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Author's Note: People with familiarity in regards to Naruto? Huge amounts. People with familiarity in regards to Claymore? Not so many. I'll try to make sure everyone understands everything from both worlds.

With the help of another really big author's note. Heh. Skip it if you know what a Jinchuuriki is, and if you know how Claymore are created.

Author's Note, huge edition:

Naruto and Claymore are worlds that are separated by huge, close to insurmountable divides. The culture, religions, et cetera for Claymore are distinctively European, almost Germanic, judging from the post-Lutheran dress of the monks and bishops. The culture of Naruto is Heian? (correct me on this, reviewers) period Japan, with a concentration on the beautiful legends of Izanagi and all. Trying to reconcile these cultures is very, very difficult.

The key to a believable crossover (in the act of crossing) is to give plausible reasons as to why the worlds haven't been crossed earlier in canon. We (speaking as an author) have to tell the reader how the crossed worlds came to be in a fashion that doesn't have readers saying "give me a break! ANBU in Hogwarts, wtf?"

Blasting of bad crossovers besides, I'm here to tell you a bit about Naruto and Claymore in this paragraphed author's note. Bah. Naruto first. Naruto is a world in which humans are divided into civilians and ninja. Ninja are people who are able to manipulate their personal energies - spiritual and physical, to use Jutsu, which are logic-defying powers over the Elements and other things. This energy is called Chakra. The ninja rely on special techniques, speed, and skill with martial arts (known as Taijutsu) in order to excell, and get "missions" from civilians that result in cash. Over time, villages, themed after the area they reside, have sprung up to gain more missions easily. Besides the obvious wars between villages, there exists nine very powerful demons that have control over specific elements, and more power than any single ninja in existence, though with the right techniques, they can still be countered. In order to get an advantage, and therefore, get money, these demons, known as the Bijuu, are sealed in newborn babies to make them the most powerful ninja that a village can boast of. Unfortunately, they are generally hated, because their associated demon lords were right terrors. They are called the Jinchuuriki, which means Power of a Human Sacrifice.

Claymore is a society split into three groups - humans, Yoma and Claymore, though the third group doesn't prefer that name. Yoma are lesser demons with no real power, but can still defeat humans very easily, and tend to prey on their innards. Claymore are humanity's answer to the Yoma, implanting bits of the lesser demons into young girls to create supersoldiers with huge swords (modelled after the gigantic Scottish Claymore swords of the pre-Middle Ages). Thus, the Claymore in question is able to cut your average Yoma up pretty easily. The problems begin when a Yoma has consumed very many humans, and have become "Voracious Eaters", granting them abilities that the original Yoma don't have. Even worse is that Claymore slowly become Yoma, due to their slow drawing on their demonic abilities to combat stronger Yoma with greater ease. The Claymore are ordered in power, with the first being the strongest, and the last being the least powerful. Claymore are generally feared and hated by the very people they protected, due to their demonic auras and their haunting silver eyes.

The Seal and the Sword

A lone man wearing stolen robes of red and white was walking on the ocean, and monologuing.

He was nearly twenty five, and his blond countenance was of the sun-kissed and spiky variety. He had prominent whisker marks on either side of his cheeks, which looked rather faint, but when grew more prominent when a shadow fell across it. His eyes were cerulean, and he wore a little slab of metal tied around his neck with clothe. There was the insignia that consisted of several swirls that were artfully put together to resemble a leaf, and a long, deep gouge across it.

The other object around his neck was a cracked aquamarine jewel the shape of an obelisk which emitted a slight green glow every time a ray of sunlight struck it.

Tied to his waist was a longsword without a scabbard that looked to be newly forged, but the handle spoke otherwise. Once in a while, his hand strayed to the hilt, in a manner that seemed to be comforting to him. It was clear that he had owned the sword for a while. Every time the tip of the sword touched the water beneath his feet, it sparked.

"You know, when I was a little boy, I thought I was going crazy, because I heard voices. Now I really know what crazy is. Crazy is when there's no one else by your side, no one within you to share your pain. They laugh at us, and hate us deep in their hearts, but that's because they don't know how fortunate we are to have demons sealed in our navels."

The man paused, and surveyed a storm cloud in the distance.

"I never thought I'd miss her this much. She was always strong for me, when I was being beaten to the ground as a five year old. Despite the fact that she wanted me to flay them alive, or boil them with foxfire."

The man paused again, and looked straight into the sun.

"Kyuubi no Kitsune. To have you back for just a moment, you bastard Demon Fox."

The man continued to walk across the ocean, going in the direction of the setting sun. He walked briskly, and soon saw land.

"I'll find something to fill my heart with, you Nine-Tailed bitch! I'll forget you, and everything to do with you. Or my name isn't Uzumaki Naruto, the Sexy Toad Sage of Mount Myoboku!"

The Seal and the Sword

There wasn't much excitement several hundred miles west of the Elemental Nations, where Naruto had come from. So he decided to go further. On a good day, he walked nearly twenty miles. On a bad week, he stayed in a village and killed a lot of bandits.

He realized that he had a slight talent with languages, enough so that he would pick up rudimentary fluency after travelling through a country for more than two weeks. It took a month or two to cross most countries, however, and over that period, he generally picked up enough of whatever language he needed to order ramen, or any noodly equivalent of it.

It only got easier as he travelled further, and his mind blended the concept known as language into his every thought, until he didn't think in words, but in images.

It certainly made Kenjutsu easier. He may have left the Toad Summoning Contract, a huge scroll that Jiraiya-sensei had carried around everywhere, back in his home, but he did take a single sheet of scroll paper.

The Swirling Blade of the Uzumaki clan. It was just one Kata, the ninth, but he thought that it would be the one for him. He had carried the Nine-Tailed demon fox, after all. He had been a ninja for nine years before he became a missing-nin.

He carried exactly nine things with him when he left the Elemental nations forever - the robes of his village leader, Senju Tsunade, who had been his grandmother in every sense of the word, Tsunade's necklace, which could suppress demons, despite the fact that it was broken, one of the two Thunder Fangs that had won from a very powerful ninja, and reforged, the slashed hitai-ate, or forehead protector, a single three-pronged kunai that his father had used to massacre his enemies, and four unique pieces of knowledge that no living person had.

He was the final student of the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style - there had only been five others who had known it, but they were all dead. They had mostly gotten each other killed. He carried the knowledge of the Rasengan, an attack that his father had invented to deal the type of damage that only a Bijuu could. He was the last living Toad Sage, and the last one who would ever exist - the scroll he left behind could only be opened by a Toad Summoner, and he was the last one of those too. And finally, there was the ninth Kata of the Swirling Blade style. The rest of the scroll had been lost to the elements, and it was a miracle that the single Kata had survived in the ruins of the destroyed Uzumaki family compound.

He was currently standing on the sands of Arabia, which were much warmer, but slightly less dry than the sands of Suna, a country that had bordered his own, and practicing with his sword.

The Swirling Blade was majestic - there was no other way to describe it. It was a mainly static style that never had him bend his knees, or use his other hand. It rained hundreds of slices upon the opponent in the space of a minute, and while that may have been a tactic that wore down the opponent when it was designed, it was much more deadly when Naruto used it.

He held a reforged Sword of the Mist, after all. One of the two Thunder Fangs, the swords of Ringo Ameyuri, the swords of Kurosuki Raiga, two of the three S-classed swordsmen that the Mist had produced. He wondered for a moment if he would have preferred the greatest of the Seven Swords of the Mist, the Shark Skin Sameheda, more, but decided that he didn't.

The Iron General Mifune had taken the destroyed sword, and used the Chakra-enhanced metal to create a longsword that "would be perfectly suited to your style". It was a light, thin blade, but its natural ability to cut through anything made it a boon, and not a disadvantage.

"Maybe the Kyuubi would have known some sword tricks", he lamented to himself, and his nonexistent tenant.

The Seal and the Sword

When he reached the coast, he decided that he would travel north for a while before continuing west.

"You really shouldn't go past the Hellespont", a man told him in Turkish while he stayed in Constantinople. Despite the beauty of the huge city, he had no urge to stay. There was too much gossip, too much political intrigue, too much of everything he associated with Danzo, who had been a power-hungry bastard and had manufactured a series of events that led to his leaving of the Elemental Nations, even if that wasn't his aim.

"Why would I not past Hellespont?" Naruto asked. His Turkish was still rather shoddy.

"There are monsters. Demons that rule the lands, and evil silver-eyed Witches that kill them for exorbitant fees that are half-demons."

As soon as the man mentioned demons, Naruto's interest was piqued. "Thanks you a lots. I heed advice you." He paid for his drink, and left the bar.

He decided not to walk across the Black Sea - Water walking was a Chakra control exercise, and he had been doing them for years since the Kyuubi had left his stomach. His Chakra, which had always been impossibly high because of the Kyuubi, stayed on levels that no one he had known could match, and now that it wasn't increasing, his control over it had improved greatly.

He chartered a small fishing boat run by a farmer that "didn't believe in silly superstitions".

Naruto did. He felt the taint of Youki in the air like he had once felt when he fought Gaara, the Jinchuuriki of the One-Tailed Raccoon. While it was seriously weaker than the power of his tenant, it still had more Chakra than he did back then. Nowadays, he was on par with it, but from this distance, there were either a lot of demons, or it was very, very powerful.

For the first time in nine years, he was truly excited. He could sense that a new chapter in his life was about to begin. He dumped a bit of gold onto the bottom of the boat. "You. Go home. I feel demon. They wait the shore for us. I go with me, you no go with me."

"What do you mean you feel the demon? I thought you said you were the superstitious type either!" the fisherman cried.

"I not superstitious. I no believe in God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Ishmael. I believe in Izanami. She make very much demon. I know demon. They very powerful, kill you all. I know how kill demon. You fishman catch fish, I learn kill with ninjutsu many years. I walk on water. Goodbye."

Naruto leapt off the side of the boat and began running across the water as the fisherman sputtered about Jesus, and Christians being wrong about having seen their savior a thousand years previously.

"I work this years. Maybe learn turn fish into bread soon!" Naruto shouted across the water, with a grin that the fisherman described as fox-like on his face.

Naruto continued running for nearly an hour before he approached the shore, and sure enough, when he channeled a bit of Chakra to his eyes, he could see the signatures of eight lesser demons. During the end of the days he housed the Nine-Tailed Fox, they had attempted to imitate the Great Eye Techniques, the Byakugan and Sharingan, which gave their wielders so much power. What he got was something much weaker, but very useful all the same. He wasn't able to telescope, like the Hyuuga (who held the Byakugan) were, or concentrate on everything at once, as the Uchiha (who held the Sharingan) were. He wasn't able to see through walls, or copy and remember, with perfect clarity, everything he saw. He was just capable of the ability that both eyes shared - to see Chakra.

He wasn't the only person capable of it. One of his village leaders, a grandfather figure in his life, was able to do so. His teacher, the original toad sage Jiraiya-sensei was capable of it too. Very many enemies of his were capable of it too, and the ability generally marked the user as a very powerful ninja. There were precious few ways to hide from it, as he could see when people attempted to suppress their Chakra.

However, none of the beast were suppressing their Youki, and he saw it as clear as day - they lit up the shore like beacons.

But as he drew closer, he realized that it wasn't that simple. It appeared that one of the demons, dressed in light gray, was fighting the rest. He drew closer, and they all jumped back, and stared at him. Naruto realized that she was holding a huge sword, the same length as his reforged Thunder Fang, and possibly ten or twenty times as heavy.

He continued staring. She was beautiful, from her perfectly proportioned athletic body to the armor she wore, metal vambraces, shoulder guards, polished steel boots and a cape of all things. Her hair was a lighter shade of blond than his, and as a ray of sunlight hit her face, her silver eyes glinted. Hanyou. She was a half-demon.

Naruto performed a Shunshin, a jutsu that allowed him to bridge long gaps in the blink of an eye, appearing beside her, and stared down the monsters. "You look like you need some help", he said in Arabic. It didn't work. She clearly didn't understand it.

"Help, you need?" he tried again, in Turkish. A bit of recognition came into her eyes, and she seemed to be thinking hard.

"No. No much... Yoma... They..." she finished in a string of what Naruto knew was German. He knew because he had thought about learning it, and he didn't.

"I no know German. When Yoma", Naruto rolled the word around in the inside of his mouth, "dead. You teach German me. You tell me on Yoma and why bad evil in air."

The girl seemed to understand most of what he said. "I... I Teresa. I new to org- organ- organi... company. They", she made a dismissive gesture at the area around them, possibly refering to the world, "call Claymore. I Number One. Watch me. No come close. You power special, but no can fight Yoma. Only Claymore", she made a distasteful face at the name again, "fight Yoma."

The girl shot forward in speeds that he would be hard-pressed to match, and he suddenly realized that they were knee deep in slain Yoma. "No good! Tired you! I kill rest!"

Naruto charged as fast as he could, surprising Yoma and Claymore alike, and with several artful sweeps, decapitated three of the monsters. The Claymore, Teresa, jumped back, realizing that the newcomer was capable of dealing with the Yoma, and watched as he sliced them into literal chunks.

"Why you cut Yoma so much?" she asked, in Turkish, when he finished, and wiped the blade in the sand.

"Purple blood mean Izanami-type demon. They hard stay dead. Small piece make stay dead."

"Izanami?" she pronounced the foreign word with the same difficulty in which Naruto pronounced Yoma.

"God of Demon, God of Death. Story is she marry brother Izanagi, but she take to underground, turn into most evil Demon. Want to kill Izanami fail. She kill hundred. He make hundred fifty people."

Teresa wondered if it were some strange take on Greek mythology, but didn't question it. She would have had to try words that she was very unfamiliar with.

"How you able kill Yoma. You no is Claymore." She looked as if she'd eaten a bad egg every time she said Claymore. Naruto understood. He said Jinchuuriki in the same way.

"I used to hold demon in me. Very strong demon. Kill many people. Now gone. I miss."

She stared at him. "You... miss? You like be demon?"

"No, I not demon. I Uzumaki Naruto, to you, Naruto. Naruto first name. Uzumaki family. Demon container. Jinchuuriki", he said. His face took on a sneer when he said it. "Very small child. Put demon in me. Hope I make good weapon. Like Claymore?"

"Yes. Claymore weapon. Claymore girl with demon. Half demon, become real demon. When become real demon, other Claymore kill. I never use. Only own skill. Use less demon skill, not become demon. Why they call me Teresa of the Faint Smile", she finished in German.

"Teresa of the Faint Smile", Naruto had less problems with German now. It was both harsh and pretty, unlike Arabic, which was dry and majestic, or Turkish, which was choppy but sexy. "What mean Teresa of the Faint Smile?"

"I Teresa. Faint smile... I no turn to demon, grin small bit, always beautiful when kill."

"When I Jinchuuriki, I no like use demon too. Make me into monster. Learn to be good ninja with no demon."


"Many many miles east, Elemental Nations. Only way make money join village and learn kill. My father ninja. My mother ninja. My mother family all ninja of Uzi no Kuni, land in pool turning. Turn turn turn pool." Naruto smiled. He sounded like a fool again. But Teresa understood.

"How you make land in pool turn? Pool turn take under sea."

"Not real. We make you look. You believe pool turn. Not real pool turn. Pool turn village. When ninja come out, surprise very big."

"You from turn pool land?"

"No. From leaf land. Turn pool land destroyed. My mother go to leaf land, learn to leaf ninja. My father very strong. Village leader. When he die, people cry. He die split demon in half, put in me. Only can put in baby, I new baby. Mother die from give baby. He want follow to die, so put demon in me, and die. Summon Izanami to take demon spirit away."

"But you say demon in you. How dead God take demon?" Teresa asked, rather confused, though she believed him. She had the ability to sense demonic energies, more ability than anyone who had ever been a Claymore, and residue of very, very potent demonic energies ran through his veins.

"God take demon spirit. Put demon body in me. Eight Trigrams Sealing Style."

"Eight.. Trigrams.. Sealing Style?" she attempted to pronounce.

"Yes. Strong, strong Seal. Demon gone but Seal still here", Naruto pulled up the top of his robe, showing her the swirl mark on his navel. "Demon in Seal. Very strong Seal. Not can demon control me, even if want. I want once", Naruto's face darkened, "to kill evil man. But no can control. I lose. Demon leave. I not grateful. Twenty one years know demon. Not hate. No one know demon not like me. Demon dead now." Naruto frowned and looked away. He didn't know why he was telling the girl this, but it wasn't like it was a secret, and she appeared to know what he was going through.

"Can you Seal demon me?" she asked, rather hopefully.

Naruto put his arms on her shoulder and grasped her neck gently, then channeled magic into his eyes. He sprang upwards, surprised. "Power of one tail or more in you, girl. More power you, less power me. If Seal, no have power. Only skill left, no strength if Sealed. Not good for Yoma. No can kill easily. No like this." Naruto gestured to the scores of slain Yoma.

She looked crestfallen and more than ready to cry. Naruto understood. If someone had told him that they had the ability to remove the Demon from him, or stop it from conversing with him, he would have latched on like a...

"Take three years."

She looked at him strangely, still rather disappointedly.

"You have skill. No have power. You have Chakra Pathways molded. You can power. No from demon. From you. Like I get power from me. I get power three years. You no training, but you smart, older. I make you warrior with no demon. I make you ninja. Learn ninjutsu. Like Great Fireball Jutsu!" Naruto called out, and breathed a gout of flame at the setting sun, setting a lone tree alight and burning it into ash in seconds.

"What the hell was that!", Teresa screamed in German.

Naruto smiled. "Low power. C rank. I know A rank, S rank power. I teach you all if Seal demon. Help you do job and teach you Jutsu, if you teach me use sword and German. Maybe go date with you", Naruto winked.

Teresa's face darkened. At first, Naruto believed she had blushed, but then it became clear that it was not the case. "I'll skin you alive if you touch me." Naruto didn't know what it meant, but he still hopped back.

"I just kidding. No make move you. No mad. Just joke. Little joke. Very harmless. I harmless. You have power. My demon not in jail no more", Naruto pointed at his navel.

Teresa couldn't resist rolling her eyes. Naruto was clearly not harmless, even without a demon. "How you make Seal?"

"Very easy. Show stomach like I show stomach. Make three seal. First make two Four Symbols Seals, then make Five Element Seal. Five Element Seal Chinaman Seal, not Japanman seal like Four Symbol Seal. More power, less skill in Five Element. Take away Chakra control. Make Four Symbol Seal into Three Pronged Seal and balance, so you use Chakra. Nearly make mistake. When I twelve, Five Element Seal bad man me use. No ninjutsu after."

"Senjutsu: Hakke Shomo no Fuin Shiki!" His eyes flashed yellow for a moment, and Teresa panicked as Naruto's strange energy (which she had identified as Chakra) changed fundamentally and grew by a huge amount, but then his palm slammed into Teresa's stomach and she howled in agony, cursing a blue streak.

"Gogyo Fuin!" Naruto slammed his other hand into her navel, and the pain increased ten fold, as she felt the Youki in her surge, then disappear entirely. She stared miserably when she realized that her hair had not turned back black.

"Your eyes. They become green. Very pretty." Teresa had to agree. She stood shakily, and attempted to pick up her sword, but it wouldn't budge.

"I weak now. No match for ten, twenty, even number thirty. I weakest." She felt miserable.

"No be mad. Demon Sealed now. You make own power. Take Mifune no Kiba. When put energy, make perfect cut. Cut all. Very light. You use easy."

"You give sword me?" she stared. Swords were the pride and joys of warrior.

Naruto turned away again. "Sword very special yes. Made by strong group, take from enemy, make again by most power samurai, like knight, not like ninja. It Mifune no Kiba, thunder fang. I love. I no can fight well. Not like Claymore with sword. I fight with bare hand or kunai kill me if fight with sword. You need more."

Teresa nodded. "You take my Claymore. Very well make sword. You can use, you have strength for sword."

Naruto smiled as they traded swords. "Now, you teach me German and I teach you Chakra Control. Make you strong. Strong more than me." He smiled wistfully, and stared at his dead-feeling left hand. He didn't like the Gogyo Fuin much.

The Seal and the Sword

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This was hell of a lot of fun to write. Claymore is hell of a lot of fun to read. I hope you liked it more than my other Crossovers, if you've read those. In this, Naruto isn't going to be very powerful... Just... Sage Mode. This is strictly a Naruto/Teresa story. She's a bit out-of-character right now, but we're going to see her colder side very soon. Naruto just brings out the best in everyone.