Alice was resting by the tree, her blue eyes fluttering in the warm summer air. Her pet cat nuzzling at her apron and the large tree was providing a shade. Her mother and sister were inside their large country home having tea. Tea came from India. Alice liked knowing these facts. They made her feel smarter. She thought that she was smart. She thought that she was very smart considering her age. Her father was out with a business associate… A writer, she had been told. She liked writers. But more importantly she liked books. The kitten moved restlessly on her lap before jumping up and running away. Hazily, Alice opened her eyes and saw Kitty chasing after a tall man with white hair tied into pigtails. She stood up and followed Kitty.

"Kitty!" She cried. "Leave the man alone!"

Alice decided that the man looked like a rabbit. That was the only way to describe him. She hurried after him as he quickly made his way through the trees.

"Hey!" She cried. "Wait!" For you see, the man had dropped his pocket watch. Alice held it in her hand for a second, an engraving of a rabbit on the back. She leapt to the conclusion that this man was called 'Rabbit'. "Oh, Mr Rabbit!" She cried, running after him. "Mr Rabbit sir, you dropped your watch!"

The Rabbit man did not stop. He continued through the trees as they became thicker and denser. Alice liked that word… Denser…

"Oh Mr Rabbit!" She called again, almost tripping over one of the many trunks that were spindling from the ground, getting higher and higher. So much so that little Alice could walk under them without needing to fold her head against her chest. Mr Rabbit seemed to disappear around one of the trees. She followed him. How strange that a grown man would play hide and seek with her? Though pity, she had not been informed that it was hide and seek… What a silly thing to do, to play hide and seek with one and not tell the other that they were playing the game. It did not give the other a fair chance.

Alice crept around the tree, pushing her blonde hair from her face. "Curious!" She said. "Mr Rabbit seems to have disappeared! Oh – but I must return his watch, for he will never know the time if he does not have his pocket watch!"

She hurried around the tree further, but stumbled in her footing and fell. And she did not stop falling. She continued to fall. Around her objects seemed to fly by. A mirror was edging towards her, brass and ornate. Alice held out her hand as to stop herself from falling and breaking it, because she knew that would give her 7 years bad luck. But she did not break the mirror. Quite the contrary, she seemed to pass through it as though it was water. Then her falling seemed to quicken a great deal. She felt dizzy.

"Oh," She said. "I do hope that I am not sick! I wouldn't like to ruin Mr Rabbit's nice things!" She moved past the many books falling faster and faster until she hit soft ground.

She stood up and wiped her dress down, muddy from where she fell. She looked around, her eyes glazing over the landscape. It certainly was strange. Huge concrete buildings that towered, like a city, the ground beneath her feet suspended above ground. So far up that little Alice was scared. She clung to the trees, hoping that she wouldn't fall.

There was a scurrying of feet and Alice saw Mr Rabbit run around the buildings. He stopped and patted his coat pocket.

"Oh Mr Rabbit!" Alice cried running up to him. "You dropped your watch!"

Mr Rabbit turned. He took the watch from her and looked at her carefully. "You are not from here."

"No," Alice said. "I'm from Kensington, London."

"London?" Mr Rabbit said.

"Yes, but I sometimes spend time at my country home… My father has a country home you see! My father is Charles Kingsleigh,"

"Charles Kingsleigh?"

"Oh, so you have heard of my father?"

"No," Mr Rabbit peered closer, his blue eyes sparkling. "Are you an oyster?"

"I beg your pardon?" Alice said affronted. "I am not and oyster! How dare you say such a thing?"

Mr Rabbit peered at her. "Not an oyster?"

"Not an oyster," Alice said adamantly.

"I have no time to talk to a child." Mr Rabbit said.

"Oh but please, have you seen my kitten?" Alice asked, following him slightly worried of the height to which she might fall.

"Your kitten?"

"Yes, her name is Kitty!"

"Highly original," Said Mr Rabbit. Alice frowned. She did not recognise the tone that he was using.

"Mr Rabbit," She said. "I do believe that you are being very rude."

"And I do believe that you are holding me up from my meeting with the Queen!" Mr Rabbit said annoyed.

"You know the Queen?" Alice asked, inquisitive. "How do you know the Queen?" Alice had read about the Queen before. She had heard that the Queen liked to sit and have cups of tea with her 5 daughters. Alice wanted very much to play with the Queen's daughters. "They must have the best toys," She wondered out loud.

"What?" Mr Rabbit said.

"I said that they must have the very best of toys," Alice repeated a little louder.

"Who?" Mr Rabbit asked.

"The Queen's daughters!" Alice said indignantly. "My, have you been living under a rock these past years?"

"Why on earth would I be living under a rock?" Mr Rabbit asked, rolling on his feet, anxious to get away but not willing to break the young girls' heart.

"I don't know," Alice wondered. "It's what my mother always says when I do not know anything,"

"The Queen does not have any daughters," Mr Rabbit said. "The Red and White Queens do not have children, and the Queen of hearts has one son."

"You have to meet all three Queens?" Alice wondered. "My, you must be busy. Thank goodness none of them have a King by their side."

"Oh they all have Kings," Mr Rabbit said. "I have to go now,"

"Please, Mr Rabbit," Alice said rushing after him. "I need to know where my kitten is! I can't go home without her!"

"Which thusly brings me to my next point," Mr Rabbit said. Alice did not know what 'thusly' meant but she knew that her father used it and it was a big important word that many grown-ups liked to use.

"Yes?" Alice asked.

Mr Rabbit stared at her. "Never mind," He said. "Go home,"

"Which way is home?" Alice asked.

"Don't you know where you are?" Mr Rabbit asked.

"Why, some sort of strange land," Alice guessed. "I assume I am dreaming,"

Mr Rabbit smiled. "No," he said. "You are in Wonderland."

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