September 3rd

"Oh good you made it on time!" Luna said as Harry and Hermione walked into the house

"We weren't going to miss this Luna" Harry said

Luna smiled and then approached Hermione with little baby Emma.

"So beautiful" She squealed as Hermione let her hold her.

"We think so too" They both said in unison

"Ok let's get this show on the road" Luna smiled as she led Hermione away with Emma

Harry went to find Neville who was currently with George and Hagrid getting ready for his wedding

"Harry yer here'!" Hagrid yelled as he went to hug Harry

"Hey Hagrid long time no see" He replied returning the hug

"Hey mate how's the little one?" George asked

"She's perfect, an exact replica of Hermione except she has my eyes" Harry smiled

"Ah jus like you with lily Harry" Hagrid smiled as great tears began to stream from his face.

"Exactly" Harry smiled

"Ok enough of this lets focus on the couple of the day! Neville you ready for this?" Harry asked changing the subject

"Oh yes!" Neville replied laughing.

"She looks just like you Hermione" Luna smiled as she got ready

"Yeah she does but she has Harry's eyes. Those brilliant green eyes" Hermione smiled holding her sleeping child

"Does it feel weird being a mum?" Luna asked

"I thought it would but in all honesty it all felt so natural after I heard that cry. I was worried before but now I just think how much I love this child and how lucky I am to know that she's mine" Hermione said with tears in her eyes

"I hope I'm one day I'm as good a mother as you are" Luna replied

"Don't worry Luna I'm certain you will be the greatest mother anyone could ask for" Hermione replied

Luna smiled "Thank you"

The two hugged and Hermione couldn't wait any longer to ask the question her and Harry had agreed on

"Luna would you do me the supreme honour of being Emma's God Mother?"

Luna responded by hugging Hermione being careful not to disturb Emma

"I would love nothing more than you so much for this honour!"

After some more hugging the two got ready for Luna's wedding.

An hour later and everyone was ready for the ceremony to begin. Professor McGonagall was performing the service again. The music began and Harry and Hermione walked down the isle

"I asked Luna" She whispered

"Do I even need to ask what she said?" Harry smiled

Hermione shook her head and the two shared a private laugh before reaching the end of the isle to wait. Luna and Neville had chosen to walk each other down the aisle as Luna's dad had passed away shortly after the war. The music began and all the guests stood.

Neville was wearing his black Dress robes whilst Luna had gone for a traditional white dress. Nothing Fancy nothing to extravagant just simple and elegant. She had a veil over her face and she held a small bouquet of white lilies.

The service was in full swing when it came to the two exchanging vows. Luna went first

"I Luna Lovegood take you to be my lawfully wedded husband. Your my best friend and your one the greatest and kindest people that I've ever known. You've always been full of compassion and love and you were always there for me. So today on this day I pledge myself to you. Forever"

Neville had made a point of letting no one reads in vows.

"I thought this was going to be one of the hardest things to say but then a very wise person told me that Vows weren't about writing something completely amazing and dazzling they were about writing how I truly felt. So Luna Lovegood I take thee to be my wife because I can't think of anyone else that has the personality that you do. I love you Luna and I pledge myself to you always.

The ceremony was completed and the two were married. The reception was in full swing; Harry took Neville to one side

"So how does it feel to be a married man?" Harry asked laughing

"Oh man it's fantastic it's like vie been made whole"

"You soppy git! But anyways that's not what I came to ask you. What I wanted to ask you is if you would be Emma's godfather. I can't think of anyone else better suited for the job"

Neville agreed and hugged Harry.

Everything was right in world again.

15 Years Later

Kings Cross station was as busy as ever on September 1st. A middle aged couple and their 3 children made there was to platform 9 and 10. They reached the platform and a 14 year old girl ran straight through a pillar. A 13 year old boy followed. The woman then smiled at her husband and walked through the barrier. Only an 11 year boy remained with his father. He looked terrified but his father placed a hand on his shoulder

"Come on son we'll do it together" The two ran at the barrier and crossed onto platform 9 and 3 quarters.

Emma Lily Potter was talking to her mother

"Listen I want you and James to keep an eye on Sirius ok?" Hermione smiled

"Course we will!" Emma replied

James walked over to Sirius who had just crossed onto the platform with his dad

"Ready for this Sirius?" James asked

Sirius only nodded.

The two young lads walked to wards the train to drop their trunks off. They then returned to their parents who were waiting with Emma.

"Ok kids try and behave this year. James talking in particular to you there!" Hermione spoke ruffling James hair.

"Oh come on Hermione we can't really talk about behaving. I mean did we ever have a year at Hogwarts were we didn't get into some kind of trouble?" Harry asked

"No but even so. (Facing her kids) Do as we say not as we do!" Hermione smiled at her children

"We'll write you soon. Now go on get on the train I expect that Alice is already waiting for you on the train!"

"Speaking of which where are Aunt Luna and Uncle Neville?" Sirius asked.

"Right behind you kiddo" Neville replied

"Uncle Neville! Aunt Luna!" All three exclaimed as rounds of hugs were shared

Soon enough it was time for the train to leave so after hugs goodbye. The clocked chimed 11 and the train left. All the parents were leaving the station until on Harry, Hermione, Neville and Luna was left.

"Think it will be a quiet year?" Neville asked

"It's Hogwarts what do you think" Hermione replied

Up in the sky following the train on its way to Hogwarts was the unmistakable red and golden phoenix.

Things had never been better


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