ryu's corner: So, yeah. I'm kind of in love with Roxette. However, I didn't necessarily want to write a full fic for them, and not a fic for them as a couple, because their interactions as friends can be far more interesting. I've also been interested in a while with the idea of Roxas as a freeruneer (aka one of those crazy skilled Parkour people you see doing crazy ninja tricks for fun, for you poor unfortunate souls who didn't know). And so, this was born! Hope you enjoy it~

Video 1: On Like Donkey Kong

"Have I mentioned yet that you're a showoff?"

Roxas rolled his eyes and smirked—double trouble, Olette knew. "Please. That's kind of the point."

Olette groaned. "Well, if you insist."

"I do."

"Shut up and run."

Roxas smirked again. Olette hated when he did that.

"Oh, I'll run," he assured her, and she suddenly had a sinking feeling in her gut. "I just want to know if you can keep up—ow!"

Olette had slugged him in the shoulder. This time, it was her turn to smirk. She pawed the ground with her roller blades and hefted up the video camera. "Oh, it is on."

"Like Donkey Kong?"

"Heck yeah."

At that moment a barrel flew out from nowhere and screamed its way toward Roxas. His back was turned to it, but without missing a beat, he performed a standing jump, tucking his knees to his chest, slammed his feet on the rolling barrel and started running on top of it.

Camera rolling, Olette sped after it on her roller blades, easily keeping pace. She took a brief moment to stick her tongue out at Roxas.

She couldn't wait until they got to the banana peels...