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Dumbledore dun took out his wand and said a trifle of real funny words and Draco went real stiff-like and didn't move. Dumbledore dun ran over to me and saw that my ankle was hurtin' so he dun waved his wand again and a stretcher appeared for me to lay on. I dun climbed on top of it and Dumbledore tugged me back to that there castle. He dun took me up to the hospital wing and Madame Pomfrey started fixin' my ankle. When it felt alright I walked back down to my room real slow like and Draco was waitin' for me.

"Look, I don't want to be soundin' meaner than a bull with ropes around its belly, but I dun't think we can be buds anymore. Please be leavin' me alone." I said real polite-like.

"Okay, Ebony-"


"Cathy, then. I don't think I can stand to be friends with a sweet little goody-goody hick like you."

"Then I'm glad we're goin' our separate ways."

"Me too."

Two weeks dun went on by without a word from that satanist boy. I'd already gone and forgotten his silly little name. Dracula er Donlad er somethin'.

An' then peculiar things started happenin' to me:

Draco ran at me as fast as his little legs could carry him. He jumped on top of me and kissed me so hard my lip was bleeding. But the strange part: I was loving it. I kissed him back, and soon our lips were moving in passionate synchronization. But then he pulled away from me and slapped me. I cried and ran away. He chased me and soon caught up, throwing himself all over me. We kissed again.

I dun woke up to the sweet taste of Draco's lips twisting around mine. I sat and cooperated for a little, but then decided that he wasn't the fella for me and pushed him off. As soon as I tried climbin' outta bed, I started feelin' real dizzy, like that time I dun ate that cow patty when I was a small farm girl, and ran to the bathroom and threw up everything I had ever eaten.

I was so confundled! I didn't have no clue what was been happenin'. Draco followed me all the way up to the Hospital Wing and told Madame Pomfrey what dun happened. She took my arm and traced a circle with a cross on it and mumbled some words. Draco's eyes dun got all wide like the moon on a summer night. My whole body glowed bright blue. Draco went white as a sheet and collapsed.

Just then, I felt something inside me kick.

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