NOTE: This chapter contains some (mostly) bisexual, polyamorous love scenes. I don't apologize for anything. This story is rated M for reasons such as these. You have been warned.

I apologize in advance for the Lord of the Rings reference toward the end of this. Actually… no I don't. I'm just making you aware of it.

Chapter Six: Where The Figs Lie

"There is a beautiful princess," Femio said, caressing Blaine's cheek as he looked passed his partner-in-crime and only male lover.

Blaine quickly looked behind him, noticing the pretty blonde who was dancing among the flowers. She was singing and talking to them as if they were children or pets. "A simple soul, but beautiful. Are you going to try and woo her, my love?"

"Of course, it would be a sin not to at least try, my little turtledove…" Femio replied, getting up and letting go of Blaine's hand as he went toward the girl.

Blaine smiled at his lover and then made a gesture to their lackey to bring in the roses, petals, and the rather large bull they had managed to buy from the butcher. He was lame, but a good runner, and because of the lame hoof, he stopped short before actually managing to kill someone.

Blaine himself was working on another project. While Femio ran around willy nilly, wooing whoever was susceptible, Blaine worked on one male at a time, stalking them good-naturedly until he knew of their true sexual preference. Right now, since he knew him, Blaine was after Dave Karofsky.

It was odd, but Blaine remembered the boy before he was a kinder specimen. Now that he was out and had apologized to Kurt, Blaine knew that he could woo the boy. The only problem? The former bully had been hanging around the Art Department for a while, slightly gaga for a blonde brute who made rather interesting sculptures. They often talked as the other male worked, and then went out to the village and bonded more over steak.

Of course Karofsky had his dance classes and his acting classes, as well as his private voice class to worry about, but any free time was spent with this young man.

Displaced, the boy's once object of affection, a sad-eyed girl named Hermia (the blond's name was Lysander, which was odd in-and-of-itself), had taken to crying in her room. Blaine wondered if Femio would try to woo her if this other blonde dancer didn't work out, but he shook his head and noticed his object of affection turn the corner, on his way to the Art Department, no doubt.

"David…" Blaine purred, hurrying to a standing position.

"Out of my way, Anderson," Karosky growled. He was still peeved at Blaine for breaking Kurt's heart. He was pretty protective of Kurt thanks to being a Bully Whip at that school they both went to.

"Oh, hot stuff. This gruff thing really works for you, but after a nice cup of coffee with me, I'm sure a change of personality will be in the works," Blaine countered, his voice suave.

"You start speaking French to me, hobbit, I'll personally go get Santana to come over and rip your fingers off with those razors she swears she has in her hair," the McKinley jock replied.

"No French. Just give me a chance, love…" Blaine cooed.

Dave shook his head, "Shut up, Anderson. You hurt a friend of mine, and now talking all cool and shit won't get me to like you. Nothing right now will get me to like you, just as nothing you did made me like you then…"

By then Dave meant when Kurt and him were dating. He was jealous mostly of the out-and-proud relationship he and Kurt could have when… Dave had walked out of his Prom when offered the chance to come out to the entire student body. He knew that was all his fault for not being willing to come out, but it still stung that Kurt and Blaine flaunted their relationship everywhere.

"Are you sure, love?" Blaine asked, following Dave like a little prattish puppy as Dave pushed on toward the doors to the Art Department.

"This boy bothering you?" a rather slow voice asked, the door opening.

"A little bit, yeah," Dave said, smiling at the sharp features of Lysander. The blond blushed and opened the door some more, glancing down at Blaine.

"He's taken," Lysander said gruffly, but his eyes conveyed no hatred or anger.

Blaine was taken aback, "Then… you are taken, David?" he asked, glancing at the brunet of the pair.

"He is now," Lysander replied, taking Dave's hand and pulling him inside.

The one rule that Blaine had passed to keep Femio under control was they could not go after those who were all ready taken. Lysander didn't know this, but there was something between the two burlier teens that suggested Dave might one day be taken. Blaine nodded, "I wish you two well. My only regret is I could not get you sooner, David…"

Dave scoffed and the door closed. Blaine sighed, smiling slightly. Now for a new chase…

Hermia sniffed as she watched Dave Karofsky and Lysander walk into the building. She had seen and heard everything. Sure, she and Lysander had broken up because Lysander in actuality liked boys, but it still hurt. She clutched her hands to her chest as she squatted down and cried.

"Hermia?" a gruff voice said behind her.

She glanced up, eyes red and nose running. It really wasn't a pretty sight.

But Lauren Zizes wasn't going to run away from a crying girl. Just because she was strong enough not to cry when she had split ways with Puck (something about Puck not being ready for a monogamous relationship… ever) she did feel sad about it sometimes. It would have been great to break Puck of his habits…

"L-Lauren!" Hermia stuttered, standing up and trying to straighten herself out.

Lauren pouted lightly, circling the girl, "Let me guess. You're boyfriend dumped you because he was gay…"


"—do I know?" Lauren asked, smiling to calm the girl. Lauren's heart went out to the girl, and smiling was the best way she could show it (at this point in time, at least. Really the big-boned girl was working on her attitude… at least toward her friends and potential-friends), "Elementary, my dear Hermia. I have kicked the asses of countless boys and girls who have destroyed my friends. I'm fiercely protective of them, you see. I can tell which mind of boy or girl dumped, ditched, or peacefully broke up with my buds, so the ol' 'you were kinda my beard' break-up is easy to spot…"

Hermia took this in and smiled lightly, "Yeah… Lysander genuinely cared about me but…"

"He likes to take it up the ass?" Lauren asked. When she got a shocked stare from the rather pure Hermia, she laughed, "Sorry, I may be empathetic, but I still have a potty mouth and a bad attitude."

Hermia nodded, blushing slightly in the aftermath.

Lauren held out her hand, "Come on, Herm. Let's go get some coffee and you can talk and cry it out. I'll listen as best I can…"

Hermia nodded, smiling as she put one hand over her stomach to follow her strange new friend. "All right. And thanks."

"No problem, pal."

Freya was humming lightly, taking her job as assistant gardener very seriously as she practiced her ballet. She had her class within the hour, but she always took time to talk, sing, and water the beautiful plants around the school. Her rounds often took hours to get through, but Frey didn't have much beyond her ballet class, so she was content.

Sam knew every place that Freya would be at this moment. He hadn't been stalking rhe girl. Rather researching where all the flower gardens were, because that's what the Head Gardener had told him: that Freya took it upon herself to spend time with the flowers, especially after lunchtime and before her 4 o' clock ballet class.

Sam was taking ballet as well, but he was a in a beginning class with Duck, Dave Karofsky, Finn, and a few others who needed the basics before they went to the master class (Kurt, Rachel, Mike Chang and a few others were brilliant enough to get in their first day at Kinkan Academy). He was also in music taking private guitar lessons to hone his talent, as well as the Men's Choir (along with all the boys except Kurt, who had private voice lessons because his voice range didn't fit with the boys, and his sex didn't fit in with the girls). So the blond boy only had about an hour to kill after lunch before his guitar lesson. So he slowly mapped out the gardens so he could one day talk to the pretty dancing flower girl. Today was that day, and thankfully, Sam got there to save the day like a storybook hero (though, in this Story, he wasn't really).

Femio was indeed flirting mercilessly with Freya, who became more and more uncomfortable as Femio really wasn't getting the hint that she would rather be left alone… or rather she wanted Femio to leave her alone.

Sam noticed this, having found the object of his affection in the main garden area, surrounded on all sides by cut roses and a limping bull. Sam hardly shook his head at the scene before he dropped his guitar and ran over to Freya. "Uh, is this man bothering you you, Miss Freya?" he asked.

Freya blinked and latched on to Sam's arm to get away from Femio, "Yes. Oh, Sammy dear, Femio won't take a hint…"

Sam blushed and glanced at Femio, who blinked. He would have gone on, but he remembered Blaine's rule against pushing things if the girl or boy seemed taken. "I'm… I'm sorry to have made you uncomfortable. You should have told me that you were taken by such a handsome young man," he said, then dropped to his knees, putting his hands together in prayer, "Oh Great Spirit, pour judgement upon this sinner!"

To which his partner in crime (Blaine) walked up, took out a red cape, and had the bully chasing them both off into the distance.

Freya looked up at Sam a broke away, "I'm glad you came when you did, Mr. Evans."

"Sam," Sam gulped, "Just call me Sam. Uhm… do want to get coffee later today?"

Freya blushed, "All right. You did save me from Mr. Femio back there so… I owe you as much. I have… ballet at four so… anytime after that…"

Sam nodded, "I have guitar, follwed closely by my beginning ballet class. Is… eight all right?"

"Lovely," Freya replied. After a moment of awkward silence she said, "I have to continue watering these flowers, then I'm done for the day…"

"I have twenty minutes until I have to be in class… can I… just watch you for some of that time?" Sam asked, only feeling awkward about his request after he had made it.

Freya eased the awkwardness away as she beamed at him, "Anything you wish, my knight in shining armor…"

Finn opened the door to his room and saw the two huddled masses on his stepbrother's bed. "How long have you two been wallowing again?"

His stepbrother and Duck had turned up at Finn's door straight after Mytho had said something upsetting that they both had overheard. Duck had stayed in her duck form, pulling her necklace off, not that she'd go in any water for the three or four days it had been since they had taken to Kurt's bed. Kurt, on the other hand, had been wearing the same outfit for the whole time he had been wallowing. It was now rumpled, and Finn was really starting to worry.

"You need to stop wallowing," Finn said, shutting the door and grabbing the comforter and sheet set off the bed. Kurt trained one eye on his brother, the other hid behind his arm. Duck looked off sadly from the crook of Kurt's arm. Kurt moaned and turned over, covering his eyes against the soft afternoon light from the window. Duck hardly moved an inch, even if the nest she had once had thanks to Kurt's drying limb had moved.

"Oh my god," Finn said, rolling his eyes and poking at his brother. "You. Get up, get dressed and get out. Duck, get your necklace back on and get some clothes on. Get up and shower, Kurt!" he said whilst shoving his brother off the bed and pushing him into the bathroom.

Kurt obliged, for some odd reason, and Duck slowly followed her best friend wearily. Finn sighed and placed the blankets back on the bed and left them in a pile. He hadn't meant for Kurt and Duck's depression to last this long when they had come in crying a few days before. So Mytho's Heart Shard of Fear had targeted them as things to be afraid of? Finn was understanding more and more but… Mytho had to get over himself, and the only way that was going to happen was if Prince and Princess Tutu kept returning heart shards to him. One of those Emotions had to be courage…

When Kurt and Duck emerged about an hour later, Finn was writing a letter to the 'rents (it was his turn). Duck was wearing something of Kurt's (since he had both feminine and masculine pieces) and she looked rather cute in her white t-shirt with a slight turtleneck… neckline and dark blue skin tight pants that actually fit her and didn't look painted on like they might if Kurt was wearing them. She was wearing her necklace around the turtleneck part of the shirt, and the sandles she always wore around campus. Her hair was in a French braid, tied together with a pretty red ribbon at the small of her back.

Kurt was wearing a short-sleeved button-down shirt under a tan vest and a normal pair of straight-legged jeans.

"You guys look better," Finn said, standing up. "How do you feel?"

"Refreshed but… not over it yet," Kurt said.

"Look… you guys have to keep up with your mission. The only way for Mytho to be happy is if you complete his heart… and with you wallowing inside all day… well, there's definitely no progress."

Duck nodded and smiled at the other boy, but Kurt did little but give his stepbrother an incredulous stare, "When did you become so… wise?" he asked after a while.

Finn pointed his finger at him with a tight smile on his lips, "Don't make me ruffle your hair, Kurt…"

Kurt fixed his perfectly gelled hair in response and replied, "Don't you dare. But seriously, thanks. I'll personally vote for you for the 'Greatest Brother' award this year."

"Aw, thanks, Kurt," Finn said, taking his brother's hand and squeezing.

"Come on, Duck," Kurt said, turning to his redheaded friend once Finn had let go and they had had a moment. "Let's go outside and take a walk: get some fresh air and whatnot."

Duck smiled at her friend, then kissed Finn's cheek before she left with Kurt, hand in hand with the fashionista.

Mytho was back to normal, but Fakir was keeping watch over him in a shack close to the river. Rue had just finished a visit that had shaken her nerves quite a bit:

"Rue. Why was I so afraid of Kurt and Duck? They've been nothing but kind, gathering my heart shards," the shattered Prince had said, looking up at Rue with his pretty honey-amber eyes.

"Honey, they've been trying to put the Story back in motion. To continue the story and leave you heartbroken once more…" Rue replied.

Fakir was pacing, hardly listening. His discomfort was starting to rub off on Rue, who stopped staring at him to look back at Mytho. She tried to touch him, but he shied away. "Darling, what's wrong?"

"You… you're keeping me prisoner."

"You haven't tried to escape, Mytho," Fakir spat.

"I've thought about it," was Mytho's tiny reply. He looked away from his captors. "I want to see Kurt. I want to apologize for making him sad."

Rue blanched, especially when Mytho gave her an almost angry stare. Then she remembered that Mytho didn't have the heart shard of anger quite yet. Maybe he was using disappointment, sorrow or loneliness and it only came across as anger. "But you said you were afraid of them…of Prince Tutu. And Kurt is—"

"I know what I said," Mytho cut her off, but not angrily. "They were the first… people I saw after gaining the new heart shard. I was… blind-sighted by the new sensation in my chest."

Fakir and Rue exchanged glances. "Fuck," Fakir swore.

"Darling, tell me you love me," Rue said, patting Mytho's hand.

Mytho blinked. "No," he said, the bluntness of the statement making Fakir stop dead in his tracks, his back to the pair on the bed.

He turned slowly, and Rue blinked, getting up before Fakir could fly at the smaller boy. She stopped him, putting her hand on the dark-haired male's shoulders. "No, don't hurt him. Use your words."

Fakir growled low in his throat, and Rue took that as a sign to leave. But as she left, her heart sank. Mytho's feelings were coming back, so of course he wouldn't love her anymore…

She stepped onto her floor, her head in a haze. Of course he wouldn't love her. He would love Kurt. The fashionista had been all Mytho could talk about before receiving the heart shard of fear. Rue had thought that the heart shard of fear would stop this growing romance between the two boys, but… being afraid often wore off after a while. Children who were afraid of the dark once often got over it later, when they grew older and wiser. Mytho was just like one of those children, only he had to grow up faster that was normal…

Rue was thinking so hard that she didn't even notice that her door had been picked open. She merely walked in and set her bag on the table, throwing her unused keys on her vanity. She was one of the lucky people who had a room all to herself, but she often felt lonely. But not right then…

"Hello, Rue," came a voice from her bed.

"Yes, hello," a deeper, more masculine voice came from behind her.

She looked: on her bed was Quinn Fabray, and on the chair next to the table where she often put her bag was Noah Puckerman.

"What… how did you get in?"

"Puckerman here is a master lock-picker," Quinn said, smiling warmly in her accomplice's direction.

"That sounds dirty, Quinn my dear," Puck replied, a smug look on his face.

Rue felt the edge of her vanity pressing into her back, "Just… get out."

Quinn got up, pouting her pretty lips out just a tad, "Aw, baby girl…" she mused, stepping close to the girl. "You looked sad coming up the walk just now. Did your pretty-eyed boyfriend hurt you?"

Rue's eyes widened, "How do you know that?"

Quinn checked her nails before glancing at the other girl, "I can read faces. Believe me, two years with New Directions and you have to know body language and facial expressions. We're a tough crowd, and the only way we express ourselves is through song. We won't actually talk about feelings. So, you have to learn to read others."

"Something I never thought to do," Puck shrugged, "That's why I work with Quinn these days."

Quinn suddenly pulled Rue into a hug and pressed her close, "He hurt you, though…" she whispered.

Puck got up, a look of understanding on his face, "Ooh… he's in trouble."

"No!" Rue said, trying to get away, "No! Don't hurt him. He's… he's like a child. He doesn't know what… what he's saying."

Quinn shot a look at Puck, "We won't sweetheart," she said, a warning in her voice, directed at her partner in crime. "We just want you to be happy. And you don't seem so happy with Mytho right now."

"What you can do for me," Rue said, peeling herself away from both of them toward her window, which was blackening slightly from an onslaught of blackbirds, "is get rid of Kurt Hummel and Duck. They're ruining my perfect world by restarting the Story and giving him his heart back."

Puck shook his head, "Kurt is our friend. The baby of our group. Not in age, of course, but in how much we absolutely…"

"Adore him," Quinn finished, when Puck began to trip up. Everyone had a soft spot for both Duck and Kurt, thought Finn had most of the soft spot for the former. But ever since the Dalton fiasco, New Directions had noticed how much Kurt meant to them all.

"Then you can't help me," Rue said, turning to the window and putting a knee up on the window seat.

Quinn and Puck looked at each other, exchanging wordless instructions. Puck sat on the bed and crossed his legs, placing his elbows on his knees. Quinn approached Rue again, but didn't move to touch her.

"Then you'll need someone else. Because why take away Mytho's happiness? Let him have a little harmless fun, and when Kurt leaves, Mytho'll be all yours again."

Rue gazed out the window, "Someone else?" She blinked, turning to face them again, "And which one of you is willing to be that 'someone else?'" she asked.

"We both are," Puck said, leaning back on his hands. "Two pretty ladies for the Puckasaurus. Plus a lover that knows your body and your emotions, and another lover that fits your carnal desires. Meaning Quinn and myself, respectively."

"You've put a lot of thought into this," Rue said, putting a finger to her lips and taking the tip in her mouth.

"No!" something cawed, banging against the window. "Don't go for the bait!"

Rue spun around, only to see a flurry at her window. At her feet, a black whirlwind floated down to the floor, and when it ended, a pair of black dancing shoes appeared. Rue glanced back at Puck and Quinn, but took a different bait: stepping into the shoes…

… and transforming. In Rue's place was a black-clad lady, her hair up in a ponytail and her aura almost birdlike. She scoffed at the two, looked out the window, and then disappeared in another black whirlwind, this time, of black feathers.

Quinn ran to the window and looked out, seeing the white-haired Prince Mytho sitting at the river's edge, a red glow seemingly speaking back at the amber-eyed boy. Puck had joined her at the window, and as they stared at him, they realized what was going on and bolted from the room.

Duck and Kurt walked for about an hour, just around the city. They were circling back to the school when they noticed Mytho, still in his night clothes, walking along the very edge of the river, hopping over wooden pilings as he spoke to someone in the water. The magical siblings' necklaces glowed, and upon taking another look, they noticed Mytho wasn't talking to anyone, but the water did speak back to him when he spoke.

"A heart shard," Duck whispered, putting up her hand and extending her first finger.

Kurt mirrored her, and the transformation commenced, just as Mytho jumped into the water, being pulled downward.

"Damn that boy," Prince Tutu muttered, grabbing his sister's hand as they ran and dived into the water.

They swam down a bit until they noticed that Mytho was in a protective bubble. Prince Tutu swore out loud, making some bubbles appear in the water and losing air in his lungs in the process. He tightened his grip on Princess Tutu's hand and swam faster toward the bubble. Mytho saw them, smiled, and placed his hand on the inside of the bubble. "Prince Tutu, Princess!" he cried.

Prince Tutu smiled and put his hand on the bubble, pretending to touch palms with the prince. As soon as he touched the bubble, however, it popped. Though they were still floating, they all could suddenly breathe. They had gotten to the bottom of the river, and a little red spirit sat on a rock.

"Who are you?" he asked of the two.

Princess Tutu glanced at Mytho, then at her brother.

Prince Tutu smiled at the heart shard, "Curiosity," he said.

"That's a funny name," the heart shard said, giggling, "who names their child Curiosity?"

"No. You are Curiosity. And Mytho is your home…" Prince Tutu explained, putting his hand out as if to catch the heart shard.

"Oh. That makes a little more sense. I was curious as to how I was so drawn to him…" the heart shard said, standing. He was soon turned into the heart shard, and Prince Tutu clutched at it as Princess Tutu created a whirl of water underneath the three, helping them up to the surface.

Once they were on dry land, Prince Tutu made to give Mytho's heart shard back to him, when a black feather whirlwind stopped him short. He managed to grasp the shard, however. There was a small scoff as the black clad lady appeared. "Hand over the shard, Prince Tutu. Mytho deserves me, not a heart. Things were fine before you came around a ruined it…"

Princess Tutu stepped in front of her boys, "Now you back off, lady. Who are you, anyway?"

Suddenly there was a cry of, "Rue!" and Quinn ran into the clearing, followed by Puck. They caught their breaths quickly. "This is Rue," Quinn said to Prince and Princess Tutu, by way of an explanation.

"Princess Kraehe, actually," the woman said, "But Rue certainly is in here somewhere. Now hand over that shard!"

Prince Tutu clutched it close before tackling Mytho to the ground and shoving the shard in his chest. Princess Kraehe made a shrill cawing noise and lunged at the two, but Prince Tutu covered Mytho, and Princess Tutu threw a beam of strong light over them.

"Don't hurt them!" she cried.

Quinn immediately went behind the cawing raven lady and put her arms around the girl. "No, kitten. Whoever is in your mid telling you that it is Prince and Princess Tutu's fault for your pain, they are wrong."

In the corner of the blonde's eye, she was that Prince Tutu was helping Mytho up, casting thankful glances at her. Puck looked to Princess Tutu, reminded that his best friend (or ex-best friend) was infatuated with the duck-girl. He breathed in and approached the bird lady, who was struggling against Quinn, shrieking at the Tutu siblings to get away from her 'precious prince.' "I'm his One True Princess! I have to be!"

"No, you don't," Puck said, moving a piece of the girl's hair away from her face. "It doesn't say anywhere that you are his One True Princess, Rue…"

"I'm not Rue," Princess Kraehe spat, glaring daggers at him.

Quinn made a shushing noise in the girl's ear, being almost a head taller than the other woman. "Yes you are. She's in there somewhere. And she wants Mytho's happiness more than she wants her own. But if you give in to us, precious, you can be as happy as Mytho will be with his chosen one…"

Puck nodded, "Maybe even happier, with two people who adore and love you. Mytho seems more of the monogamous type anyway…"

He threw a glance at the Princes and Princess, who were quietly slipping away. He nodded at Prince Tutu, who gave his friends a smile of thanks as they ducked off back toward the school, Mytho quietly slipping his hand in Prince Tutu's as he transformed back into Kurt…

"You let them get away!" Kraehe cried, struggling more.

"Rue… you'll be happier and less heartbroken with us," Puck said, turning his gaze back to her.

Kraehe stopped struggling, tears forming in her eyes. "He was the first to show me compassion," she said, remembering. "My father, the Raven of the Story, promised he'd be the only man to love me."

"Well… you've got another man, me, and a lovely lady, Quinn, here. And all we want to do is love you, and for you to love us back," Puck replied, stroking the girl. She slowly transformed back into Rue.

Rue leaned her head on Puck's shoulders, letting her arms go around him as she softened her body into Quinn's. The black whirlwind surrounded her, taking her back to her bedroom, where she allowed Quinn's lips to caress her skin lightly, letting the blonde's fingers tuck under her collar.

"Are you ready for this, Rue?" Quinn asked, her breath against the base of the other girl's neck.

"You say you love me," Rue said.

"We mean everything," Puck corrected. "We wouldn't do anything to hurt you, and we do love you."

"Then I'm ready," Rue replied, placing a fierce kiss on Puck's mouth, throwing him on his back.

She climbed on to the bed and began to undo her blouse, but Quinn stopped her by placing a knee on the bed as she crawled over to the girl and began unbuttoning the jacket and blouse herself, all the while continuing to trail kisses down her neck and exposed flesh. Puck came up behind both girls and placed his hands on Quinn's hips kissing Rue's lips firmly.

Quinn was reminded of something, and turned back to the male in question, "Did you bring the condoms?" she asked.

Puck groaned, pulling away from Rue, "Killjoy," he said.

"I don't want to get pregnant by you again. Nor do I want Rue to, either," Quinn replied, glaring at him.

Puck shrugged his jacket off, but before doing that, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a couple of condom packets, setting them on the bedside table before kissing Rue again. Quinn smiled and pushed off both Rue's jacket and her blouse, wrapping her arms around Rue to take off her bra next. Rue felt useless, so her put her hands under Quinn's shirt and tried to push it off. Puck stopped kissing her to help her take Quinn's tank top off before Quinn began kissing Rue, having unsnapped Rue bra and pulled it off. Puck undid Quinn's bra next, just as Rue unbuckled his belt and the top button of his khakis.

Quinn let Rue come up for air. They all paused, Puck licking his lips and glancing down at the bulge in his pants. Quinn looked at Rue and noticed the fear in her eyes.

"We can stop now."

"No… no… I want this," Rue said, looking at her. "I'm just… this is my first time… with either sex…"

Puck had to bite his knuckle, those words turning on more than ever. Quinn laughed, "Then we'll teach you," she said, unzipping Puck's fly and reaching her hand down his pants, "starting with a handjob…"

Rue nodded, a smile on her face as she placed a kiss on Quinn's mouth and crawled up to Puck, "I must warn you, I'm a very hands on learner," she said, reaching down his pants as well and clasping Quinn's hand.

Quinn squeezed back before gripping little Puck. She looked into the boy's eyes and grinned, "You're in for a treat, Puckerman," she said simply, before she started trailing soft touches down the shaft.

Puck whimpered, looking at Quinn, who had her attention on the bulge in Puck's pants. Rue suddenly kissed him hard, shoving her tongue down his throat and making him moan. Rue's kiss couples with Quinn's hands, now pumping harder at the man's shaft, was ecstasy. He remembered his manners, however, and maneuvered Rue out of her skirt and panties. Her feet were already bare, so she was soon naked as the day she was born.

Puck touched her hips and waist before his fingers were at her entrance. She gasped, looking down at their placement before she looked back up, nodding for Puck to go on. But Puck was stalling, biting his lower lip. "Quinn… I'm…"

"I know," she purred, pulling her hand away.

Puck mouth made a small 'o' shape as he moaned lowly. He paused for a moment before he pulled off his pants and boxers. Quinn looked at her now fully nude companions, shrugged, a shucked off her shorts and panties, folding her legs under her as she turned to Rue. She wiggled her fingers, "Mind if I…"

Rue blushed, but nodded, "Puck was about to…"

"I think I should do the fingering, and Puck should do the entering…" Quinn said, looking at the man. "I'll prepare her, so to speak…"

"You don't want me inside you, Fabray?" he asked, sneering lightly.

Quinn ignored him, laying Rue down on the sheets before she moved down on the bed. Puck moved to the side, taking up his leaky member as he watched Quinn gently put one finger in to Rue, who gasped lightly, but sighed in pleasure as Quinn added another finger and worked inside of her before Rue shrieked, "Oh my god!"

"Found it," Quinn replied, smiling. She scissored her fingers again and Rue shrieked again.

"Oh, she's a screamer," Puck said, hands still pleasuring himself as he watched.

"Thank you for that keen observation, Sherlock," Quinn replied sarcastically, scissoring again. Rue bit her knuckle to keep from screaming again.

After a few more scissor movements, Quinn licked Rue entrance and turned to Puck. "I think she's ready for you, tiger," she said, smiling.

"Stay here… kiss upper body… I got the lower half," Puck said, moving toward the girl.

Quinn moved up to Rue stomach and began licking a trail. She carefully kissed under each breast before she moved to the collar and neck, Rue breath becoming ragged as she did so. Quinn made way for Puck, who angled himself, kissing each thigh before he moved his dick into position and thrust.

Rue whimpered in sheer pleasure, her mouth muffled by Quinn's. She really was in heaven, and she really didn't want to turn back to Mytho now. Mytho would never have treated her like this. Like is One True Princess. But there was still something odd in her gut that was telling her this wasn't right… no matter how right it felt.