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Spanking: Don't freak out. It's not a punishment. Because that wouldn't be a good idea at all, what with the timing, and I've decided that Kurt has a bit of a pain kink. Blaine does it to put him in to subspace, because I think he needs to be in subspace for relaxation/calming purposes.

Man Sex: Again, top!Blaine, bottom!Kurt, but not actual anal sex. I don't know if it counts as top/bottom if there's no anal sex, but it's implied that those are their typical positions. Everyone start warning positions on your gay sex stories. (I was actually going to have anal sex in the story, but it ruined the flow.

Rimming: I know it squicks some, so I decided to warn for it.

Blowjobs: I was warning everything else, so I figured I might as well. On a random note, did you know that if you PM someone and use the term 'blowjob' it gets turned in to two little astricks? But it lets you cuss...

I'll just get on with the story now.

Blaine stopped in the doorway of his room, taking a moment to admire the view. Kurt's ass sticking up, vunerable, always caused him to feel wave after wave of incredible emotion. First was pride. After all, who wouldn't be proud to have a boyfriend that was as astonishingly gorgeous as Kurt?

Pride would soon transcend to possessiveness, because there was no way that he'd ever allow anyone else the honor of seeing his boyfriend like this, not ever. Nobody would ever get to see his boyfriend presented to them like this, just waiting for whatever was decided would happen to him.

Then it changed to determination. He wanted to chose wisely, to make sure that Kurt was given exactly what he needed. Kurt trusted him, trusted him so much. Blaine was never going to do anything to ruin that.

Kurt whimpered from his position on the bed. Blaine chuckled, and moved to sit next to him, his body warm against Kurt's side. He calmly reached out and began stroking his hand up and down Kurt's back lightly for a moment, making sure Kurt was truely comfortable with this. When he didn't flinch or jump, Blaine decided to go ahead. He reached over to his bedside table, removing a few magazines before pulling out the box he kept with their most-used toys. (He had more of course, burried amongst the junk in his closet.) He removed a small leather strap, and brought it to Kurts lips.

"Open up, sweetheart." He gently placed the strap in Kurt's mouth, smiling at his boyfriend's wide eyes. He brushed the bangs back from Kurt's forhead, giving a reassuring kiss to his boy's temple. "I don't want this coming out of your mouth until I take it out, understand? Not unless you need to safe-word."

Kurt nodded.

"Good boy," Blaine murmered against his ear, before moving back behind Kurt. He had to stop himself from breaking in to a grin when Kurt shivered in delight at the compliment. "Now then, back in to position, baby. Stick that ass up." He punctuated the statement with a quick slap to Kurt's ass. He didn't even bother to stop the self-satisfied smirk he got when Kurt obeyed immediately, dropping his head to rest on his hands and arching his back slightly to give Blaine the best acess he could.

Blaine dropped kisses at the base of Kurt's spine, before slowly leaning down to breath hotly over his hole. Kurt shuddered, and Blaine pinched his thigh lightly.

"Try to keep still, angel. You know I'll stop if you can't control yourself." He returned his attention to Kurt's entrance, licking over it once before plunging his tougue in roughly. He circled around, slowly tracing a few vowels before he began fucking his boy with his toungue harshly. He didn't worry about hurting Kurt, not really. His boy usually used a finger on himself before coming to the house, unless instructed not to. Besides, Kurt enjoyed a little pain with his pleasure. It heightened the sensations of whatever Blaine was doing, and he loved being able to feel what Blaine had done to him even after it was all over. Actually, speaking of pain...

"Kurt honey," Blaine asked, wiping his chin as he sat up. "I know spankings are usually reserved for the weekend, but you've been such a good boy today. I think you deserve a nice one, don't you?" He pulled Kurt up to his knees, and pushed at him so he'd turn around. Kurt kept his head down, but Blaine could see the way the edges of his lips were turned up slightly in happiness. Blaine placed himself so that his legs hung over the edge of the bed from the knee down. He turned to Kurt expectantly.

Kurt practically flung himself over Blaine's lap, much to his boyfriend's amusement.

"Eager, aren't you?" he asked, rubbing his hand in circles on Kurt's lower back. "Good." He brought his hand down, smirking when Kurt moaned a bit around the strap stuffed in his mouth. He slowly created created a rytham, spanking Kurt relentlessly with barely a second between each smack, being careful to give equal attention to every inch of Kurt's ass cheeks and the tops of his thighs. He waited until Kurt's muffled moans and exclaimations had turned into the barely audible whimpers that he knew meant his boy was well out of it, before calmly reachind down to remove the strap from his mouth, pulling it out slowly as Kurt turned his head to look at him with glassy eyes.

"I'm going to take you just a bit higher, alright love?" Kurt opened his mouth lazily.

"Mmkay. I mean, I mean yes, Mas-"

"Shhh," Blaine cut him off gently. "It's fine, baby, I understand. You just relax, know I've got you." He leaned down and pressed a kiss between Kurt's shoulder baldes. "Now then, I think a nice, even twenty should do."

Kurt moaned in agreement, and Blaine brought the strap down, right across the underside of his ass. It would hurt more then usual, what with Kurt's spit making it wet, but Kurt would be the last to complain. Blaine actually had to set the number to ensure that he'd not under-do it. It was really loud, and Kurt's skin turned pink really easily, so he tended to want to quit earlier then he should. But that wasn't what Kurt needed, and Blaine was determined to give him what he needed. Even though he was in charge, everything that they did was ultimately determined by Kurt's needs.

When he had finished giving Kurt the spanking, he dropped the strap to the floor, before rubbing gently at Kurt's thouroughly reddened ass. He waited a moment for Kurt to regain control of his breathing, before gently lifting the lighter boy off of him and laying him down on the bed on his back. Kurt whimpered when his ass hit the bed, but Blaine ignored it, crawling up and straddling Kurt's chest. He ran his fingers through Kurt's chestnut hair, murmuring softly.

"Hush baby, I'll do all the work this time. Just open up that pretty little mouth for me."

Kurt opened his mouth, looking down and watching as Blaine released his cock from his jeans. Blaine scooted up, and led his cock between Kurt's plump, pink lips. After easing himself all the way in until Kurt's nose was nestled against his body, he spent a moment caressing Kurt's face until he relaxed his throat. Then, without warning, he pulled out and plunged back in. He fucked Kurt's mouth roughly, not halting for a moment and enjoying the vibrations Kurt made by moaning around his cock.

"That's my good boy, taking everything you're given. I know how much you love this, angel, you're moaning is clue enough. My perfect little cocksucker, but only mine, nobody else's. Mmm, God, I'm going to come. Look how fast you're getting me to come, baby. Such a good boy..."

Blaine came deep down Kurt's throat, not even giving Kurt the option of swallowing.

After he came down from his orgasmic high, he tapped Kurt's cheek, signaling the other boy to open. He tucked himself back in to his pants, before moving down so that he was faced with Kurt's cock. He kissed at Kurt's hips and thighs, sucking little marks and making sure Kurt was desperate, whimpering and squirming before ghosting his mouth along his shaft. Kurt shivered at the feeling, and Blaine smirked lightly, looking up at Kurt's flushed face.

"Now, I don't suppose this will take very long, will it?"

Kurt shook his head.

"No, Master. I wouldn't think so."

Blaine grinned, sticking his tougue out to run along his boy's cock. Kurt's gasp was very encouraging, so without any more delay, he engulfed Kurt's cock in his mouth, sucking lightly.

"Oh," Kurt sighed happily. "Thank you, Master."

Blaine hummed, twisting his tougue around his boyfriend's throbbing sex. A moment later, he pulled back, and crawled up Kurt's body to kiss and bite at his neck. He reached a hand down to pump Kurt's erection, while continuing to make the largest hickey he could at the base of Kurt's neck. Once he was satisfied with the large, dark mark, he leaned up to nip at the smaller boy's ear.

"You can come now, baby. Come for me."

Kurt obeyed, sending his load all over Blaine's hand and his own stomach. Blaine pumped him through his orgasm, stopping only when Kurt whined from his sensitivity. Blaine raised his cum-covered hand to Kurt's mouth, waiting patiently until Kurt got the idea and pick his head off the pillow and lick his hand clean. Blaine smiled at him, and gave his lips a quick peck before reaching over to his bedside table to grab the pack of baby wipes he kept there for such occasions.

After cleaning Kurt up, Blaine lay back on the bed and opened his arms invitingly.

"Come here."

Kurt was immediately in his arms, burying his face in Blaine's chest. Blaine smiled contently, running his hand up and down Kurt's arm absently. They settled in to a comfortable silence, both too tired to do much besides cuddle drowsily. Blaine did break the silence for one moment to issue a last order before they went to sleep.

"Hey, angel?"

Kurt turned a bit in his arms so that he could look at his face.

"Yes, Master?"

Blaine smiled, tapping his fingertips against the rather large mark he'd made earlier.

"I'm of course willing to allow you a scarf for when we're around those ignorant jocks, so as not to encourage them to say something," he growled a bit, squeezing Kurt, before regaining composure. "But I hope you know that you'll be expected to show this off during glee club."

Kurt smiled dreamily, settling back against Blaine's chest.

"Anything you want, Master."

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Also, I've never actually used a leather strap, so I did a bunch of google research. Apparently they sound a lot worse then they actually are, so that's why Blaine gets nervous with the sound.

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