The pulse and electricity from just holding a drum stick surged through Sumire. A conflict of emotions between having fun and doing her duty was released into the form of a heavy beat.

The other girls looked on in awe. She played with a elegant energy that was rough and kept in tempo with an imaginary tune. Azusa and Jun were counting while Ui clasped her hands and her mouth was open with admiration.

Ookida looked as well and smiled yet her gaze couldn't focus on Sumire and wondered to a shelf.

Sumire panted and the other girls clapped. Ui looked around for their younger member and found her.

"My sister knew how to play those when she was younger." Ui said looking over her shoulder.

Ookida nodded and picked them up and started to play them wildly.

Somehow they shattered in her grasp and the Ui looked alarmed as it crumbled into dust under her fingers.

"Oops." She said she put a hand on the back of her head.

"I guess before we can decide on an instrument we need to work on your coordination." Azusa said, approaching them as she was sweating bullets.

"Sumire do you really want these?" Sawako asked her.

Sumire figgeted a bit and looked anywhere but her eyes.

Ui grabbed her from behind and whispered into her ear: "Stay calm and relax. If you like it, than keep doing it otherwise just decide on something else and keep trying."

Sumire's muscles relaxed and Ui let go as Sumire nodded as she looked into Sawako's eyes.

Sawako smiled and got the money out of her purse.

"Ok but Ui still needs an instrument." Jun said looking at all of them.

"Ui what do you want to play?"

"Something piano like. An organ is fine or maybe an accordian..." She said looking up with her arms crossed and her left index finger in her mouth.

"I guess we need to get you a keyboard..." Jun said looking around.

"You know, I have a laptop at home that I could use to hook up to an online instrument." Ui said.

"Electronic? While a bold choice for a direction for our band, we need to first how to play together and let the sound blend well."

Ui agreed but looked around, all she saw were classic pianos.

"We still need a lead singer..." Ui said.

"I propose we sing a song we like and try from there at the next meeting. Take some time to pick one and memorize it." Azusa said.

"You're a horrible singer though." Jun told Azusa.

"We will meet tomorrow and see who can sing until than don't think too hard about it and finish your homework!" Azusa said dismissing the group.

But they stayed together as Sumire purchased the drum set.