"Ron!" Harry shouted.

The couple ran through the woods in search of their lost friend but it was in mere circles. Night was falling soon and Hermione was becoming worn out from the physical strain, her belly bouncing like a ball and her back aching as her child kicked in protest. Harry pulled forward until she fell on his back toppling him over into a pile of leafs and twigs, seasoned with mud. He stood up and spit out the dirt, gagging on the taste as he looked behind him to see her laying on her back her breath coming hard. He grabbed her hand and tried to pull her to her feet but she just closed her eyes and moaned softly in protest.

"Hermione c'mon we've gotta find Ron before someone else does..." Harry did not want to think about who someone else was.

"I can't..." Hermione moaned, "I can't run anymore..."

He apparently wasn't listening because he tried to pull her foreward again, "We've gotta find him..."

She made a negative sound, "I can't Harry, I'm tired..." her voice trailed off into a groggy mumble as she shut her eyes.

Harry sighed curling his arms around Hermione and resting his hand on her child-swollen stomach. She was close to term now, very close and the baby kicked his hand noting their father that he or she was here. Harry knew he should be happy, overjoyed at the birth of his first child but he couldn't bring himself to feel joyful. Voldemort was on the rise and when he found out about the the baby -and he would find out- all hell would break loose. Harry shook his head, Hell was putting it kindly and as for which ring it was well that was just unthinkable. He pulled away from her briefly and began to cry, his head falling into her hair and she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Hermione could feel the fear growing in him as the month of October drew near, her baby was due then and heaven knew what was going to happen once they were born. Poor baby was going to be born in wartimes with their father as a wanted man and a mother who was discriminated against for being born of ordinary people. She snuggled him wrapping her arms around his waist and kissed him. She wanted him right now and when they began to kiss her world melted away. His tears were hot and desperate as though his entire world was going to end if he didn't hold her. But she felt him yawn and slowly eased her chin into the niche of his shoulder settling warmly in her lover's arms for the night.

Harry watched her sleep for several minutes before he rose to his feet and walked away from her in search of his lost friend, walking straight through the morning. Back to the camp where Hermione lay moaning on the ground holding her stomach and water dripping from between her legs. He ran to her side and shook her awake, she bolted upright and grabbed him, in that instant Harry knew what was happening and his green eyes widened in shock.

"Harry I'm two months early, all the physical activity must have induced it!" she half-screamed.

"Uh...ok what do I do..."

"Just hold me...oh bloody hell!"

Hermione's moaning grew louder and Harry winced. If she kept this up everybody in the bloody whole of England would hear them and then this would make more trouble. He hated himself for what he had done to her, hated the way she was moaning and tears were on her pale face. He tried to soothe her pain but he had no luck. Finally he raised his wand and placed its tip tenderly between her parted lips, carful not to scratch the fragile skin.

"Quietus..." Harry whispered helping her swallow the spell silenced her screams and Harry was greatful for that but still as time went on he felt minutes pass like hours and then finally the spell wore off.

"Harry help me..." her body convulsed and she pushed down. "Oh bloodly hell..." she moaned.

Harry had no idea what to do so he trusted instinct and got in front of her almost fainting at the sight of the head appearing in her canal. "Pretend like we are playing a muggle game of catch and take the baby's head when I push down."

"Ummm ok."

She pushed down harder and then finally she heard the crying of a baby pierce the night. She smiled at Harry as he removed the child from her and kissed it's slimy head reverently. He was holding the child gently and smiling at it, thumbing away the grime from the eyelids and shakiing his head. she hated waiting for her turn with the newborn but Hermione smiled and watched Harry stare at it with tears in his eyes.

"You have to clean to cut the cord and clean the baby." she said.

He nodded raising his wand and doing just that with a couple of spells, the cool jet of water from the auqumenti spell woke the child and it let out a soft cry. "What is it?"

"It's a girl..." Harry said, he looked at his daughter, "Annabelle." He said, "Our little Annie."

Hermione smiled, "I like it how about Victoria for her middle name?"

"Annabelle Victoria Potter... I love it..." Harry choked, "I love her..." Harry grinned and handed the baby to her mother, and kissed her. "I love you."