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Title: Point of View

Summary: Gumi demonstrates that sometimes, it's just about looking at your world differently... But this being the Vocaloid household, this comes with unforeseen consequences.

The day was actually quite boring, with most of the Vocaloid household just lounging around and doing nothing in particular. Kaito lazily threw a paper airplane he had made from the wrapping around a small container of ice cream he had just polished off, and sighed when the plane took a nose dive after only sailing about a foot or two. Sitting on the sofa beside him and seemingly staring off into space was Gumi. He could only wonder what she was thinking, since she was the only one in the household who did not seem listless and bored. In fact, she was wearing a dreamy smile, a light blush staining her cheeks and the occasional giggle falling from her lips. He raised an eyebrow. While Gumi was not exactly a dark personality, he'd never seen her look like that before. Figuring it'd give him something to do for a while, he called out to her.


Snapping out of her reverie, Gumi glanced over at him. "Hm? What's up?"

"What's got you so happy?"

She smiled again. "There any reason not to be?"

"Not really. But you're the only one who doesn't look bored outta their skulls."

Gumi hummed with thought, apparently recollecting what everyone was like today. "Huh. Guess you're right. But y'know..." She brightened up considerably, as she went on cheerfully, "The world's just a really great place! It's just that sometimes, you gotta take a look at it from a different point of view."

He raised an eyebrow. "Oh?" While Kaito wasn't the brightest bulb in the box, he had to admit that sounded kind of deep.

"Here, lemme give you an example," she continued, brash and cheery as a detergent salesman. She gestured over to the kitchen, and the blue-haired man turned his head to look. "What do you see?"

"Miku and Luka just talking," he replied simply. He wasn't sure what exactly was so great about this. Miku was chatting up the pink-haired woman about something, for once actually not trying to flirt with her or semi-obviously get into her pants (which said pink-haired woman always seemed to completely miss somehow), and Luka was smiling gently as she listened. Sure, this was rare, but this was also really boring. He could have had more fun in a cardboard box on a rainy day.

Gumi was undeterred by his bored tone of voice. "Now, my ice cream-loving friend..." she said, still brash and cheery. Kaito idly wondered if she had ever thought of being a pitchman if she ever got tired of singing. Gumi removed her omnipresent red goggles from her head and gingerly placed them over Kaito's eyes. "See the world through Gumi Vision!"

More than just a tad skeptical, Kaito gazed once more at the painfully ordinary scene through the red-tinted goggles. Almost instantaneously, his eyes nearly bugged out of his skull.

Gumi Vision

"N-No... H-Hatsune-san... Please...!"

Miku ignored the pink-haired woman's pleas as her lips continued to nuzzle against her neck, planting hot kisses against the too-sensitive skin. "Hm? Did you say something, Luka-chan~?"

"H-Hatsune... san..." she mewled, her voice pleading even as her face showed that she was not entirely opposed to what was happening.

The teal-haired girl tsked at her, her finger wagging in time with the tsking. "You don't honestly think I'm going to let you get away with saying something so formal during a time like this, do you?" Her voice was low and seductive, making the older woman melt under her grasp. "You don't honestly think I'll let you get away with screaming 'Hatsune-san' in this kind of situation, ne? Lu-ka-chan~"

"M-Miku..." she whispered, her words barely audible as she spoke around a throat tight with nervousness.

"Can't hear you~~~"


"Good girl~" Miku nibbled gently on Luka's earlobe, drawing soft, breathy gasps. She visibly reveled in her power over the older woman, her hands roaming enticingly over her body. "But I think it's time you showed me my due respect as a senpai~"


"You may be older, but I'm still your senpai, Luka~ Or have you forgotten, hm?"

"M-Mi... Miku... senpai..."

"Such a good girl," Miku cooed, her hand snaking up the pink-haired woman's skirt.

"Miku-senpai... S-S-Senpai... Ah! N-No...! Please...! No more...! I... I...!"

Kaito blinked as the goggles were suddenly taken from him. To his distress, the scene before him ended up going from a hot, borderline-H scene involving Luka and Miku to a boring, ordinary conversation over tea involving Luka and Miku. He whirled towards Gumi, who was adjusting the goggles back on her head.

"Hey!" he protested, scandalized. "It was just getting to the good part!"

"I know," she replied simply. "But then I'd have to charge you. Gumi Vision doesn't come free, y'know."

Kaito winced. Knowing the girl's stranglehold on the anime, manga, game, and porn (especially porn) business in the Vocaloid household, she probably would have charged him something awful... She had quite the racket going on, after all.

"I... guess you spared me then."

"Yup!" Gumi leaned back easily on the sofa, fingers lacing behind her head and looking far too pleased with herself. "So now you see why I'm never truly bored. Yuri always makes the world a better place!"

"Huh, so it doesn't necessarily focus on just those two?"

"Nah. I mean, yeah, it's my favorite flavor, but variety's the spice of life! Gumi Vision will make pretty much any scene that much better!"

"Wow..." Kaito was actually very impressed with this, and was also astounded that the green-haired girl was this much of a pervert. He began to think there were perverts, ultra-perverts, and then Gumis, and the gap between Gumis and ultra-perverts was looking pretty wide...

"It's just a prototype, and I don't really intend to sell it off, but that's cool. Can't be selling all my wares, right?" Gumi had a big, cheesy grin on her face, still looking far too pleased with herself.

"Yeah, I guess," Kaito admitted.

"What's this about wares?"

Both looked up to see Miku leaning over the couch to join their conversation. Gumi greeted her with an enthusiastic smile, "Oh, heya Miku-chan! I was just telling Kaito about Gumi Vision!"

"Gumi Vision?" she asked, tipping her head to the side as her brow furrowed in confusion.

"Yup!" she chirped. Gumi removed her red goggles and held them out to Miku. "Gumi Vision is guaranteed to spice up any scenes with delicious yuri action!"

"Really now?" Miku's tone said she didn't quite believe her but put them on anyway. "...Whoa."

Gumi chuckled, obviously very proud of herself. "Yet another doubter converted!"

Kaito looked at her curiously. "So like... any scene? What if you're just like... looking at an empty table?"

The green-haired girl waved her hand in a dismissive, nonchalant manner. "Easy. All you gotta do is just imagine two hot chicks and you'll see some yuri happening right before your eyes. Haven't really tried it with anything non-yuri yet though. Maybe. We'll see. I still think yuri's the hottest."

"Doesn't it bug you that you don't have your yuri goggles on now though?"

Gumi waved her hand in the same dismissive, nonchalant manner. "Not at all. Apparently, Gumi Vision also imparts a sort of 'bleeding' effect, if you will. Too much exposure and you have Gumi Vision forever. I just happen to like the goggles, that's all. Plus it enhances the experience nevertheless."

"...I'm not sure how this is making any sense, and this is starting to sound like something some idiot thought up on the fly cuz he thought it'd be funny, but oh well. OW!" Kaito shouted as he was inexplicably struck by an inexplicably flying paper fan.

"Sorry!" Meiko called as she came down the stairs to retrieve her paper fan.

"That was so unexplainably random that I had to have pissed somebody off..." Kaito mumbled, a little more quietly this time.

Gumi snickered at Kaito's expense for a bit, but noticed that Miku was strangely quiet for someone who had been slavering all over the images that Gumi Vision had proudly displayed. "Hey, Miku-chan, you okay?"

Miku did not answer, her gaze focused out the window. Though her eyes were covered by the red goggles, there were clear signs of growing anger in the rest of her body language. She blinked. The green-haired girl followed her friend's stare out the window, and once she saw what she was looking at, her blood ran cold.

"Oh shit..."

"What?" Kaito's eyes followed what everyone else was looking at. It was a perfectly ordinary scene. Luka had gone out to pick up the mail (he could only assume that Miku had come to them while she waited for Luka to come back), and now Rin was talking to her, chattering happily about something or another. Big deal, he thought. Luka was smiling affectionately at her, an almost maternal look. Sure, it was a cute scene, but-

Slowly, he put two and two together. Kaito blanched. "Oh shit..."

The sound of Miku's knuckles cracking filled the air as her fists clenched, too choked with fury to say anything. "R-Rin... Y-You... You..."

Kaito and Gumi fell back, trembling at the girl's rage. While it was a fact that a jealous Miku was one of the most feared things in the Vocaloid household, this was just a whole new monster. The usually suffocating aura of jealous rage around her was practically an aura promising death and destruction. The cowering duo was frozen in terror, the killing intent in the air so powerful that they could actually see images of their cruel demise... and they weren't even the targets of her ire. The goggles shattered under the weight of her killing intent, revealing her eyes to be nearly bloodshot from her rage.

Then, as suddenly as her fury had began, it evaporated. Her expression went from a visage of wrath to a chilling parody of her usual cheerful smiles.

She turned to Gumi, her voice and manner eerily calm as she said, "Ne, Gumi-chan, thanks for letting me borrow those goggles. Sorry about breaking them."

"N-N-No problem!" she tittered nervously. "Th-They're just goggles! I can make more! Ehehe..."

With a smile and a nod, Miku left the room, wholeheartedly ignoring the terrified pairs of eyes that followed her.

"Gumi..." Kaito began hesitantly. "What... What's gonna happen to Rin-chan?"

"I dunno..." Gumi gulped audibly, cold sweat running down her forehead. "But... I don't wanna know..."

Kaito nodded his agreement. Silently, the two said a prayer for the blonde girl...

Rin blinked. She'd just finished talking with Luka-nee about maybe getting some help with practicing some of her dance routines and had decided she'd unwind from work by messing around a little with the roadroller. Since the spot next to their house was empty anyway, the Kagamine twins always kept the roadroller parked there, but right now, the usual parking spot was curiously empty. In its place, there was a large X painted in blood red, along with a rather plump and juicy-looking orange on the center. Rin looked around. Nothing. She tipped her head to the side. While this was certainly a strange turn of events, she wasn't one to turn down a free orange. She shrugged and skipped over to bend down and pick up the fruit, lightly dusting it off with her fingers. Even though it probably wasn't a good idea to eat something that had been sitting on the ground, it sure looked good. Ooh, it even felt like it had been in a fridge for a bit, so it had a nice, cool feeling to it. She eagerly got ready to peel it...

She blinked. There was an annoying whistling sound for some reason. And it kept getting louder. Rin looked around again for the possible source. Nothing. And was it her or was it getting darker? That couldn't be, the sun was still out and it was only the afternoon; the sun shouldn't be setting for-

The blonde Vocaloid's train of thought was cut short as she looked up. Something was falling... and it was about to land on her.

...It was taking a moment to process...

Hey stupid! That means move! Her brain screamed at her frantically.


After her brain gave her a proverbial slap in the face, Rin screamed in alarm as she dived out of the way. No sooner had she done so when the object slammed heavily into the ground, right on the X where she'd been standing.

"Roadroller da! WRRRYYYYY! ! !"

In shock, Rin looked over her shoulder. The roadroller was back alright, but who had...

Her mouth fell open at the sight of the girl imitating the infamous Dio Brando pose on top of the roadroller. "M-M-Miku-nee-chan?"

At the sound of her trembling voice, the teal-haired girl's maniacal smile dimmed into clear disappointment. "Huh... It didn't work, huh?"

She shrugged, getting into the driver's seat. "No problem!" A grin that would have gotten most people locked up in a room with soft walls crossed Miku's face. "No problem at all!"

With wide eyes, Rin stared as the roadroller roared into lifeā€¦

Len peered curiously at the crane next door from his position at the Vocaloid driveway. Was there construction going on or something? There probably had to be, considering that there was the unmistakable sound of heavy machinery going not too far from...

Hey, wait a sec... Isn't it getting closer?

Suddenly, he became aware of a shrill scream that instantly put him on edge. He would have known that scream anywhere: Rin. What was going on? The screaming grew louder as said blonde girl ran around the corner of the fence towards him, obviously in a state of extreme panic.

"Len! Help!" Rin screeched shrilly.

He was just about to open his mouth to ask what was going on when all of a sudden, the fence was knocked down courtesy of a roadroller. And not just any roadroller, a very familiar roadroller that sported spinning rims, a state-of-the-art sound system, and was bouncing with every movement thanks to the lowrider-esque hydraulics system that he and Rin had installed per Luka-nee's suggestions the night before the Hangover Incident (as the Vocaloids called it). At the wheel, maniacally cackling over the sound of American rap music that blasted from the stereo, was an equally familiar teal-haired girl. It would have taken someone who was blind in one eye and going blind in the other, as well as deaf, to not see that this girl was frankly nuts.

"You're the man! Do something!" Rin screamed as she ran past him.

Len stared after her in confusion then turned his gaze toward the roadroller bouncing towards him with absolutely no intentions of slowing down.

"Oh, forget that!" In panic, he turned and fled too (and in retrospect, maybe it wasn't a good idea to be running in the same direction as Rin, but at the time, it was as good a direction as any).

"DON'T RUN!" the clearly insane Hatsune Miku-look-alike cackled (because there was no way in hell that could be Miku-nee). "YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE TIRED NOW, DO YOU?"

"Rin! What the hell did you do?" Len demanded.

Don't look back, don't look back, don't look back...he told himself.

"I-I don't know!" Rin cried. "I really don't! Miku-nee-chan just started trying to kill me all of a sudden!"

Don't look back, don't look back, don't look back... she told herself.

The tremors of a lowrider/roadroller hybrid blasting American rap music continued to chase them as they fled down the road, screaming. The twins unknowingly thought simultaneously that it must have been a blessing in disguise that they hadn't been able to afford installing a supercharger in the roadroller's engine, or else this would have been a very short chase indeed...

How strange, Luka thought. She hadn't seen Miku or the twins at all in a long while... She wondered if she should be concerned. Well, it wasn't quite dark yet, though it was starting to get close to it... Just as she was pondering calling their cell phones, she heard the front door open and close without anyone announcing themselves, and went to go take a peek, hoping it was any of those three. Miku walked in alone, looking quite normal, much to Luka's relief.

"Welcome back, Hatsune-san," she greeted warmly.

The cold glower she received was wholly unexpected. Luka was unable to do anything but stare in surprise as Miku glared hard at her. The girl folded her arms over her chest, her scowl darkening as she spoke in a voice as cold as her glare.

"Y'know, Luka, I am the only one in this house that gets this kind of treatment from you."

Luka blinked in surprise. "Wh-What are you talking about, Hatsune-san...?"

"That!" Miku shouted. "Why am I the only one that still gets called by last name? Rin and Len, I can understand! Gumi-chan too, I don't even know what the hell her last name is! But everyone else, you're just fine calling them by their given names! What about me?"

Luka was taken aback by her vehemence. "Er, well... th-that is... uh..." She averted her gaze, unsure how to word what she wanted to say.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Miku barked.

The pink-haired woman stiffened with shock, instantly returning her gaze to the furious teal eyes. She cowered away from her as she moved her arms to clench her fists at her sides, jaw clenched.

"What makes me so damn different as to still be called so damn formally, huh?" she raged. "I for one am pretty damn sick of it! My name is Miku! Miku! Miku, dammit! Miku!"

Luka swallowed hard, knowing she didn't really have any good reasons for keeping it up. Well... she had some, but... none of them fell under the category of "good". Chewing her lower lip briefly, she mumbled softly, suddenly timid.

"Huh? The hell're ya sayin'?" Miku shouted, suddenly in full-blown yanki mode. "Speak up, cuz I can't hear ya!"

"M-M... Mi... ku...!"

She paused, her angry mask dropping in an instant. She faltered, her mouth opening and closing soundlessly before she whispered, suddenly sounding so vulnerable in contrast to the pure rage she had exuded earlier, "Can... you say that again...?"

Luka chewed her lower lip again, a light pink hue flushing her cheeks. "M-Miku..."

Miku unclenched her fists, a small smile starting to tug on her lips. She didn't think her name had ever sounded so pretty before... "Again...?"

Luka smiled shyly. "Miku..."

The teal-haired girl smiled, feeling so much lighter than when she had stepped in through the door in a horrible mood. She sniffled briefly, wiping a few happy tears from her eyes. "Much better," she said softly. Suddenly, she seized Luka by the collar and pulled her down so their faces were barely a breath apart. Without waiting for an invitation, she pressed her lips to hers in a gentle, but possessive manner. Luka's eyes shot wide open, her face burning fire-truck red.

What...? What? Th-This is too sudden! M-M-My heart isn't prepared for this! I...

The kiss was broken before she could process anything more. She was still being gripped by her collar as she met Miku's sunny grin with a dumbfounded "Someone tell me what's going on because I'm lost and I think my brain's been broken" expression.

"I forgive you, Luka, even if you are an unfaithful cheat. Just don't let it happen again, ne?"

Without waiting for an answer, she skipped back out the door that she had come in through barely a few minutes ago. Behind her, Luka sank against the wall, sliding down into a sitting position while her poor brain tried to process the overwhelming load of WTF it had just been subjected to. Hesitantly, she touched her lips with her fingers, her cheeks flushing brighter at the memory of the younger girl's bold action. Even if she had been too shocked to be responsive, that hadn't seemed to stop Miku much... Slowly, she began to smile, the curve of her lips tinged with shyness and exasperation.

"Geez... That girl..."

She touched her lips again, unable to deny that... well... she'd rather liked it. Her smile faded into confusion as something registered in her head.

"Wait... What did she mean 'unfaithful cheat'?"

The sun shined a little too brightly in Rin's eyes. She yawned as she sat up in her bed, stretching. Beside her, she heard Len doing the same thing. She turned toward him but an ache in her head kept her from doing anything more. Rin winced, groaning with pain.


"You too, huh?" Len asked.

"What... what happened? I can't remember anything at all..."

"Me neither," her twin admitted. "I... I have a feeling that something bad happened, but I can't be sure..."

Rin nodded, looking down at her hands. She blinked. Were those rope burns around her wrists...?

Before she had any more time to wonder, the door to their room was flung open. "Good morning~" Miku sang cheerfully, all but skipping into the room.

"Morning, Miku-nee," they replied in unison.

"You guys okay?" she asked warmly. "You had a pretty rough night yesterday. You guys gotta know to not party so hard!"

"Party...?" Len asked confusedly.

"Yup! Dunno what the big celebration was about, but I had to drag you guys into bed!"

Rin nodded slowly, rubbing the back of her head, but deep down, something... didn't feel right. And somehow, she felt a deep fear of Miku at this moment... Plus, her legs ached... like she'd been running for a long time...

"Well, anyway!" Miku singsonged. "I'll catch you guys later! Just wanted to check up on you! See ya!"

As suddenly as she arrived, she vanished, closing the door behind her. The twins stared quietly at the spot Miku had been standing in before looking at one another. Something had definitely felt off, and they both had felt it. But they couldn't remember anything of yesterday...

"Maybe... we should just let this go," Rin said, her voice barely audible.

"Y-Yeah... And I dunno about you but... It... It kinda scares me to think about leeks, for some reason..."

"Yeah... Or our roadroller..."

As they thought of the heavy machinery parked outside the Vocaloid household, they simultaneously felt a chill run up their spines.

"Oh, Len?"


"I... I don't think we should put a supercharger in the roadroller's engine..."

"Funny... I was thinking the same thing..."


Okay, okay... No, I was not on drugs when I wrote this. XD Just a random thought that hit me while I was at work turned into fanfic form. Truthfully, I was gonna try to throw a "IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAND!" thing as Miku was going into her jealous rage, but I ultimately decided against it. However, I couldn't resist when it came to the WRYYYYY bit, I've just always found that strangely hysterical. XD

As for the Kagamine roadroller, I was actually picturing a roadroller from some vid on Youtube. WRYYY in the hood or something like that. The idea of it was just so utterly, ridiculously ludicrous that I couldn't help but add it in.

I broke down and made Miku and Luka have themselves a moment. XP I can't help but feel I may have ended up writing myself into a corner with this one, to be honest, but I overall liked it well enough.

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