Big Eden


At first Henry had never expected to be loved, he had never expected that the gentle man named Pike loved him. He had been pining after Dean since highschool even though he knew that his feelings would never be returned. But his feelings for Dean had completely changed, he no longer loved Dean, he was only a friend now not a secret crush. Pike had taken Dean's place in his heart. Pike was the one he couldn't wait to see now, Pike was the one who made him smile by just being close to him now. Pike was a wonderful man, he was kind, he was gentle, he may be quiet but he was so sweet. Henry was sure that Pike loved him, he could tell by the way the man kissed him. Sometimes when he closed his eyes he could still feel the tingles on his lips from their first kiss. The way he felt like he could float away and join the star children in the sky that Pike had told him and Sam about. But even if he could he wouldn't, because then he would never get to kiss Pike again.

"Hey Pike," Henry greeted walking into Dexter's general store the bell signaling his arrival. The boys sat around drinking Cappichino and talking as usual.

"Hi." Pike greeted back, he never was one to talk a lot, he was always quiet.

"Did my order come in?" Henry asked walking to the counter doing his best to ignore the fact that the boys were watching them.

"Yes." Pike answered pulling out Henry's order from behind the counter and setting it on top of it in front of Henry. Henry looked through the paints making sure they were all there and that they were the right ones. Henry smiled once he was satisfied handing Pike the money for his order purposfully letting their fingers brush. Pike put the money in the register looking everywhere but at Henry. This caused a spout of snickers from the boys who were still watching them which Jim silenced quickly. Henry blushed a little and walked to the door.

"Bye." Henry called over his shoulder smiling when Pike waved at him before leaving. Once inside his old truck Henry smiled. Pike was just such a wonderful man, he knew he was quickly falling in love with him. Pike was absolutly perfect for him.