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The rich and the poor

The Poor

Through someone's actions, we can gather many things from them; We can see their emotions, and how they feel. We can see what they want, and how they are going to react. We can see pain, and how someone is hurting either internally, or externally.

I remember my mother once telling me something, it was something I remember clearly, but I don't understand it.

"It is not the size of one's heart that matters, it is the companions and friends he is surrounded by that define them." What does that mean? I really don't know

"STOP, THIEF," shouted a man at a market stall as a young brunette darted away, upon hearing the loud shout, clutching a loaf of bread to his chest. He ran from the main street down the back alleys, hearing the sound of feet following him from behind, shouting and cursing at him as he ran. This was bad, he needed to lose them before he reached the safe house or he was going to be in a lot of trouble. He rounded another corner with pinpoint accuracy and managed to get the lead a little, hoping he could give the men the slip, however, luck wasn't on his side.

"Stop you fucking brat!" came the merchants booming voice as he threw a rock at the young boys leg, hitting his ankle with deadly accuracy. The now injured teen yelped out in pain as he came to a grinding halt and fell to the ground in a heap, clutching the food he had stolen a minute ago. The man and a few of his colleges surrounded the brunette, each of them holding some form of weapon. The boys ocean blue eyes widened in terror as they grinned down at the helpless teen.

"N…no…please don't!" Shouted the boy as they began to hit him repeatedly with the various weapons, some made from wood, some from metal. It didn't matter what they were made from, the pain was still immense.

"Fucking brat! Maybe you should learn not to steal!" the stall owner spat, hitting the brunette with the metal pole causing him to cry out in pain and cough uncontrollably, but he still clutched the bread, it was as if it was his life, it was that or go another week without food, which was not an option.

The men laughed at his determination.

"Just give it up kid, give us the food you stole and we'll call it even," the man stated, as if trying to taunt the younger boy.

"Fuck you!" the brunette shouted staring up at the owner of the shop through deep blue eyes that spewed hatred from them. The man just grinned at him and proceeded to pull him to his feet, which the boys legs protested against.

"L…LET ME GO YOU BASTARD," the teen shouted out before he was pushed into the wall with great force.

"Awww, the boys got a potty mouth…well…let me show you where that mouth gets you kid!" the man grinned more and grabbed the brunettes hands and pinned them above his head. Instantly the teen latched onto what this dirty man had in mind for him.

"No…please…I beg you!" blue eyes began to tear up, as the man only grinned in response, pushing the boys shirt up and running a harsh hand over the boys untouched body, making him shudder and whimper in response. The mans hand was rough to the touch, gliding his hand down the young teens body was a discomfort to him, especially when he felt the older mans hand pulling down his worn shorts.

"NO! STOP PLEASE!" the boy begged before he was turned to face the wall and felt a tearing pain deep inside him, it hurt so much he couldn't even speak, not even force a whimper out, he felt the pain reaching further into him, mercilessly pulling him in two from the inside out, all the time the old man just groaning and moaning.

"Jeez kid! You're tight," the man felt like he was going to release from just being inside him. All the brunette could do was stand there shaking, the pain was to much, and before he knew it silent tears had began to fall down his cheeks. When the brunette final found his voice, it was nothing more than a dull whisper that was only just audible;

"Please…no more…it hurts" the boy whispered as the man ignored his plea and began to thrust hard into him forcing the boys mouth open wide with no sound to come out.

"S…shit…I'm coming!" the man shouted as he pushed up, hitting a spot the boy had never been hit in before and releasing deeply into him. Harshly he pulled out of the boy and threw him to the ground, doing up his pants as he looked at the emotionless teenager. He put the bread back into the brunettes arms.

"Y'know what? Keep the bread" he laughed hard, "It was worth it if that's gonna stop you stealing from me!" He could see the boys emotionless eyes cast a gaze on him that gave a question, unfortunately, he didn't care what the question was, he just turned and walked away, leaving the boy on the ground bleeding and covered in semen. And just when things couldn't get any worse, the rain came, covering his fragile and weak body with the cold liquid.

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