If it Comes Back to You(its yours forever) by Nehan Shinzui

Ok, fellow anon, here's my attempt at a fill. First time ever, writing for livejournal. *awkward wave* I'm posting it on my ff account as well if you don't mind.

When it happened it happened quickly, so that no one had time to figure out what it was. There was a flash, and screaming and pain. Unspeakable pain. And so many voices. Then there was silence.

There were reports of course, coverage. There were pictures and they were full of blood. Out of their eyes, out of their ears and their mouths. They were going insane, voices were in and out of their heads and they screamed and clawed and couldn't breathe and there was so much blood everywhere and...

All he sees is a blur of white, of colors and there are new voices now, but they aren't in his head anymore or at least he thinks they aren't, and there is a hand on his head and where is he but it feels so nice and he can stop screaming now and it's oh so lovely.

Mirrors. That's the first thing Charles sees. And then he notices that it is quiet. For a moment is blurry, with the mirrors reflecting against the light. He moves forward as if to stand, but realizes he cannot feel his legs. A faint memory comes back at that, a bullet in his back and sand and Erik and...

"Charles?" Charles turns around and flinches. His face shows terror. "Charles it's alright."

Erik walks towards him almost nervously. He watches Charles fall backwards and realize he's in a a bed, almost like the one from his mansion. He'd wanted him to be as comfortable as possible.

"Erik..." his voice comes out weak and frail and Erik nearly all resolve right there. "Erik..what has happened. Where..." he stops, coughing and Erik moves closer to him putting an arm around his form, which is so small and delicate now...

"There was..a sickness Charles." he says quietly, and his arm tightens around him as Charles shifts uncomfortably under his embrace. "They say it was the meteor..."

"Meteor?" Charles' eyes widen slightly at this and Erik fixes him with an...odd stare.

"Yes," he responds after a pause. "The radiation from it...it did...something. It affected mutants, but only telepaths or psychics. We're not sure why."

Charles gives a face that shows nothing but utter confusion. "What about the children?"

He ignores this question for the moment. "I built this place for you. It used to be Shaw-Shaw's room."

"But why...didn't we..." and Charles begins to struggle again, his thoughts foggy as he tries to pull these thoughts to himself.

Erik puts on a pained expression and this gives the telepath pause.

"I was worried this might happen." He brushes a lock of his hair aside. "I'm doing this because /i love you. I couldn't let anymore harm come to you."

"What do you mean?"

"I know I've wronged you many times Charles...but we still love each other, don't you remember?"

"What?" Charles shakes his head, and that makes his head swim so badly he almost has to throw up. "But...you and I...I thought-" And there is the sound of bullets again and it hurts so much and pleaseerikplease.

Erik looks so shatterd at this, Charles goes silent.

He gives a heavy breath and continues. "I suppose not then. I should've expected this but I suppose.." he gives a dry laugh. "Shortly before all of this-he gestures at the mirror walls all around them-you and I...I realized how wrong I was. I was so wrong about everything Charles." He grips Charles' hands tightly. "I understand that I could never turn around and make things the way they should be again. But you, despite everything...you forgave me. You saw good in me, Charles. This..this is the least I could do for you, my love. You gave me everything. Everything." His tone is a little suggestive at this point, and Charles in spite of himself, blushes.

But it makes sense doesn't it? What other reason would Erik have for keeping the voice out, for him, if they weren't...if he didn't...

"It's dangerous out there still Charles." Erik says, his eyes locking with his. "This place..it's so that I can protect you. The radiation out there, it nearly killed you and I can't...I can;t let that happen." Erik shudders, overcome with emotion.

For a moment, Charles says nothing. Tears come to his eyes suddenly and he is so tired. It's the only thing that makes any sense and he is so sleepy and it hurts to think.

"Thank you, Erik. Thank you so much. For everything. I don't know how I could ever, ever thank you enough. You are too good to me." His eyes lower so he doesn't catch the look of shock in Erik's eyes.

And then he is suddenly, being pushed against the bedframe, his lips captured in a sudden in a passionate kiss. He pauses as if he is unfamiliar with the feeling. Erik's hands are in his hair and it is nice but...

"What's wrong?" Erik breathes against his lips, his voice thick.

""Nothing...it's just...different, I suppose."

Erik frowns and rises from his side. "I must go back-out there."

"But why?" Charles asks worriedly. He looks up at him, so utterly trusting and Erik's jaw clenches. "You said it was dangerous..." Another coughing fit erupts.

"It affects telepaths, Charles. But I have this-he gestures to the helmet that the telepath had barely registered-and in any case, I have to go and get more things for the two of us, since we plan on staying here for awhile." He backs his way into a piece of glass that he knows will lead him outside. "There are still so many things I need for you."

Charles is already fading back into the fog.

"Will you be back soon, my love?" he asks, his lids already drooping.

Erik stiffens, his heart pounding furiously. "Yes, my sweet. I will be back soon."

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