tale's corner: CAUTION! The following contains and/or mentions Roxas/Naminé, plus one-sided Pence/Olette and Roxas/Olette. ...Why do I enjoy torturing these poor unfortunates so? And WHY do Roxas and Olette insist on trying to get together right now? *bashes head against keyboard*


(A note regarding my updates for this story: When I initially wrote this story, I had the first three drabbles done when I posted the first to the site. Since then, I've been trying to retain this lead. So, this one's actually been done for a while; I've just been trying to get the ending to Drabble 8 perfect.)

"Why am I doing this again?" Pence groaned.

"Because it's summer and you have nothing better to do," Olette answered, and he muttered something about rhetorical questions. "Besides, you can't complain if you agreed to do this."

"Can you blame me? It was either this or watch Roxas and Naminé be all gooey-lovey-dovey all day, since Hayner's on vacation."

He didn't notice the way Olette stiffened at this remark, or the cold edge in her voice as she said, "Let's just get this over with, then, okay?"

He just shrugged and pulled up the movie editing program on his...large computer screen. The sudden bright colors washed over the rest of the dark room, revealing the room to be surprisingly messy. Pence was glad for the clutter at the moment, though, because it meant Olette was sitting next to him.

It seemed to him that whenever their group of four hung out, she always went for Hayner or Roxas, which was no help to his already-dwindling self-esteem. After all, why would Olette want him of all people? He was overweight, a total geek, a coward, not nearly as good-looking as any of the other guys at school, and honestly, the seventies wanted his hairdo back.

He quickly gulped these feelings back and asked, "Are you sure it's a good idea to put this video up?"

"Why not?"

Pence frowned. "Let me rephrase that: How upset will Roxas be when he finds out?"

"Please," Olette scoffed in that amazingly sardonic tone of hers (Pence had always admired how tough she was). "I think his ego will survive. He needs to be knocked down a peg or twelve, anyway."

"Okay," he sighed in defeat. "Here goes."

The raw footage started up. Roxas skateboarded down a hill, a blindfold on his face. He weaved down the street with surprising ease. Suddenly there was a cinderblock barricade in the middle of the street with a ramp in the middle, and Roxas seemed to instinctively know that it was there, proceeding to run up it with massive air and flip the skateboard at least 360 degrees.

"It's a common setup for his runs," Olette explained, as if reading Pence's mind. "He's used to it."

There was then a low hissing, crackling noise and confusion etched across Roxas' face. The screen was quickly bathed in a red-orange glow of as twin jets of flame erupted at his sides.

"He wasn't used to that, though."

Roxas was visibly jarred by the flames and wobbled a bit when he touched back down. Now in his path was a lengthy obstacle course of orange traffic cones. Still off his game, he knocked the first few over before getting back into his groove (although still with scattered bumps). He was set on a clear straightaway when the path suddenly narrowed into a thin strip surrounded with hot coals.

The freerunner yelped as the coal sizzled underneath the skateboard's wheels and he swerved to the right. Unfortunately, he overcorrected his movements and went into the coals on the other side. Now swerving dangerously, he pinwheeled his arms in an effort to stay on the board, and somehow made it back into the straight and narrow path.

And then he hit a bump and tumbled off of the board, skidding into the coals.

"Roxas!" video-Olette cried. The picture became indiscernible as she ran to Roxas' side. One last shot was offered of Roxas crawling from the coals, whimpering, before the video cut.

"Ouch," Pence commented after a brief pause. Olette didn't answer. "So, let's start by cutting the last bit with the crash—"



"Leave it in."

"W-what? Why-"

"Because," Olette growled, fixing the screen with such intensity that Pence was half-surprised that it didn't melt. "I'm tired of people only seeing the Roxas that's good at skateboarding, that's always so confident and witty, and thinks he knows everything! Show them this Roxas, the one that blindly rushes in and blames others for his shortcomings. He is far from the saint everyone makes him out to be."

Pence decided that whoever said that "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" must have been talking about Olette in a previous life.

I am so going to regret this later, he groaned inwardly. "D-done."

"Good." And with that, she spun on her heel and left.

Pence watched the doorway for a full five seconds, gulped, and turned back to his screen.

S-so hot when she's mad...