Izaya closed his eyes, expecting to feel himself hit the hard ground and the crimson blood spill onto the concrete. But instead he felt something warm wrap around his wrist; he opened his eyes and looked up to Shizuo leaning against the ledge and gripping his wrist tightly. Shizuo used his god like strength to pull Izaya up and into his arms.

"I can't believe you did that." Shizuo sobbed into Izaya's shoulder. He gripped the small frame tighter and nuzzled his face in Izaya's neck.

"Y-you saved my life." Izaya said shocked.

"I didn't want to see you die…if you died…I'd jump next." Shizuo said stilling hugging the informant. Izaya put his hands on Shizuo's cheeks and made Shizuo face him.

"Really?" Izaya asked starring into the blonde's eyes.

"Yea…*sigh*…your right Izaya…I would be sad if you died…I love you." Shizuo said pressing his forehead against Izaya's. Tears started spilling out of his eyes, making them shine like rubies.

"You didn't call me 'flea'…You do love me" Izaya said wrapping his arms around Shizuo's neck and hugging him back.

"I just said that I love you…I really love you." Shizuo said, he bent down and pressed his lips against Izaya's soft ones.

In the end Izaya got what he wanted, he got to spend every day and night with the one he loves.

Shizuo groaned at the sound of his digital alarm clock, he slammed the snooze button and moved out of the bed. He was finally able to get some sleep, knowing that Izaya was snuggled up against him. He rubbed his tired eyes and moved a hand around the bed, searching for his lover.

"Izaya, where are you?" Shizuo called as he swung open their bedroom door and started walking down the hallway.

"I'm in the kitchen." Izaya yelled from the kitchen. He flipped the pancake he was making for the blonde when he felt strong arms wrap around his waist from behind.

"You got up early just to make me breakfast?" Shizuo asked kissing Izaya's neck.

"I thought I'd be a good husband and make you breakfast." Izaya said sliding another pancake onto the stack next to him.

"How do I know you didn't poison them?" Shizuo teased. Izaya hit him on the head with the spatula and poured more pancake mix into the pan. Shizuo licked and nipped at informant's neck, earning him a moan.

"Not while I'm cooking Shizu-chan." Izaya said hitting him with the spatula again. Shizuo whimpered and nuzzled his cheek up against Izaya's.

"Hn thanks for making me breakfast flea." Shizuo said kissing Izaya on the cheek.

"Considerate a 'thank you' for buying me this…" Izaya said holding up his left hand with the large diamond engagement ring.

"You don't know how long and how much I had to work to afford that…I'm still making payments. But I guess I'll have to deal with buying extravagant things since I'm married to the great Izaya Orihara…or should I say Izaya Heiwajima." Shizuo said squeezing his lover tightly.

After they ate Shizuo insisted on carrying Izaya to the couch; he sat down on the couch with the informant snuggled comfortably in his lap.

"I hope I didn't go to hard on you last night." Shizuo said rubbing Izaya's lower back; Izaya turned around and wrapped his legs around the blonde's waist.

"I'm a little sore, you're lucky I love you or I wouldn't have gotten up so early with a sore ass to make you breakfast." Izaya's said wrapping his arms around the blonde's neck and nudging his lips up against Shizuo's.

"Hn I love you to." Shizuo said between kisses.

Author's Note: Yes hold the applause! Did you really think I'd kill Izaya? HELL NO! He's too hot to die! I hoped you liked it! Please comment!