WARNING: there is sex near the end of the chapter I will mark that section off for those it may offend.

The Strangest Day of My Life

Chapter 5

I awoke the next day feeling horrible I had a terrible headache and I was freezing cold along with a bad stomach ache. Groaning I rolled over forcing Ginger off of the bed and tried to ignore the pain and go back to sleep. I don't know exactly how long I was in bed; occasionally I would wake up to see one of the servants trying to feed me a bowl of soup. If I were to count up the amount of meals I ate as a reference to time I would have been out for close to two days.

I was definitely glad to get out of bed. I've always had the ability to sit in a certain place for a large amount of time but even I could only be cooped up for so long. When I finally got around to leaving my room I noticed something was different. The servants were more quiet than usual and I occasionally ran into two or three of them talking in hushed voices which was weird because they usually acted as if they barely knew each other. The house even felt different, it felt even gloomier than before which seemed almost impossible with how empty the place was. Ginger and I seemed to be the only ones kept out of the loop, it was really hard to tell what the servants were feeling due to the fact that they completely ignore me and rushed out of the room so fast I barely get a glimpse of them.

The next two days were like this and it wasn't before the first day was over before I started to worry about what could possibly have them all flustered. I began to think up wild ideas as to what could be wrong, was Sinestro dead? Was the place going to be attacked? Did Sinestro change his mind about being so nice to me after I practically rejected him? These thoughts ran through my head through those two days along with what I was already freaking out about.

I had no idea what to do, there was no way of communicating with Sinestro or anyone else for that matter and I hated being kept out of the loop especially since everyone was acting so cryptic and partially because I was extremely bored. My mp3 died and there wasn't a single sign of pen or paper in the entire house and I was feeling full to the brim with the need for creative output. I knew it wouldn't be long before I would start rearranging furniture or started using the books to make sculptures.

It thankfully ended the next morning or the fifth day since I last saw Sinestro and I woke up to an unusual sight. I had rolled over drowsy and not really wanting to get out of bed just yet to see a vase on the end table full of some extremely beautiful flowers that I couldn't possibly identify. The very center of the bloom was a deep purple almost black which faded till the very ends were an almost freakishly clean white. I was so shocked I bolted up into a sitting position which startled Ginger and got her roaming around the bed confused. Moving closer I saw a piece of paper leaning against the vase and picked it up. It was a note from Sinestro.

'Hello Elizabeth I apologize for not seeing you right away but I have some quick business to attend to before I return and I will be back before nightfall. These flowers are for you along with the dress laid out at the end of the bed, please wear it and make yourself presentable before sundown. I expected you would be tired of being cooped up for so long so I thought you would enjoy going out tonight, I won't tell you where it's a surprise see you soon.


This was definitely not what I expected to wake up to after a few days of being kidnapped by an alien super villain. I was completely confused, except for the last time I saw him he acted as though I were a burden he couldn't wait to have lifted from his shoulders and now he was treating me like he actually cared. I had no idea what he had planned I still kept the thought that he could be trying to earn my trust for some unknown purpose. But thinking about that couldn't really help me much except for reminding me to keep my guard up which I know I won't forget remembering how intimidating he can be.

So I just wandered around until about two when I couldn't take the boredom anymore and decided to get ready. I took a long shower before getting dressed and brushing my hair thoroughly making sure there weren't any tangles. After that it was a waiting game, it was hard to resist the urge to pick Ginger up since I didn't want to get any dog hair on the dress which was rather beautiful. It was a deep blue and made of a fabric I couldn't identify but felt similar to silk except it wasn't quite as delicate, it didn't have any straps and showed off a little cleavage and the back was cut slightly lower but nowhere near being inappropriate. It was a rather elegant dress and I had no idea what Sinestro could be taking me to where this dress would be appropriate; the high heels I wasn't too fond of, the heel wasn't horribly high and they weren't uncomfortable but I haven't ever been all that coordinated and would probably trip several times before the night was through.

Sinestro was definitely true to his word I waited a little over an hour before I could hear footsteps coming down the hall. I hurried out the door with Ginger in tow as usual. I almost ran into Sinestro he was so close to the door. I stumbled not liking the heels one bit but he caught me around the waist and set me back onto my own two feet again. He was definitely dressed for something formal. It wasn't quite a suit seeing as the cut was different but it had the same crisp and elegant look to it. Looking into his eyes I could see that he was still wearing his ring since his eyes were the same yellow and black.

"You should be more careful Elizabeth you could get hurt running about." He said with an amused smile.

"I am fine I'm just not used to heels."

"Uh huh I'm sure you are." It was definitely weird to see Sinestro joke or smile for that matter. Though looking him over he looked worn out and his shoulders were slouched like he couldn't wait to rest. "So my servants tell me you were sick for a few days."

"Yeah, it wasn't too bad I just wasn't expecting it…. So where are we going?" I asked curious.

"Ah I don't want to ruin the surprise but I guess we could go over some ground rules before we go. First and foremost we will not look like ourselves; my ring allows me to make constructs that are so fine they can appear like skin and bone."

"How will my appearance change if it's going through your ring?"

"That's the tricky part you must stay in physical contact with me whenever we are around others. The fact that you are human will attract a lot of attention and it would be best if we avoided that. That's pretty much it so are you ready to go?" He looked genuinely excited which caused me to crack a smile.

"Yeah I'm ready when you are." With that he picked me up bridal style and walked us to the study. There he stared at me clearly focusing a lot as I saw an amazing thing happen, my skin turned the same magenta color as Sinestro's but other than that I appeared the same. He then closed his eyes and I watched as his features slowly changed, well more like they were slightly altered to make him appear like a different person.

Once our appearances were properly changed we flew out the window. I was very grateful that this flight was quite a bit smoother than the last one. He flew us threw the city keeping a safe distance above it until he spotted what must have been our destination. He landed in an ally and set me down but kept a hold of my hand which didn't feel nearly as awkward as it should have. We walked down a few blocks before he stopped in front of a very large building that resembled a theater. He approached the man at the door and handed him two tickets and I was shocked that I could understand what they were saying.

We walked inside and I realized that this wasn't the kind of theater I was used to going to; we walked down a hallway and up some stairs before going through a door onto a balcony that overlooked a large stage.

"I believe you earthlings have something similar to this known as opera." He stated releasing my hand as he sat down on one of the very comfy looking chairs.

"Yes but I won't be able to understand what they are singing."

"Don't worry they use a very ancient dialect most Korugarians can't even understand it." I was about to ask about how I was able to understand the man at the door when the familiar sound of instruments being warmed up filled the air.

It wasn't long before the curtain rose to reveal a rather beautiful Korugarian woman. She started to sing and while I couldn't understand a single syllable of what she was singing I could completely understand her meaning through her tone and movements. Soon more people came out to sing and I quickly found myself enraptured. I had never been to an opera before and it seemed odd that my first experience with it would be on an alien planet. The opera was over more quickly than I expected and I was surprised at how much I liked it.

"Did you enjoy it?" Sinestro asked turning towards me as people started filling out below.

"Yes it was lovely though it wasn't depressing I heard all operas where suppose to have a sad ending."

"Really I never heard that but I suppose that is just one of the differences between our arts." We got up and he once again grasped my hand, I was no longer uncomfortable with it though I was still ogling at my magenta skin. Thankfully nothing happened as we left the building and walked to another ally before he picked me up and flew us back to his home. I had to admit that I was thoroughly surprised with Sinestro; I never took him for one who liked opera, it was an odd thought knowing that I knew more about someone than anyone else. I've never had any real close friends and have never been the go to girl when it came to secrets, it always seemed like I was the last to know. We landed on the balcony and he set me down changing his features back as he did so.

He then led me to the first floor and into the dining room, the table was set with a large amount of food and there were more of the crystals on the table where someone would have put candles along with another vase of the flowers from before. Sitting at opposite ends of the table I was treated to a large amount of food that I have never seen before but all of it was delicious. We drank a little alcohol that was like wine but it tasted more like mango's than grapes. I was greatly satisfied with the meal and Sinestro looked pleased as well.

"There is one more thing follow me." Sinestro had a little grin on his face as he grasped my hand and lead me to the top floor and into the hallway. Once we were there he pressed a stone in the center of the wall and stairs opened up from the ceiling like some houses attic entrances without the string to access it. He lead me up the stairs to a small room that had two doors one across from the other. One of the doors was open to reveal an office looking room which had a skylight that revealed quiet a bit of moonlight since it was getting close to midnight.

"This room is where I go to think when I don't wish to be bothered, none of the servants are allowed up here and this." He turned around and opened the other door. "Is for you." A big smile appeared on my face; in the room was a very nice easel along with several stretched canvases, a large roll of canvas and what appeared to be a large amount of medium and paint. "I thought you would be bored and put all this in so you could have something to do all day." I turned towards him searching his face for any sign that this was some sort of con or bride but there wasn't he was smiling, and not one of his amused or cynical smiles but an actual smile. "Do you like it?"

"Sinestro I love it, but I don't understand why you're being so nice to me." He approached me and grasped me by the waist as he looked me in the eyes before descending to kiss me. This would be my second kiss from him and while my emotions were still all mixed together; confusing me as he moved his lips against mine this time I kissed him back. I heard his breathing hitch as I started to kiss him back clearly happy that I was responding. He deepened the kiss as he pulled me closer to him until we were pressed together. I moved my hands from his chest to around his neck and he held me tightly around the waist. It was several moments before we separated both of us breathing a little heavily.

"Elizabeth?" He asked with a light gasp as I moved my hands from his neck to slide down his chest until I wrapped them around his waist.

"Yes Sinestro." He was now rubbing my back, I knew what he wanted but I was completely confused as to what I wanted.

"I….I…." He was clearly lost for words since he just kissed me again hoping not to ruin the moment with whatever he was about to say. For the third time that night he picked me up and carried me down the stairs, the top set closed behind us as he carried me to the second floor and more importantly to his room. We were either kissing or touching the other the whole way and once we got into his room he walked us toward the bed before setting me down and giving me a very passionate kiss. As we parted I looked into his eyes and once again missed his natural eye color.

I leaned in and kissed him as I felt my hands wander to rest just inside the jacket of his suit. He took the hint and removed both his jacket and his shirt to show me his lean but well built torso. He sat on the bed and pulled me on top of him so I was straddling his waist and I could feel his hands running up and down my sides as he rested his head in the crock of my neck with a small groan of pleasure. His explorations were starting a fire in my abdomen so I pulled back to give him a kiss before lifting the dress up and over my head. Because of the cut of the dress I hadn't put on a bra and was now only in my underwear.

I could feel his gaze on me as I started to run my hands up his chest and neck before running my fingers threw his hair. His grip on my waist tightened and he pulled me down for a kiss, releasing his head I ran my hands down his back to feel some scar tissue that surprised me until I remember the scar on his back. My hands paused in their exploration of his back and I could feel him tense as my fingers began to trace the mark of the green lanterns burned into his skin.

"What happened?" I asked a little worried about whether asking would upset him or not.

"A battle." Was his blunt response in a tone that said that asking anymore questions would not end well. I lifted his head up and gave him a chaste kiss.

"I don't care about what you've done Sinestro; that is not the man I know or care about, I care about you." He looked so remorseful that it caused my heart to break and the only thing that felt right to do was to kiss him passionately and hold him close and hope to never see that look on his face again. It was a few seconds before he kissed me back and he responded with a passion that almost blew me away. He stopped kissing my lips to move down to my neck as I attempted to remove his pants while straddling him. He helped me and stood up which forced me to wrap my legs around his waist and to truly feel how excited he was as he slipped his pants off.

"Wait" He looked at me confused and what looked like a little heartbreak at the thought of being rejected. "Take off your ring." He furrowed his brow unsure.


"Because if I am going to be with you I want to be with the real you not what that ring has made you, I want to see your real eyes and to hear your voice." His face slacked clearly surprised but he barely took a second to think before removing his ring and I was rewarded with seeing his beautiful eyes once again. They were dark with longing and desire, the amount of emotion that was shown in his eyes was staggering; especially compared to the fact that he appears completely emotionless otherwise.

He then climbed into the middle of the bed with me still around his waist as he went between kissing me on the mouth and on my neck. Feeling the pillows under me I released him as I felt his hands run down my sides till he reached my underwear and quickly slid them off before throwing them with the rest of the cloths. Soon we were both naked and exploring each other for the first time. Technically I have already seen him naked but that was in a much different light and god did he have a body. There were several small scars all over his body and he was clearly built to defend himself. It felt wonderful to feel his hands running up and down my sides, it wasn't long before he parted my thighs and rested between them to lean in and give me a kiss.

We kissed as he leaned in and I felt him slowly enter me. I groaned lightly since it has been several years since the last time I have had sex. He seemed to guess that and pushed in slowly till we were flush against each other. He had his head rested in the crock of my neck as my walls stretched around him; finally I adjusted and I gently rocked against him letting him know that I was ready and he responded in kind.

He started at a slow pace like he was relishing the feeling and I definitely didn't have a problem with it. I started to push back and he groaned as we quickly developed a good rhythm that built up in speed. After a few minutes of a blissful rhythm he began to whisper into my ear, of course I couldn't understand him but his tone caused my walls to tighten in desire. His passion surprised me for one who was so clearly controlled and I relished in it as his pace quickened to the point where I couldn't keep up and was forced to just hold on for the ride. He started to kiss me between a few words and I moaned as I felt myself about to reach my peak. He groaned and the rhythm became more frenzied as both of us tried to reach climax as he ran his hands up and down my body I moaned as my walls tightened and I was hit with a wonderful orgasm. Feeling me tighten around him he slowed down to both enjoy the sensation as well as drag out my orgasm. Breathing heavily I was covered in a thin sheet of sweat as I ran my hands up and down his chest as he took a few more strokes before groaning as his hips spasmed and he rested his forehead against mine breathing deeply as I leaned forward and gave him a deep kiss.

We then kissed and explored each other and he would talk to me of course I had no idea what he was saying but it seemed like something that he just needed to say and that it really wasn't meant to be listened to; we waited until we were ready for another round which wasn't nearly as desperate and felt much more lazy as we enjoyed each other. After that I curled up around him as both of us drifted off to sleep, much too exhausted to continue until tomorrow.


Sorry for taking so long I had to do some research and I am working on a new story, but I did make this chapter longer to make up for it. Hope you liked it and if you saw any problems or anything else just review, thanks for reading.