If it Comes back to You(it's yours forever) by Nehan Shinzui

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Stryker had taken control of the northern parts of the US, which Erik found almost to be a relief. Survival rates were lower in the cold, and food shortages were frequent and damaging. However, this did not change the fact of how deadly the colonel-well, general now if that made any difference-was. A too-large amount of the mutant population resided in the camps that Stryker had set up, being used as hostages, preventing him from making an outright nuclear attack on them. So far, they had resorted to quick, small, reconnaisance and liberation operations, but lately even those were weakened by the strong barrier and defense mechanisms of the human resistance. They were becoming ever more dangerous in their desperation, and Erik sighed with regret as he slowly came to the conclusion that they were going to have to lose a lot more mutants than he preferred if they were finally going to crush the humans. It would be a regrettable loss, but if his spies were to be trusted, some of them had already betrayed the mutants and that had been one of the reasons the humans were able to survive for so long.

Cowards like Hank had been, trying to hide who they were, so desperate to do so, they had even sided with the enemy so that no one would no the difference! And then there were the ones who sought to integrate themselves into the human society only to be rounded up and executed or put into camps and used for labor, to make more of the weapons that destroyed their own kind! People who had been so naive as to believe that they could live side by side with the lesser being, people so soft-hearted that they could not see, no matter how obvious, the fact that the humans wished nothing more than to have them destroyed.

People like Charles...

He was abruptly pulled out of his thoughts by the chained figure next to him, her face thrown into sharp relief by the computer light.

"Where is he?" she asked him for the umpteenth time since he had brought her here. Erik gave an annoyed sigh in response her constant nagging one of the reasons he rarely chose to do research in here. But her CIA background provided him with information he wouldn't have been able to find otherwise since her organization had crumbled.

"Maybe I shouldn't have restored your memories." he remarked offhandedly as he sifted through the files. "But," he sucked in another breath. "I suppose you would have figured it out eventually, and you have been useful in a way. But not for long, I don't think."

She gave an almost animal-like howl as she lunged for him-or tried to. The chains instantly tightened around her throat, throttling her. He rose to his feet, giving her a final disdainful glance.

"He's somewhere safe." he tossed over his shoulder, before leaving her alone in the darkness, the chains once again slithering back into their place in the wall.


Stryker and his small army had attacked one of their bases that was close to their retreat in the north. Too close, he realized with a scowl. The humans inhabited most of Canada now, having been pushed as far from the shores as Magneto had allowed. But that still wasn't enough. They were still killing, still rounding up the mutants for slaughter. Just like before. He wouldn't let them this time though. Not this time, when he had to keep his Charles safe.


He was sleeping when Erik returned to him, his hair gently splayed against the pillowcase, his chest rising and falling gently. Erik climbed softly into the bed with him, brushing a stray hair out if his face.

"I'll keep you safe, Charles." he whispered softly. "Always."

Charles shifted slightly in his sleep, almost as if sensing his prescense, and Erik gave the softest of smiles, as he planted a chaste kiss on his head.

"I'll always keep you safe, Charles." he repeated to himself, the shine of the metal helmet reflected sharply by the glass.


"Yet again we find ourselves assaulted by this human menace." Magneto spat before the large crowd of mutants gathered before him. "A small village, full of children no less, is attacked by them and taken away." The crowd hissed in outrage. "For experiments!" he added sharply.

The crowd roared.

"Are we going to let them continue to do let them do this?"

They replied in the negative.

Erik quietly smiled. They were ready. They would attack in three weeks.


The reporter looked as if he was struggling to keep his composure.

"It appears as though the psychic population has been reduced to almost three percent of the entire mutant population since the event known as Decimation occured. There have been some survivors who have been recovering lately, but riots still cover the streets. Clinics are overflowing with remnants of the psychic disease and scientists and doctors remain baffled-"


"They run rampant like so many rats, overflowing our streets with their filth. How many of our children have become victim to this mutant disease? How many of us have been ravaged by this creatures?" Stryker's imperious voice boomed across the room.

"How long will we continue to ignore the signs that these subhuman rats must be dealt with? He has given us the first sign already! Already, He has done most of the work for us, and taken the most powerful, and deceitful of these ravenous demons from their ranks, and left them ripe for the taking! It won't be long before they grow so desperate as to attack us!" He lay his head against his podium for a brief moment as if suddenly drained from energy.

"And they will attack my dear brothers and sisters! But do not fret-it is in His plan that we shall succeed as surely as it was his will for his son to sacrifice himself for our sins! So let us be as he once was, and sacrifice ourselves in his name, let us be as Joshua was, and bring the walls of Jericho down, and burn the sin that we find inside."

The crowd roared with applause, as Erik shut the television off.


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