Fur fighters

Chapter 1: the kidnap!

It was a beautiful day in the fur fighters village. In the home of the mighty Gwyneth's home, tweek and his siblings were sleeping. Next to them was bungalow's home. His wife, Esmerelda was hitting him on the head again with a frying pan. She has the habit of hitting him on the head. Next is chang, this firefox is doing his karate. Next was Juliette, she was posing for her statue that her husband Claude was making for her. Last but not lest, roofus and whinnie. Roofus was the leader of the fur fighters. His wife and him were sleeping when betty, Qweek, and Isabella woke him from his peaceful sleep. He went outside a saw viggo! He tried to stop them, but the sleeping gas had stopped him.

"Roofus wake up!" said a voice.

"Viggo was here!" said roofus.

"we know. He left note." said chang.

"dear fur fighters, I've stole your families. If you want them back come get them." said roofus as he read the note.

"chang is the teleported ready?" he asked.

"yes, but it can only teleport 1 at a time." said chang.

"great, we can use a good fixer on the team. said roofus. "what about you Rico?" he asked.

"if ladies are in peril it's our sworn duties!" said rico. " good" said roofus

"do you know what's going on bungalow?" he asked.

"not really mate." said Bungalow.

"great to hear that you want to help." said roofus. " Juliette, are you in?"

"for now dog, for now." said Juliette.

" good, and you youngster, your mother was taken away. But you think you have enough blood in you to fight?" Roofus asked Tweek.

"tweek!" said Tweek.

"great, if viggo wants a fight we'll give him his fight! You never get what you want. Lock and load my friends. Together we will stop viggo!" said roofus.

"okay, roofus, you go to quack city and stop those dumb bears!" said chang. Roofus nodded and went off you quack city.

" oh hi Sergeant Sternhouser," said roofus.

"oh roofus there's a lot of babies thought this city save them and be on your way. Said Sergeant Sternhouser.

" yes sir." said roofus saluting.

A few day later….

"Tweek this is it you shot to get you mother back.: said Sergeant Sternhouser.