Suzaku followed C.C., carrying his younger self. "I hope no one notices anything. Questioning could get awkward."

"Like you care." C.C. smirked at him. "Nice job redressing Lelouch, by the way."

Suzaku almost made a stamina joke, then figured that was kind of obvious. "It was my pleasure."

He frowned as they walked up to a strange blue box and a tall, impatient man with a bow-tie of all things. "…is this your displeased gentleman?"

"He takes rifts in the space-time continuum personally." C.C. shrugged. "I wouldn't take him too seriously; he certainly doesn't."

"Took you long enough." The man clapped his hands together. "Now. This one is memory-free?" He gestured to the unconscious Suzaku. "Excellent. And the other boy? Good, good. And you?" He peered at Suzaku before shrugging. "Ah well, a little trip down memory lane to a memory that you never had before never hurt anyone. Except that one time. Oh, and that other time. Oh! And that–"

Suzaku raised an eyebrow at C.C. "I see what you mean."

"No mockery, I'm far too crotchety to allow it." The man turned (almost twirled) and opened the door. Suzaku gaped for a moment, it was incredible, it was impossible, it was…

"Bigger on the inside?"

"I love that part." The man practically chortled with glee. Suzaku was momentarily reminded of Lloyd.

A girl who looked oddly like an older Shirley, and a man with the aura of an older Rivalz rushed into the main area which was, as Suzaku had noted, considerably bigger on the inside than the outside. "Ooh, is that them?" The girl smirked. "They're cute!" Her accent was impossible for Suzaku to place, but definitely charming, whatever it was.

"And he's taken," her companion reminded her. "…as are you, incidentally. By me, remember?"

"There's no harm in looking." The girl beamed at Suzaku. "Hey, is it true that you came back in time, in a possible position to stop some of the greatest tragedies in your life, and you spent the entire time doubleteaming your boyfriend with your other self?"

Suzaku stared. "…pretty much." She wasn't much like Shirley. More like Milly…


"…and what?"

The girl grinned. "Was it worth it?"

The man with her slapped his forehead. Suzaku grinned right back.

"Oh yeah."