One Thing Leads To Another

Chapter 1



Two wizards stood in a room, both covered by their cloaks so that neither of their faces were visible, in the hands of the first wizard a prophecy was glowing

"Is it done?" The second wizard asked. The first wizard nodded and activated the prophecy

"With the fall of darkness and new king shall rise, taking his queen from the realm of muggle born they shall lead the magical community into new realms. One of brain one of might. Together they shall carry the light"

Present day

Harry was sat in the ever familiar Gryffindor common room, he was surprised that it hadn't changed given the events of the year just gone. He, Hermione and Ron had been on a mission to destroy the horcruxes and put a end to Lord Voldemort's reign of terror. Successful they had been but not without great prices paid. Many had died during the war and many more injured. This would be something remembered by everyone for many years to come.

Harry was interrupted by the entrance of Hermione.

"Hey there you are, Professor McGonagall wants to see us in her office about the elder wand in an hour"

She sat next to Harry knowing that he was deep in thought about everything that had happened.

"It's really over isn't it?" Harry asked turning towards her

"Yes... and No, yes this war is over but no its never over, our lives can start again now that Voldemort is gone for sure this time"

Harry smiled and hugged Hermione, he knew without her he wouldn't have been able to complete the impossible odyssey that he was on. Pulling away he decided to change the subject.

"So you and Ron then, took your time didn't you?" Harry smiled, Hermione's facial expression dropped and gave a weak smile that Harry knew she was faking.

"What?" He asked

Hermione tried to stand but Harry was one step ahead of her and was blocking her from standing

"Hermione what is it?" He asked

"I didn't want you to know because I didn't want to get you hurt" She whispered. Harry could see tears welling up in her eyes.

"Hermione tell me what happened" He said with a reassuring arm around her

"It started at the end of the sixth year, Ron had pulled me aside and asked if I would be his girlfriend, at the time I didn't think it was a good idea because of what was ahead of us, he didn't take it so well. He started to threaten me, saying that if I didn't agree to go out with him he would kill me or even worse kill you... Throughout the last year he kept saying that if I didn't make it seem like I loved him he would kill you when you weren't facing him and as for that kiss... He used the imperious curse on me..."

By the time Hermione had finished she was crying, Harry was shaking with rage. His so called best friend and threatened to kill him all because Ron can't stand rejection, and to use the imperious curse? What kind of sick person was he!

"Harry he told me that if I told you he would kill you, I couldn't let him kill you... I shouldn't have told you now" She tried to get up again but Harry pulled her into a hug instead

"Don't worry Mione, I can handle Ron. No one threatens you and gets away with it. Come on dry those tears, we've got to go" Harry handed her a tissue and then held a hand out to her, she gladly accepted and they walked to the headmistresses office.

When they arrived Ron was already in the room with Ginny and Molly. All Harry wanted to do with attack Ron for threatening Hermione but he held it together, inside his head he already had a plan formulating.

"Ah Harry, as I'm sure you know there is a matter of business that needs taking care of, since you won the duel over the elder wand. You are its rightful owner, it is your decision as to whether you take it or not" Professor McGonagall said as Harry sat down.

Harry without speaking took the remainder of his Phoenix wand out of Hermione's bag, placed it on the table and took the elder wand from the table. Pointing at the broken wand he muttered "Reparo" he watched as the broken wand pull itself together and mended. After it was finished Harry felt a gust of warm air as he pick up the newly repaired wand.

"I think I will take the elder wand and keep it as well as my phoenix wand. Now if you would excuse me professor there is something I need to take care of" Harry said smiling at the professor whom he had the greatest respect for. He turned and walked towards Ron who of course stood dumbfounded as he normally was. Without reacting Harry clenched his fist and punched Ron in the nose instantly breaking it.

"What the bloody hell was that for!" Ron shouted as he stood holding his nose

"Where should I begin, maybe it's for threatening Hermione, maybe it's for threatening to kill me with my back turned or maybe it's because you used the Imperious curse on Hermione forcing her to kiss you! I don't know Ron you decide!"

Ron turned to face Hermione

"You Bitch! I told you what would happen if you told him, like it or not woman you will be mine whether you like it or not!" Ron raised his wand but Harry was faster he disarmed Ron without a seconds hesitation


Surprisingly it was Molly that spoke next

"He is my son, and he's right Hermione is indebted to him for repayment for all that we have done for the two of you the same as you are indebted to Ginny here!"

"What gives you the authority to even begin to tell me who we are indebted to Molly we are not part of your family and we never will be, you may have twisted your children into the perverted people that stand before me but you will never I repeat NEVER get me and Hermione!" Harry yelled

Molly raised her wand but before Harry could disarm her Hermione had the wand in her hand

"Give me back my wand you filthy little Mudblood!" Molly yelled moving towards Hermione, that was the final straw for Harry.

"Stupefy!" Harry stunned Molly and did the same for Ron and Ginny he went to Hermione and then made sure that the three of them were conscious enough to hear what he had to say

"If you ever come near me or Hermione again I swear to you, stunning spells will be the least of your problems! Oh and Molly, if you ever call the woman I love a mudblood again I will curse your tongue off!"

Hermione stood shocked "The woman you what?..."