Izaya sat down on the other side of Shizuo's bed; making sure not to disturb the sleeping blonde. This was his favorite pass time, after a long day of stalking and harassing Shizuo he would break into the blonde's house and listen to him talk in his sleep.

Shizuo shifted at the sound of the creaking bed as Izaya crawled closer. The brunet reached a hand out and moved the blonde's hair out of his face; Shizuo grinned and moved onto his back unconsciously.

"Mmm…Izaya." Izaya just smiled at the sound of his name. This wasn't rare; most of the time when Izaya heard Shizuo's "dream talk" he would hear his name. Shizuo was so quiet and mumbled when he slept Izaya couldn't tell if it was pleasure or anger in his voice as the blonde said his name.

The main reason Izaya would sneak into the blonde's house was because of how much his heart hated to be away from the beast…but Izaya would never admit that. He ran his fingers lightly threw the Shizuo's bleach blonde hair. Shizuo sighed at the feeling of Izaya's cold hand on his heated head. Izaya quickly pulled his hand away as Shizuo turned his head in his sleep; the blonde whimpered and turned onto his side, now facing the brunet.

"Ssshhh, it's ok Shizu-chan." Izaya said rubbing the discomforted blonde's chest; Izaya could tell the beast was obviously having some sort of bad dream.

"No….don't die….please….I'm sorry…" Shizuo mumbled, his voice laced with pain and sorrow.

(Meanwhile in Shizuo's dream)

"I'm sorry; I'm so sorry please don't die. I didn't mean it please please don't die!" Shizuo begged holding the small bloody body in his arms.

Izaya had not moved when Shizuo had thrown a vending machine at him and was crushed under the large medal object. The vending machine had literally crushed the life out of his small body. Shizuo had realized what he had done and threw the object off the informant.

"I'm sorry Izaya; I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry; don't die please don't die." Shizuo begged hugging the lifeless informant in his arms.

(Out of Shizuo's dream)

Izaya watched as the ex-bartender rolled onto his stomach and gripped the white sheets tightly.

"No….no….no…" Shizuo kept mumbling. Izaya carefully started rubbing the blonde's back; trying to comfort him out of his bad dream. Shizuo rolled back onto his back and started whimpering in his sleep again.

"I didn't mean it…I don't hate you…I love you…please don't die….I love you so much." Shizuo whimpered. Izaya starred at Shizuo.

"Who is he talking about….he probably hurt one of his loved one." Izaya fell backwards off the bed as Shizuo's quickly sat up and screamed. Izaya lay on the floor in a position where Shizuo couldn't see him. Izaya moved his head up to see Shizuo start rubbing tears from his eyes.

"It was just a dream." Shizuo whispered, trying to comfort himself. He got up from his bed and walked out of the room. Izaya jumped to his feet, ready to make a break for it…but instead he followed Shizuo. Shizuo walked down the hallway into the bathroom; he turned on the bathroom light and leaned over the sink. Izaya peered into the lit room, making sure Shizuo didn't see him. Shizuo turned on the sink and splashed the cold water in his face.

"I need aspirin." Shizuo said opening his medicine cabinet and taken out a bottle of aspirin. He took two of the pills and turned to go back to bed. Izaya wasn't really paying attention until he accidentally bumped into the blonde. Izaya fell back onto his butt; realizing what had just happened he scrambled to his feet, ready to make a run for it. He was about to run when he felt Shizuo grab the back of his hood and smash him against the hallway wall.

"How'd you get in my house?" Shizuo asked, holding the brunet against the wall so he couldn't escape.

"I know where you keep your spare key." Izaya said grinning wildly. Shizuo let go of the brunet and starred him down.

"I'm way too tired to deal with you right now, just get the hell out of my house." Shizuo said annoyed.

"Before I go, I need to ask you a question." Izaya said looking at the blonde innocently.

"…Fine, what is it flea?" Shizuo asked rubbing his tired eyes.

"When you were sleeping you were having a bad dream…you kept mumbling something about someone dying… Who was it?" Izaya asked curiously.

"If I wasn't so tired I'd kill you for watching me sleep…but if you must know I was dreaming about you dying…and it was a good dream." Shizuo lied. Izaya looked at him and shook his head.

"No you kept saying you were sorry and you didn't want me to die…you said you loved me." Izaya said looking seriously at the blonde.

"Tch I did not, you're a dirty liar flea." Shizuo said; Izaya stepped forward and wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck.

"I'm not lying, you were sad because you killed me. You did say that you loved me…you were crying." Izaya said pulling Shizuo up against his small body.

"I-I wasn't sad…I would be elated if you died." Shizuo said, trying not to meet Izaya's gaze. Izaya un-wrapped his arms and backed up from the blonde.

"Oh really?" Izaya asked. He pushed the Shizuo aside and went into his kitchen.

"What do you think you're doing?" Shizuo asked, following Izaya into the kitchen. Izaya grabbed one of Shizuo's sharp steak knives and held the point to his heart.

"If your gunna be happy if I die…maybe I should just kill myself right now." Izaya said swinging the large knife back ready to plunge it into his body.

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