The Strangest Day of My Life

Chapter 1

Have you ever had a feeling like your entire life is about to change in the next few moments. Well I haven't; I was awoken by my dog Ginger Ann at 3 am to let her out too pee. It was pouring outside my apartment building. I was thankful that there was an alleyway next to the building that Ginger could go to the bathroom late at nights like this. Coast City wasn't exactly lively in this part of town, especially at this time of night. Most of the people who I lived near are a little unsavory but they keep to themselves and don't poke their noses in other people's business no matter what the situation, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Getting back to the feeling that people always seem to get right when something big is about to happen; I didn't get it which made what happen next extremely surprising and terrifying. I was just standing at the end of the alley waiting for Ginger to do her business when WHAM something fell out of the sky right into the center of the alley. It didn't make an extremely loud noise but it did make the ground shake like a very minor earthquake was going through. Ginger must have seen it coming because after I took a second to compose myself I noticed she was huddled behind my legs. It was dark but I could make out a humanoid shape in the center of the alleyway. I stood there for several seconds waiting for the windows to open, for people to start screaming or even for a car alarm to go off but nothing happened. My heart was beating rapidly in my chest as I clutched my coat to me tighter since I was only wearing a thin tee-shirt and pajama pants; after several minutes of nothing happening I decided to approach whatever had fallen from the sky.

My first thought was that it was the satellite from the roof of the building but I knew that our satellite couldn't make the ground shake and that kind of outline. It didn't move so I continued to approach it and realized it was a person and started to worry that they might be dead. I finally reached their side and saw that he was turned away from me and that he was wearing some kind of full body suit. I was now afraid I might have some dead superhero on my hands which I was definitely not comfortable with. I knelled next to him and waited a few seconds for him to move. I was greatly relieved to see that he was breathing though it looked very shallow and painful. Finally having built up the courage I rested one hand on the back of his neck, I noticed that his hair was short and was very glad to only feel water running down his neck. I then put my right hand on his arm and gently rolled him towards me while keeping his head elevated.

I was surprised to say the least, not that he was sporting a suit similar to that of the Green Lantern no, I was surprised that he was a deep pinkish color. Once I got over the fact that I was touching an alien I noticed in the very dim light of the alley that he had two large wounds on his body, one looked like a burn that started just above his right collarbone and went diagonally to the center of his chest; it was roughly three inches at its widest and about six to seven inches in length. The other wound was on left side of his right leg and appeared to be a large gash about five inches in length and I was having difficulty seeing how wide it was due to the fact that the alleyway was extremely dark and the fact that is was oozing a lot of purplish blood. I noticed that Ginger had moved up next to me but stayed just a little behind me, clearly frightened.

Since no one had come outside and the fact that not a single car had gone by since I came out I decided to help him. I put my left hand under his back and with my right hand at the back of his neck I raised him into a seated position and put his left arm over my shoulder so he wouldn't have a lot of weight on his injured side. Once I stood up I realized he was really heavy for my 5'4 120 pound body to limp into my apartment.

Grabbing him around the waist I leaned him against me and tried my best to keep his feet from dragging to much as I walked down the alley to the door of my apartment building. Ginger followed about a foot behind us and when we reached the door I had a lot of difficulty getting it unlocked with only one hand and dead weight leaning against me. Finally I got it open and was grateful to see the elevator was on the first floor since my place is on the top floor of the apartment building. I limp us into the elevator and Ginger follows and I was very thankful that there were only three floors to the building because I wasn't sure whether I was going to be able to hold him for much longer.

I was relived to get to my apartment knowing that there was no one in the apartment across from me, since the city was just finished being rebuilt after it was destroyed by an alien known as Mongul many of the buildings and schools were empty because not a lot of people have moved back yet, hell there was only one other tenant in this whole building and he lived on the second floor. The instant I got my apartment door unlocked I headed straight for my bedroom. My apartment was a fairly simple one bedroom, one bath with a full kitchen and a small living room area. Once inside my bedroom I laid him down on the bed as gently as I could and I ran to the bathroom and grabbed my first aid kit that I rarely had to use and as many of my black and dark green towels that I could grab. Going back to my bedroom I saw that Ginger Ann was sitting at the side of the bed, she gave me an unsure look with her big brown eyes.

I shooed her out of the room and after shutting the door I climbed onto the bed and sat next to the alien and I was finally able to get a good look at him. Except for the fact that he was a deep pinkish color he looked human, the only strange thing about the way he looked was the fact that he had some very dramatic eyebrows that went well with his mustache. I began placing some of the towels under his right leg and right shoulder to stop the blood from soaking into my only set of sheets, while I was doing this I was examining his uniform looking for a way to get it off so I could properly tend to his wounds. Looking it over I realized he wasn't a Green Lantern due to the fact that his suit was yellow and that the symbol on his chest was different.

I lifted his head to get to the back of his suit to see if there was some way to get it off; then his eyes snapped open, his right hand grabbed my wrist painfully and my left arm was wrapped in something as I was pulled down till I was inches from his face. I looked over and saw that a yellow chain had appeared out of nowhere and he had wrapped it around my wrist painfully tight and was using it to keep me at eye level though I don't know why, the instant his eyes opened he started muttering gibberish that I only caught bits and pieces of; he kept repeating something about The Guardians and some kind of entity. When I turned back towards him he released my wrist and grabbed my neck forcing me to look him directly in the eye. His eyes were glazed over like he wasn't really looking at me. I was doing my best to control my breathing in case it caused him to start choking me which was really difficult for me to do since I was absolutely terrified.

After being frozen in that position for what felt like an eternity he went limp just as quickly as he had awoken. I waited a few seconds before moving but his eyes stayed closed and he didn't move apart from breathing; I sighed as I sat up and a wave of relief washed over me. Looking him over I saw his ring and quickly removed it afraid of whatever else he could create in his delusional state. The instant it was off his suit vanished to reveal that he wore nothing underneath. My eyebrows rose in surprise as I had my first introduction to alien physiology; so I dashed to the bag of clothes my ex-boyfriend had left in my bathroom and pulled out a pair of pajama pants before I rushed back to my bathroom and somehow lifted him enough with my tired body to get the pants on him before I felt even more awkward.

The instant that was done I reached for the alcohol and towels wanting to just clear that out of my mind while I had some alien lantern bleeding out on my bed. I grabbed his leg and pulled up the pant to grab him right bellow his knee, I was unsure of how aware he was right now as I poured some of the alcohol all over the gash along his leg revealing that it wasn't as bad as it had appeared. It was five inches long but was barely an inch wide but it did look deep. The instant the alcohol hit his leg he tensed up but didn't do anything else thankfully. When the foam began to fizzle I moved up and tried to think of how to take care of the burn on his chest. It looked really bad and pouring the alcohol on it would be extremely painful and I had no idea what he would do especially since he had finally relaxed after taking care of the first wound.

Finally making a decision I straddled his waist and used my knees to pin his arms to the bed in case he started lashing out. After taking a deep breath I poured a generous portion of the alcohol onto the burn across his chest washing away most of the blood. He tensed up and I could feel him trying to raise his arms as he groaned while his chest lifted of the bed as the alcohol fizzed destroying all the bacteria and possible infection that could have been growing in his wounds. After a few seconds he sighed as he slumped down onto the bed sweating lightly as he took a few deep breaths before he calmed.

I got off of him, put the alcohol away and washed out his wounds with some water and a washcloth before wrapping his wounds up with some gauze before pulling the sheets over him and finally giving myself a chance to breathe and collect myself. I shut off the lights closed the door of my bedroom before sitting in front of it. Ginger walked over and rested her head in my lap before giving me a look like 'what the fuck is going on'. Looking around my apartment I realized that if I wanted to sleep tonight I would have to share my bed with an alien since I don't have a couch, only a few armchairs, a coffee table and a small TV since the rest of the space in my living room has been taken over by my finished and half finished paintings. I have tried to sell them but I've only sold a few and have been living off of two part time waitressing jobs to pay for rent and everything else.

I tried to think of what I should do tomorrow or what to do when he woke up but I was drawing a blank; nothing was coming to my mind so sighing I opened the door and tried to think of what to do about our sleeping arrangements. I grabbed the comforter that was at the end of the bed because it's too hot to use and I made a wall between him and me before going to the bathroom and changing into some different pajamas since mine have become soaked by the rain and blood. I crawled into bed and faced away from him half hoping to wake up and realize it was all a very realistic dream.


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