A.N: This is just a guess as to what might be the next chapter for Azusa's part.

"Jun and I have instruments...Ui has shown me that she can play guitar." Azusa thought looking at her two new club members.

Sumire, a servant from Mugi's' family looks like her minus the thick eyebrows (shorter length of light blonde hair) and this new girl Okuda with glasses & ear length black hair is...Energetic but clumsy...

A realization struck her.


Okuda is like Yui but with glasses and no hair clip and not a hugging machine.

She began to worry.

"If you're going to become members of this club you both will need an instrument to play or be a great singer!" Azusa said with confidence.

"I- I can play violin." Sumire stammered while being hugged by Ui.

"You're energetic Okuda do you know of an instrument you would like to play?"

Okuda put a finger to her chin and did a unncessary spin for fun and ended it with her finger in the air.


"Alright let's go to a intstrument shop and try some out for you." Azusa said pounding a fist into her palm.

Everyone nodded but Sumire looked tense.

Would now be the perfect time to take away the tea set or...

She was dragged by Ui as they headed for the instrument shop.