Summary: Ian Malcolm's middle child, Misty, stows away on the helicopter that will go to Jurassic Park, and he has no other option but to let her stay. Is it hard being the middle child with no mother? Yes. Is it hard to survive with two other kids to watch over in the deadly Jurassic Park? Yes. But this is Misty's story.

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Chapter 1:

Taking a Spin

a/n: Introduces Ian's middle child, Misty, who has a lot of trouble being the middle child, especially when she only occasionally has a mother. She stows away onto the helicopter with her father, and ends up going with him to the Jurassic Park. After making fast friends with Lex and Tim, Misty soon learns this park is dangerous…and it's up to her to guide them out of there. Leave an honest review.

She would not be left behind.

Fourteen-year-old Misty Malcolm shifted in the backseat, keeping her breathing as quiet as possible. Her father, Ian, was driving, and had no knowledge that she was curled up in the back, hidden amongst a moth-eaten blanket and other miscellaneous junk. Ian was a mathematician, not a maid (at least that's what he told his kids: Kelly, Misty, and Roger.) According to Kelly, Misty was up in her room, still fretting over the fact her father got to go to Jurassic Park and she didn't. No…Misty was finally stepping out of the shadows, and doing something. She was sneaking along with her father to go to Jurassic Park.

Misty was a dinosaur-freak; there was no denying it. She studied them, had books about them (including Dr. Grant's, whom she had a crush on), even started up a website about the newest dinosaur information. So, when Ian announced that he would be spending the weekend at Jurassic Park to check things out at dinner, Misty had been awestruck.

"Dad, can I please come?" Misty begged, dropping her fork and clasping her hands together. Kelly rolled her eyes, and Roger kept drinking from his sippy-cup, unbothered by his older sister's desperateness. To see real dinosaurs up close seemed like a dream come true, and she didn't want to miss out on this opportunity.

"Hold on there, I'll just be there for two days, then I'm coming right back home," Ian reminded her, taking a bite of the meatloaf they had eaten last night. Leftovers were a way of life for the Malcolm family. "Look Misty, you'd be bored to death. It'll just be a lot of adults, sitting around to sign papers, talk about safety measures, draw blueprints and stuff like that. I'm only there for the math. You hate math, remember?"

Misty knew he was right, but she also knew he was exaggerating slightly about how dull it would be. "But Dad-"

"I'm serious Misty," Ian warned, in a real "you-better-stop-talking-now-because-what-I-said-was-final" voice. "You can stay here with your brother and sister. I'll tell you all about how boring it was when I return." Just as Misty was about to say something else, he shot her a look that made her look down at her meatloaf.

Misty wasn't going to miss the chance of a lifetime. Sure, she'd be in a lot of trouble, but it wasn't like he could send her on the next helicopter home; she would be forced to stay there. The thought of being with dinosaurs made her so excited, she almost squealed and gave away her position. Reaching down silently to brush a lock of her long black hair out of her face, Misty stayed still as they drove towards the helicopter site.

Erk! With a rapid lurch and crunch of gravel, the car stopped, jerking Misty from a light sleep. Ian climbed out of the car, and Misty slipped out of the opposite backdoor, hiding behind the car, escaping just before he could lock the doors. A large, blue and white helicopter was parked in the distance, the blades turning rapidly to produce a column of dirt. Misty raced after Ian, and as he climbed into the body of the helicopter, Misty knocked on the pilot's window.

"Hey, what do you want kid?" the pilot, a middle-aged man with dark hair and a not-so-clean shave, asked. Misty hesitated: should she even ride in the front? Granted, she would keep her secret until they landed on the island, but what was she supposed to tell the pilot?

"I'm…Misty Malcolm, Ian Malcolm's daughter," she started uneasily, constantly glancing over her shoulder in case he saw her. "There wasn't enough room in the helicopter for me and the others, so he asked me to ride up front with you. You know, if that's okay." There was an empty co-pilot's seat next to pilot's.

To Misty's surprise, the pilot laughed. "Sure thing, climb in," he said, and Misty did just that, taking her seat next to him, looking at the various controllers on the dashboard. If dinosaurs were her strongpoint, technology was not; every single button and dial and switch befuddled her. "I'm Jason, by the way." Jason saw her gawking at the various pilot instruments. "Never flown a helicopter before?" Misty shook her head. "Good. It takes a lot of practice."

There came a loud thump from behind them, which, apparently, was some kind of signal to take off. Jason pushed a few buttons, put both hands on the steering wheel, and they took off, first going straight up, then flying horizontally. Misty couldn't take her eyes away from the window; her town quickly muddled into various landscapes of green and black, the people and cars like something from a child's dollhouse. "Yep, flying a helicopter can be fun, especially when you work with someone like John Hammond."

Misty turned her head to fast, a sharp pain drilled through her neck. "The John Hammond? The one who funds Alan Grant's digs? The one who was called crazy?" She saw John Hammond as a genius, for his work with dinosaurs, and also for his funding of Alan Grant. Jason nodded, a smile spreading across his face.

"He's in the helicopter right now, along with your father and a lawyer, Donald Gennaro. We'll actually be picking up Dr. Grant and his partner, Ellie Sattler, in about half an hour. We have to fly to Montana to get them, they're working on a dig right now," Jason explained, finding Misty's positively shocked expression humorous.

She could hardly speak she was so excited. First, she was going to Jurassic Park, plus, she got to meet the John Hammond, the Alan Grant, and see what his newest dig was! "This is the best day of my life," Misty sighed ecstatically, leaning back in her seat, taking in the glorious few of mountaintops in the distance, a cool purple against the pale sky. Sure, she was breaking the rules, but it was definitely worth it now.

For a while, Jason and Misty talked, about John ("he's going to change the world"), about Alan ("he's a paleontology genius!"), about Ian ("He can be a little crazy"), and a little about Jurassic Park. "I don't want to spoil anything for you," he hinted, "but you'll be blown away. Literally." That made Misty laugh, or maybe it was because she was in the best mood she had ever experienced. For once, she had rebelled, and she wondered why she hadn't done it before. Kelly was the one who snuck out and went on dates and talked-back to her father; Roger was the baby of the family. Misty was always the responsible one, who got good grades, who did her chores, who took care of Roger. Now she knew why Kelly disobeyed; it was a blast!

The half hour was up soon, and they landed in, what looked like, a sandy desert, with clotheslines and trailers and the ridges of a skeleton in the distance. Misty immediately looked out her window, finding Alan Grant was running towards the helicopter…only he looked very pissed off about something. Maybe it was the dirt that the helicopter was throwing. Alan made a cutting motion with his hands. He wanted Jason to turn off the helicopter. Jason pointed madly at Alan's trailer, where John Hammond went, ready to tell them about his plan. Finally, Alan dashed back to the trailer, and Misty felt her jaw drop to the floor. Alan Grant had been just a pane of glass away from her.

"Hey, I was wondering if you-" Misty gasped when she heard her father's voice, and, sure enough, there he was at Jason's window, asking a question. She froze, but it was no use: Ian recognized his daughter from anywhere, and his surprise quickly dissolved into anger. "Misty Ava Malcolm, get out here right now!"

Misty followed his orders begrudgingly, trudging over to Ian, who had his arms crossed. He took off his black-rimmed glasses, trying to find a way to express his disappointment. No, Ian wasn't angry…he understood how much Misty wanted to come, but he was disappointed she didn't listen to him. "Misty, you really hid in my car, rode to the helicopter, got in this seat, and kept yourself a secret until now?" Ian couldn't help the note of impressiveness creep into his voice. Misty had done quite an excellent job of stowing away.

"I am so sick of being the perfect child!" Misty screamed, attracting the attention of other paleontologists at the dig site. "I do all my homework, I clean the house, I take care of Roger, I stay quiet, and I've never gotten to do anything I wanted to do! Roger is spoiled, Kelly breaks the rules and has the most fun anyone ever had, and I have to stay home while you come to my dream world! I'm glad I snuck on!" She coughed, a combination of the yelling and the still-rising sand.

Ian stood, dumb-struck after listening to his daughter's rant. The more he thought about it though, the more he realized that she was right: Misty did try to be the perfect child, and he never thanked her, or did anything special for her. This was her chance to do something fun, to meet dinosaurs and Alan Grant. Then again, he could send her on a helicopter home…"Okay Misty, you can stay with us. But don't ever try anything like that again!"

"Thank you so much!" Misty threw her arms around Ian's waist, forgetting about her angry rave. There was truth in her speech, but she got what she wanted-to come with her father to Jurassic Park. "And I promise, as soon as we get home, I'll…punish myself! No friends over for a week, and the laptop is taken away! There! Now, let's meet Dr. Grant!"

"Just wait for him back here," he instructed, pulling Misty onboard. She looked around; the interior was spacious and clean, and a nervous-looking lawyer with shorts and a briefcase was sitting on one of the benches. "Um, Misty, this is Donald Gennaro, a lawyer who's coming with us to check out the park, make sure it's okay. Donald, this is my middle child, Misty."

Misty awkwardly shook hands with him, and made sure to sit on the other side of her father, so that Ian separated her from Donald. She was particularly in favor of lawyers, considering she met so many when Ian married and divorced many different wives. Sometimes, it really sucked not having a mother.

A few minutes later, John Hammond reappeared, this time with Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler in tow. John seemed surprised to see Misty, and once he knocked on the wall as a signal for Jason to start up the helicopter, turned to address her. "Why, who is this young lady?"

"This is my middle daughter Misty, who snuck on the helicopter with me. She loves dinosaurs, and wanted to come," Ian explained, and Misty felt her cheeks warm with embarrassment, a dull blush creeping up her neck. She avoided eye-contact with Dr. Grant, even though she wanted nothing more to launch into a conversation with him. "She's actually a big fan of you, Dr. Grant. You two dig up dinosaurs, right?" He and Ellie nodded. "Yeah, she's got your book, won't stop talking about it."

"Dad!" Misty cried, incredibly embarrassed that her father was telling the real Dr. Grant that she was obsessed with his work. Alan didn't know what to think of this; sure, he was pleased with her love of his work, but he didn't especially like kids? Could he even classify her as a kid? More of a teenager. "But, you're theory about dinosaurs turning into birds was quite interesting, and I wrote an article about it on my website." Oh, she was making a fool of herself!

"Website…" What kind of teenage girl had a website dedicated to dinosaurs? Alan leaned back, observing Misty's face carefully: she was quite pretty actually, with her long black hair and wide brown eyes and creamy skin.

"You'll have to get used to Dr. Malcolm, he suffers from a deplorable excess of personality, especially for a mathematician," John added, using his cane to gesture towards him. You got that right, Misty thought to herself. She closed her eyes because she knew what was coming next.

"Chaotician, actually," Ian interrupted, "I work with the chaos theory, the butterfly effect. I'm sure you've heard of the chaos theory, Dr. Sattler." And coming next, Stepmother Number Six, Miss Ellie Sattler! Misty thought to herself, wishing she could disappear. Ellie, surprised, shook her head. "Non-linear equations?" Again, she shook her head. "Strange attractions?" Dear God, will someone shut this man up? "Dr. Sattler, I am positive you are familiar with the concept of attraction."

I wonder how far it is to the ground, Misty thought, staring out the window longingly.


The helicopter parked, after a quick landing that made the helicopter bounce like a ball, on a grassy wedge of land, a person in park uniform directing Jason down to landing. As soon as the doors opened, Misty practically threw herself at the ground, more then happy to be back on solid ground. Not only had Ian managed to embarrass her severely, but she had to spend minute after awkward minute with Alan Grant.

Two Jeeps, both with drivers, drove over to them, and John made a dramatic sweeping motion with his cane, inviting them in. Misty sat next to her father in the backseat, even though she was a little squished. She didn't want to sit up front with Dr. Grant, and she definitely didn't want to be in the Jeep with the lawyer.

The Jeeps drove through a series of metal gates, the large wires crossing forever without rest, until interrupted by a large sign that read "Warning: Ten Thousand Volts." Two park attendant closed the fence behind them, shutting the latch, which activated the electricity.

Misty looked up at her father, her expression a mixture of embarrassment and excitement. He smiled down at her, squeezing her hand. "I think stowing away will all be worth it in a minute," Ian told her, and Misty felt her insides quivering in anticipation. They were steadily climbing up a hill, the distance a blossoming, emerald green wall of tall trees. She looked down; her shoe was untied. Misty bent down against her seatbelt to tie her shoe, not feeling the Jeep stop suddenly.

Misty looked up. She almost screamed. But her breath caught in her throat, and all she could do was rise shakily to her feet, hoping that this wasn't some sort of crazy mirage…no, Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler were seeing it too, both in disbelief. "No way," Misty breathed, gently stepping out of the Jeep, afraid that if her movement was too sharp, it would make everything disappear.

Only a few yards away, Brachiosauruses, real ones, were eating the leaves off of trees, walking slowly, their necks bending and swaying. To the left, a pack of dinosaurs raced across the planes, alive and there and no tricks, they were real as the humans in the Jeeps. Misty stepped next to Alan Grant, for once, oblivious to his presence, enticed by the dinosaurs in the distance.

"Dr. Grant, my dear Dr. Sattler, young Misty," John said proudly, seeming to have predicted this reaction from them. "I give you Jurassic Park."

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