugged, "I think I wanna marry you!" And Hanai blushed like mad.

"Jackass!" Hanai yelled, smacking the clean-up hitter over the head. With his face on fire, he quickened his pace, leaving behind the freckled boy.

"Hahaha, is that a yes?" called Tajima as he ran to catch up with his team captain.

Is it obvious that this was loosely based on that Bruno Mars song? Yeah? Yeah. :)