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AN: This story is based loosely off the "Slaves of the Republic" comic that is set during the Clone Wars TV series. My friend loves that comic, so I'm writing a larger, more detailed interpretation of it for her. Again, this is based off the Dark Horse Comic, so you should definitely read that if you enjoy this story. This was written a couple years back and I don't really feel like revising it too much, therefore the quality of the writing is very childish, but it's not too bad. It's meant to be light hearted (which reflects the majority of the TV Series) and if you're an extreme Star Wars nut, don't be too upset when some of the details aren't accurate.


Slaves of the Republic


Panting hard, Anakin felt through the Force that he wasn't going to make it to the Queen. He could see Miraj's smug expression through his barely opened eyes as he fell to his knees then collapsed completely onto the sandy floor, his lightsaber rolling out of his hand. Everything went dark.

Chapter 1

Two Hours Earlier

"This is RISKY… extremely, risky Master…" protested Ahsoka Tano, fidgeting at her slave collar, "Not to mention the millions of things that could go wrong! Oh wait, that's what RISKY means! Are you sure this is a good idea Skyguy?"

"Don't worry Snips; we got them right where we want them. No one has any idea who we are." Anakin Skywalker replied to his padawan. Ahsoka lifted her eyebrows, her forehead crinkling, giving her a skeptical look.

"Ok, so let's say this convoluted plan of yours does work… what are we supposed to do with the information we get? If, according to your precious Miraj, no one has ever even set eyes on the guy who abducted everyone on Kiros, how are we supposed to track him down?"

"Don't worry, young one, we're trained for that. Right 501st?" barked Rex at his team.

"Sir, yes sir!" replied 6 enthusiastic voices of the famed 501st squadron in unison. Ahsoka's head drooped a little, and she avoided Anakin's eyes.

"…Ashoka, what's the real reason you're protesting my ingenious plan," Anakin gently asked with a hint of sarcasm, "You've never hesitated to put my other plans into action, and even I have to admit they've all been pretty insane." There were a few smirks from the troopers at these words. Anakin Skywalker was a famed Jedi Knight and was said to be incredibly handsome and charming when he wanted to be. Known as "The Hero with No Fear", his specialties, aside from his incredible skills with a light saber and piloting ability, were his brave but reckless ways and harebrained schemes that somehow rarely failed to win the Republic a victory.

"Well… ok, it's just that this is pretty humiliating." admitted Ahsoka, gesturing at her slave girl outfit. She saw a slight tension in her master's eyes before he smoothed out his expression to that of a mocking disbelief.

"Just consider yourself lucky that you're only pretending," Anakin, although his face remained smooth, had a certain hint of distress in his voice. The change was so slight that no one except someone who knew him extraordinarily well would have noticed. Ahsoka raised her eyebrows in question and from behind Anakin, saw Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi frown ever so slightly. At that moment, Anakin's com-link beeped. He glanced down at the screen.

"Ughhh… blasted briefing meetings. Excuse me; I have to inform the Jedi council of our plans." Skywalker said, already headed towards the door of the suite provided for him by Queen Miraj Scintel, who was only too happy to offer lodgings for a such a "successful slave trader". The clones returned to polishing their weapons and chatting amongst themselves

"Ahsoka…" Obi Wan Kenobi slid the door leading to the balcony open, motioning for the young Togruta to follow. A puzzled Ahsoka obediently followed, hoping to get some answers. It was a beautiful and warm morning in Zygerria, and Ahsoka emerged from the room to find Master Kenobi leaning against the railing and staring out into space.

"Master Kenobi? Is something wrong?" She asked, a little worried but very confused about the vacant expression on the Jedi's face. Obi Wan sighed and turned to face Ahsoka.

"I told them not to send him on this mission. I knew how it would affect him… considering his past." Kenobi murmured, speaking so softly that Ahsoka wasn't sure he was talking to her.

"…Master Kenobi? I…I don't understand." She said with frustration. What was he talking about? Obi Wan shook his head, looking almost disappointed.

"Well, I guess you would have found out sooner or later, so I might as well tell you. It's your master. He's had a hard past, and he has never gotten over some of the things he's had to go through. Did you know that Anakin Skywalker was once a slave himself?" Kenobi asked Ahsoka. Her eyes were blank with shock.

Her inability to form a coherent answer told Obi-Wan her answer was no.

"Yes, the boy Anakin was a slave along with his mother before he was taken to the Jedi Temple at nearly 9 years old. He was older than any other Jedi to ever start their training. The Council made an exception because… they saw great potential in him. But anyways, I believe this mission is making him remember those times. It was very rough on him and he still won't talk to anyone about it. Anakin's past has made him extremely determined to stop what has happened to him happen to anyone else in the galaxy." Ahsoka was still for a few seconds, as if forcing her brain to imagine her daring, headstrong master being in servitude.

"Well," Ahsoka muttered out, "Then I'm with his plan 100%. Don't worry Master Kenobi… that's his past and now I'll be right there with him to save others from that fate… for Master Skywalker." Obi Wan smiled.

"Your optimistic view on things will certainly help. I just wanted to warn you about what Anakin's behavior these next couple of days would be like," Kenobi said, still smiling slightly, opening the door to go back into the suite for Ahsoka, " I'm sure Anakin wouldn't want his new padawan to think he was some boring, uptight Jedi. That might possibly insult him…" Ahsoka headed back into the room, acknowledging her thanks for this new information with a nod towards Master Kenobi.

The room was thick with an atmosphere of anticipation. In just a few hours, the Zygerrian Slave Trade Auction would take place, and so would Anakin's plan. The clones were discussing what they were going to do to the slave traders responsible for kidnapping the entire Togruta nation.

"I'm gonna blast the criminal's head off into oblivion!" exclaimed clone trooper Knick.

"Yea? Not if I get my hands on that slime first!" Ahsoka sat down in the circle of troopers. It was so simple to feel at ease with the clones.

The halls of Miraj Scintel's extravagant palace echoed with the murmuring of slave traders anticipating that afternoon's event. Anakin Skywalker sighed. He would have happily removed a couple of slimeball heads from their bodies right now, if it didn't mean blowing his cover.

Anakin proceeded down the brightly lit corridor, heading for the east wing landing zone, where the Twilight was parked. He walked by a slightly opened door, revealing a room filled with captured Togrutas. They were all wearing binders, sitting in a corner of the room while a couple of Zygerrian slave traders watched over them with expressions of contempt, their electro-whips crackling menacingly. Anakin caught the eyes of a young Togruta, dressed in an emerald green slave outfit. Her eyes sparkled with shining tears and she looked so much like Ahsoka that Anakin actually paused in his tracks before pushing himself to proceed to the Twilight for the briefing meeting.

"Just remember," he thought to himself, "If all goes well, she and her family will be freed from an awful fate." Anakin walked into the deserted hanger, activating the doors on the Twilight to open. He strode to the far wall, pushing the blinking Communicator button.

"There you are Skywalker." boomed Master Mace Windu's holographic figure, which erupted from the viewing screen.

"Good morning Master Windu." Anakin replied, internally rolling his eyes at the uptight Jedi Master.

"How have you decided to proceed with the mission?" asked Master Windu, abrupt as always.

"Master Kenobi and I decided that it would be best if my padawan and I act as the distraction. I've already gained the trust of the Queen as a slave trader named Lars Quell and Ahsoka will be pretending to be Princess Zaa Vashee, my 'gift' for Miraj." It still made Anakin wince slightly to think that he would be masquerading as the very disgusting type of being he had always fought so hard to destroy," We'll attend the Zygerrian Slave Auction and from there, activate the emergency lockdown lever, trapping Queen Scintel and all the royal guards in the room. While we're doing that, Master Kenobi and the clone troopers will break into the communications tower. Miraj has told me, in confidence, that they have the records of the people responsible for organizing the kidnapping of the Togruta nation stored there. If all goes well, I will report back with the information to continue the mission by the end of Zygerria's planetary rotation."

"…This is a dangerous plan; I'd advise caution," Windu frowned as he considered what Anakin's team was about to attempt. "Are you sure you want to proceed with it?"

"Absolutely Master Windu. As long as Ahsoka and I get to that emergency switch, there should be no problem."

"Hmm… you seem to have confidence in it; so carry on. May the Force be with you." Windu's face disappeared as the transmission ended. Anakin smirked slightly. Did everyone think his plan was that insane?

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