A/N: This is a preview to a much longer story I'm working on. Hopefully, I can start uploading chapters for it later this month if my muse gets kickstarted again.

Nightmares, Higher Ground

Shelby loved being back at New Horizons where she didn't have to worry about her stepfather and his abuse or what her mother thought about her. But at the same time, being in a caring environment during the day; having Sophie give her comforting hugs and Daisy to talk about stuff with, it made the nights that much harder to bear. Because it was at night that Shelby dreamt about what she had had to do, first with her stepfather and then on the streets. Even those dreams were tolerable though, had been tolerable for her entire time at New Horizons. It was when her face shifted into her sister's face; that was when she would wake up screaming. Those nightmares were the worst.